Jawai, a small majorly known for its Jawai Bandh or Jawai dam in Rajasthan is a renowned one. Built across the Jawai river in the district of Pali near the town of Sumerpur in Rajasthan, Jawai Bandh is a site to pay a visit at least once. Built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in the span of 11 years costing about INR 2.7 crores, Jawai Bandh serves as one of the largest dams in western Rajasthan.

The dam is one of the main sources of water for the people living in the area of Jodhpur and its nearby places. The dam is a dwelling for so many animals such as sloth bears, white fox, hyena, crocodiles, jungle cats, and so on, especially, leopards. And, the best interesting part is that here, leopards do not harm the locals living around. The place serves as a perfect spot for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.  

The beauty of Jawai gets complimented with the granite hills all around and the picturesque views of the riverfront all around. The place is also known as a winter paradise for migratory birds as more than 100 species flock here every year. The place is also known for the bond and understanding shared by the leopards and locals. Let’s know about Jawai a little more with this blog….


Pay a Visit to Jawai Bandh- 

jawai dam
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How can a visit to Jawai be completed without paying a visit to the famous Jawai Bandh. The dam was built by a renowned Maharaja Umaid Singh across the river Jawai, a tributary of Luni. The dam offers an amazing picturesque view of the river. It is the biggest dam in western Rajasthan having an area of about 102,315 acres. The dam serves as a perfect site to get the perfect view of the river. From here you can easily spot crocodiles and birds. Moreover, there is a vantage point that offers fantastic views of the whole Jawai village. The dream-like vista that you can get from here is very precious.

Spot Indian Leopards- 

indian leopards
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Leopards are one of the biggest attractions in Jawai. And the most fascinating fact is that they have a good understanding with the locals of that area and they do not harm them. It is really too good to see them roaming all around freely without any hesitation and harming anybody. The behavior of the leopards of Jawai is appreciated by all. It is really a great time to watch these Indian leopards in Jawai.

Offer your prayers at Dev Giri Temple- 

dev giri temple
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Located halfway at one of the hills, Dev Giri temple is dedicated to the local gods of Jawai, i.e. Ashapura Mata Ji. There is a belief among the locals that this temple and goddess save them from natural calamities. Moreover, the temple is not only visited by people but also by the leopards that are so friendly with the humans. The view of the temple is really awestriking as the temple is situated in between the rocks. The whole track to this temple is made up of granite and the entire temple is a monolith. It is really mesmerizing to offer prayers on such beautiful premises.

Feel the Essence of Tribal Life- 

jawai tribal life
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The natives of Jawai are tribal. And to experience and watch their lifestyle is really fascinating. They engage themselves in rearing cattle and farming to earn their living. These people enjoy their living and being close to their land. They cook their food in earthen hearths and offer great hospitality. Spending a day with them will give you a perfect insight into their lifestyle and feel. It is such an ethereal experience that you would not be able to forget throughout your life.

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Feel the serenity and peace in Jawai Hills- 

jawai hills
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It is too good to pay a visit to Jawai hills. In these hills, you can feel the peace and serenity so well. These hills have been formed millions of years ago by lava and they serve as a home to so many wild animals. These hills have an easy trek. Here you can feel the wilderness inside. It is an indispensable part of the panorama of Jawai. The best part of these hills is that they serve as a shelter for so many animals. Moreover, these hills are a perfect place to experience the feeling of solitude and are of profound charm.

Seek Blessings at Kambeshwar Mahadev Temple- 

kambeshwar mahadev temple
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Located in the Sheognj area of Sumerpur, Tehsil, Kabeshwar Mahadev Temple await for you. It is a must-visit in Jawai. It is fun and a thrill to reach the temple through a serpentine road carved out from the hills. Moreover, every November, an annual fair is organized in the temple. The fair attracts so many tourists from all over the country and the crowd during this fair can’t be defined. If you are not that spiritual kind of person then also you will definitely appreciate the beauty of this temple.