China, popular for its population, its silk, and the most recent coronavirus is known in the entire world. China has its own reputation as a kingdom of Cuisine too. The geographical environment, culture, traditions, local customs, authentic flavors play a key role in influencing the development and cuisines. The cuisines of China are the most impressive in this entire world and are a great love of the foodies.

Chinese Cuisines are mostly the star dishes on the menu. But the development of these amazing and delicious cuisines was not that easy as it appears to be. Tasted a lot of Chinese cuisines now it’s time to get insight into delicious Chinese Cuisines. So, are you interested too? If yes, then keep reading this blog and get the whole insight details of Chinese cuisines!


history of chinese cuisine
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Around 770-255 BC, in the Eastern Zhou period, Chinese Cuisines could be distinguished between the northern and Southern dishes because of the different flavors. The characteristic flavors of Southern and Northern cuisine begin to during the dynasty of Tang and Song. And this development continued until the early Qing dynasty. Four of the cuisines became gradually became the most influential cuisine and were popularly came known as the Four major cuisines.

These four major cuisines were; Shandong cuisine (Lu), Su Cuisine (Huaiyang), Cantonese cuisine (Yue), and Sichuan cuisine (Chuan). But until the end of the Qing dynasty, four other cuisines contributed to form the eight main cuisines of China. The other four cuisines are; Zhejiang cuisine, Anhui Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine, and Fujian cuisine.

Chinese cuisines reached certain heights by the time of late Confucius and Zhao. The principles of dining were judged and decided based on color, taste, aroma, and texture. A decent meal is expected to balance the Four Nature- warm, cool, hot, and cold along with the five tastes- sweet, sour, pungent, and salty. And with this magnificent history, Chinese cuisine is now ruling the world and is having a significant influence on other delicious cuisines.


Let’s know in little detail about the eight famous cuisines of China.

Sichuan Cuisine-

sichuan cuisine
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It is also known as Szechuan or Szechwan cuisine., has got originated from Sichuan Province. There is a famous saying in China and i.e. “dine at China, flavors in Sichuan”. In the year 2011, UNESCO declared Chengdu the capital of Sichuan as a city of gastronomy. Also, Sichuan is known as a “heavenly country” because of its abundance of natural resources and food. Sichuan is known for its sophisticated cooking.

Sichuan cuisine puts emphasis on color, shape, taste, and smell. In Sichuan cuisines, there are seven taste criteria, i.e. salty, sweet, bitter, numb, sour, and aromatic. There are so many interesting flavors, such as mala- hot and numb, Suan la–hot and sour, and so on. There is a saying in Chinese that literally translates to, one dish, one character, a hundred dishes, hundred flavors. Sichuan cuisine has about 38 types of cooking methods. The most prominent spice in Sichuan cuisine is Sichuan peppercorn, and it delivers intense citrus-like flavor and gives a numbing sensation.

Shandong Cuisine-

shandong cuisine
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This cuisine can be divided into Jinan style, Jiodong style, Kongfy style, and so on. However, the most prominent style is the Jiodong style. Shandong cuisine mainly uses the local birds and animals, and vegetables and seafood. This cuisine involves over 50 types of cooking methods.

Cantonese Cuisine-

Locally known as Yue Cuisine and is often regarded as the quintessence of Chinese Cuisine. These cuisines are well-balanced and not greasy. The usage of herbs in these cuisines is modest for the maintenance of the freshness of the ingredients. The key to these cuisines is temperature control. Hakka style is also included in Cantonese Cuisines.

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Fujian Cuisine-

It is also known as Min Cuisine and has been originated from the Fuzhou province. The cuisine is known for its drunken dishes, i.e. wine marinated dishes. Fujian cuisine involves exceptional quality soup stocks and bases. The cuisines are lighter in taste. Its dishes are saltier and oilier. It focuses more on meat rather than seafood.

Jiangsu Cuisine-

jiangsu cuisine
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The cuisine is also called Su cuisine. It is very delicate appearance and color. Seafood in the cuisine is the principal ingredient. The cuisines are soft in texture, but not to the point of falling apart or mushy.

Zhejiang Cuisine-

This amazing Chinese cuisine depends on the seasonal ingredients and each dish has its own charm. These cuisines involve light oil, light grave, heavy knife work, and exquisite flavors.

Hunan Cuisine-

Also known as Xiang Cuisine, known as the land of fish and rice. The cuisines use a liberal amount of chili and hence is known as a hot spicy flavor and also incorporates the saltiness from the northern region and sweetness from the southern region. The cuisine involves diverse cooking methods.

Anhui Cuisine-

anhui cuisine
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Also known as Huizhou cuisine got originated in the Southern Song dynasty of Huizhou. Braising technique is the major cooking style involved in this cuisine. The cuisine uses rapeseed oil which is homemade or homegrown. The cuisines involve over 50 cooking techniques.