Coorg, or Kodagu as it is formally known, is Karnataka’s most popular and sought-after highland station. This famous coffee-producing hill station is recognized for its jaw-dropping gorgeous landscape and luxury and is located along the western ghats. Coorg’s scenery is foggy all year, as it is nestled peacefully among towering mountains. Kodavas are the locals’ indigenous people. Aside from Kannada, Kodagu and Kodava are the two primary languages spoken in this hill station. Coorg, dubbed “India’s Scotland,” lives up to its reputation with a seductive blend of history, elegance, adventure, and delectable food.

 This foggy terrain has a rich culture and a distinct indigenous clan – the Kodavas. They specialize in martial arts and are well-known for their hospitality. Coorg has the extremes in everything, from the beauty of a heavenly destination to challenging treks or cultural traditions at the Madikeri Fort to the enthralling adventure at Abbey Falls or the spicy curries to the sweet heart-melting handmade truffles. 

With so many activities on-site, this is a great location for anybody, whether you’re a foodie, an explorer, an adventurer, or someone looking for peace and quiet.

Tourism in Coorg

This region is a great holiday destination for individuals who need a break from their regular 9-5 busy existence, with its stunning mountains, a cascade of cascading rivers, and an eye-feasting vista of the flora and wildlife. Coorg is widely regarded as the favorite place for hiking and white-water rafting, making it an ideal spot for thrill-seekers. In the winter afternoons, travel through the foggy roads around the hills to quench your need for adventure. Though the touch of excitement is enough to pique your interest, be mindful of safety precautions as you embark on your thrilling adventure to Coorg.

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Coorg as a tourist

1)Abbey Falls, Coorg

abbey falls

Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is located one kilometer from the town of Madikeri. The natural splendor of this waterfall is well-known. This is a popular picnic area that was once known as Jesse Falls. Abbey Falls, nestled among the natural greenery of coffee farms and spice fields, is endowed with breathtaking beauty and tranquillity. The falls have a wild charm to them. Water pouring into the pool from the rocks.

The road can hear the thundering sound of the waterfalls. During the monsoon season, the water flow is extremely high, whereas, during the dry season, the flow is quite low. There is a hanging bridge here that provides a great view of the waterfalls. Early January is the ideal time to see Abbey Falls.

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2)Chiklihole Reservoir, Coorg

chuklihole reservior

If you have the time, you should go to Chiklihole Reservoir. The location is distant from the normal crowds at famous tourist destinations and provides tourists with some silence and serenity. The rushing water of the Dam and the lushness of the surrounding region creates a pleasant ambiance. The Chiklihole Reservoir, pronounced ‘Chikli-holey,’ is located in the Coorg region between Madikeri and Kushalnagar. The reservoir is around 15 kilometers from Kushalnagar and Madikeri, and it is closest to the town of Nanjarayapattana.

Because there are no shops nearby, travelers must bring all of their essentials with them when visiting the reservoir. The optimum time to visit is from June to March when the monsoon and winter seasons are affected. The reservoir is not far from the Dubare forest reserve, which is only a few kilometers distant. One may also explore the forest reserve, which provides excellent possibilities for trekking and ecological hikes.

3)Harangi Dam, Coorg

harangi dam

Harangi Dam, an attractive tourist attraction, is located in the Hunger hamlet, near Kushalnagar in Coorg District. Harangi Dam, erected over a tributary of the Cauvery River, is the first Dam built across the Cauvery. It stands 47 meters tall and 846 meters long, providing a spectacular view of powerful torrents of water. It is a popular picnic spot and a good place for a family outing where one can relax and spend some quiet time with his or her loved ones.

It is located approximately 36 kilometers from Madikeri and is easily accessible. You can remain here for a night or longer if you like. Tourists can stay in a guest home that has been approved by the public works department. And, there is plenty of things for religious travelers, too, in addition to nature enthusiasts. A Cauvery temple near the Dam is worth a visit.

4)Duubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

dubbare elephant camp

The forest department and jungle hotels and resorts collaborated on the Elephant Camp at Dubare initiative. Dubare Elephant Camp is located on the banks of the River Kaveri in Karnataka’s Coorg district. The camp is a renowned tourist destination that draws visitors worldwide, particularly wildlife enthusiasts. It allows visitors to get up close to elephants and participate in numerous elephant-related activities. Tourists not only get to interact with elephants, but they also get to enjoy captivating natural settings that include lush vegetation and a refreshing atmosphere in which to spend some unforgettable days. 

Tourist elephant rides are available from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re interested, you may stay in one of the Jungle Lodges & Resorts’ cottages. These cottages provide a relaxing vacation in the middle of beautiful vegetation and an untamed environment.

5)Honnamana Kere Lake, Coorg

honnamana kere lake

In Coorg, Honnamana Kere (Honnama Lake) is a famous tourist attraction. Honnamana Kere, the largest lake in the Coorg area, receives many visitors each year. It is situated in Daddamalthe, close to the settlement of Sulimalthe, 6 kilometers from Somwarpet town. Somwarpet is one of Coorg’s taluks. The lake attracts not only natural enthusiasts but also religious visitors. It is named for the Goddess Honnamma and has religious significance. A shrine dedicated to Goddess Honnamma may also be seen near the lake.

Goddess Honnamma is said to have given her life for the good of the people. The temple attracts a large number of tourists, especially during the Gowri Pooja festival. Many newlywed couples come to the lake to make sacrifices and seek the Goddess’s graces. Tourists may explore other lovely tourist attractions in the town of Somwarpet after having a nice time at the lake. Mallalli Falls, as well as the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, are two sites worth seeing.

6)Kotebetta Trek, Coorg

kotebetta trek

Kotebetta, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Coorg, is the region’s third tallest mountain, behind Tadiyandamol and Brahmagiri. Kotebetta is located in Madapur, between the cities of Somwarpet and Madikeri, at the height of roughly 1620 meters above sea level. It is located on the boundary of the Dakshina Kannada and Coorg districts and is quite easy to access. Kotebetta gets its name from the term Kote Betta, which meaning Fort Hill.

This is due to the hill’s look, which resembles a fort. At the top of the hill, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kotebetta provides great trekking possibilities for visitors. Hattihole is 10 kilometers distant. Tourists begin their journey in Hattihole and end at the summit. 

On your journey, you will be accompanied by lush vegetation and, in particular, vast expanses of coffee farms. The months of October to March are ideal for trekking in Kotebetta. It is not necessary to obtain formal authorization from the authorities to go hiking in this area. It is preferable to have a guide with you when going hiking. Ensure you carry all required equipment, including a torch, appropriate footwear, bug repellents, and a first-aid kit.

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7)Raja’s Seat, Coorg

raja's seat

Raja Seat, located near Madikeri, is a renowned tourist destination that provides visitors with stunning visual beauty and an appealing ambiance. Raja’s Seat, which means “Seat of the Rulers,” was formerly a favorite hangout for Coorg’s kings. Tourists will enjoy an unforgettable experience here. The area is now a fantastic park. Gandhi Mantap, to the left of the park, is where Mahatma Gandhi’s remains are housed. It’s also ideal for a family excursion because it has a play area for kids. There is also a miniature railroad that circles the Raja Seat. The park charges a minimum admission fee of Rs. 5/- each person to enter.