If you are looking for a short break to rejuvenate yourself and get a refreshed mindset, then Rajasthan can be the best state to visit. In Rajasthan, particularly Jaisalmer is the best to visit if you are looking for a break from your hectic schedule. Jaisalmer’s beauty and lively spirit make it the perfect destination to serve its tourists. Jaisalmer makes the spirit of its tourists alive. One important fact associated with Jaisalmer is its location in India’s largest desert, i.e., Thar desert, which makes it even more attractive. However, Jaisalmer offers so many visiting places that make the trip even more memorable and interesting.



sam desert

If you love to embrace the enchanting golden sands, Sam Sand Dunes is a perfect place to visit Jaisalmer. The beautiful landscape with the perfect ambiance is the perfect place to swipe all the stress away. The perfect crest and troughs of the desert with a perfect camel safari and the beautiful sunset is truly a heavenly experience in the Sam Sand Dunes. Don’t forget to witness the folk dance and music by the gypsies as it perfectly depicts the splendid culture and tradition of Rajasthan. Visit this place of Jaisalmer in February as a cherry on the top. You will get to witness the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which in itself is a great experience.

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gadi sagar lake

The perfect place to experience the divine bliss of temples and the tranquil water with a serene environment in Jaisalmer is Gadi Sagar Lake. Gadi Sagar Lake is a perfect sightseeing destination in Jaisalmer that attracts several tourists. It was built in the 14th century as a water conservation tank but now is a perfect place for tourists’ hangouts. The lake is surrounded by Temples. The most notable of them is the Krishna Temple, located on the top of Tilon Gate. The lake also offers a boating facility that gives a perfect glimpse of nature around. Do visit this place in Jaisalmer!


Jaisalmer fort

Visiting Jaisalmer without visiting the heart of Jaisalmer, i.e., The Jaisalmer Fort is absolutely not done. The beauty of this for lies in its architecture and the yellow sandstones. The perfect sight of sunset from the fort justifies its other name, “Sonar Quilla,” so perfectly. The blazing sight from the fort will definitely leave you spellbound. The intricate architecture of the fort will steal your heart, trust me! Moreover, the two canon points of the fort offer a panoramic view of the city.


vyas chhatri

If you want to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, then do visit Vyas Chhatri in Jaisalmer. The blissful shores of sublime memorial ground will compel you to get lost in the serenity of the place. The Vyas Chhatri in the mid of the sand dunes exhibits great Rajasthani architecture. The sacred place is dedicated to sage Vyas, who completed the largest Hindu epic, Mahabharata. The place also offers a spellbound sunset.


bada bagh

Another one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer is Bada Bagh. As the name suggests, it is a huge garden and was constructed in the period of Maharawal Jait Singh. The garden is a memorial where the nobles and their families were cremated. The place offers so many beautiful and breath-taking views that you can’t stop yourself from capturing them. So, while visiting this place don’t forget to bring your camera with you or else you will regret it.


patwon ki haveli

The Haveli built by famous Guman Chand and his sons serves as one of the best visiting places in Jaisalmer. The 5 stories building has great architecture. The Haveli walls are so beautifully decorated with the excellent art form that prevailed at that time. The grandeur of the Haveli is just wow! The Haveli contributes a lot to the heritage of the city. One of the 5 Havelis is converted into the museum. The third Haveli house works as a home to local craftsmen of the ancient area.


natmal ki haveli

The construction of two Muslim jeweler brothers, Nathmal Ki Haveli, is one of the best visiting places in Jaisalmer. The brothers worked so hard to construct this Haveli, and each started working on the opposite sides. Though they worked on the opposite side, the sides seem similar but are not identical. Both the exterior and interior of the Haveli are so beautifully designed and built. The exterior is adorned with intricate and beautiful carvings. In contrast, the interior of the Haveli is filled with paintings and modern equipment. The Haveli is the perfect blend of Islamic and Rajputana architecture that makes it one of the best and beautiful Havelis in Jaisalmer.

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Jain temples, located inside the Jaisalmer Fort, are also meant for tourists to visit. The temples are dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras and were built around the 12th century. The temples exhibit beautiful architecture like that of the Dilwara temple in Mount Abu. The temples are interconnected and are made up of yellow sandstone. The temples are the perfect sight to behold.

So, are you excited enough to plan your next trip to Jaisalmer?