Traveling in itself is a great pleasure. But some places we travel to steal our hearts forever. We can’t get over those beautiful places, and one of these places is Mysore. Mysore has some super amazing places to visit that make the trip more exciting and memorable. There are places in Mysore that win the heart with their sheer natural beauty and verdant landscapes. Mysore has everything to cater to the needs of its tourists and never disappoints them.

Mysore has everything from crystal clear streams and snow-capped mountains to lush green hills and pristine sandy beaches. Mysore has some places that will lure you with an undeniable old-world charm and pay tribute to history just by only their very existence. Mysore has so many visiting places, from palaces that speak about the glories of the bygone era to the spiritual places to worship and for offering prayers. Also, the places in Mysore that exhibit the magnificent culture and heritage of the place.

Everything in Mysore from nook-and-cranny has a different and interesting story to say. A trip to Mysore is definitely a surreal experience. Mysore is a perfect destination to plan a vacation or a short trip. The serenity, calmness, peacefulness, aesthetic pleasure, and beauty of the Mysore will definitely leave you spellbound.

So, are you excited to know more about some amazing Mysore visiting places? If yes! Then keep scrolling!


mysore maharaja palace

A trip to Mysore can’t be called complete until or unless you visit Mysore Maharaja Palace. This is the iconic structure and is situated in the heart of the city. This iconic structure in Mysore mesmerizes and attracts tourists from India and the whole world. Also, this visiting place in Mysore boasts around 6 million visitors annually. The palace is built in an architectural design called Indo-Saracenic architectural design.

Everything in the palace is so beautifully designed, from tall columns to the detailed artwork of the ceilings. The palace is such a splendor to visit that you will never ever forget its beauty. The palace was once the royal residence of the Wodiyar dynasty. The best part of the palace is that it organizes a light and sound show in the evening for the visitors to get a glimpse of the history of Mysore.

Or you can visit the place at the time of festival Dussehra as the festival is celebrated in the palace with utmost fun and delight. Moreover, the golden throne of the kings is displayed during this festival. Trust me! You will be amazed by its grandeur.


chamudeshwari temple

In every city, there is a point known for its spiritual vibes and importance. In Mysore, this is available in the Chamundeshwari temple. Chamudeshwari temple is one of the famous temples in south India. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga and was constructed by the Wodiyar family to dedicate to their family deity.

The temple has been built in the Dravidian style and has an ornate seven-tier pyramidal tower at the entrance. There are two ways to reach the temple for the convenience of the devotees. The one is by climbing up the 1000 steps or by driving up the hill. No matter how you choose to reach the temple, the temple will treat you with its best for sure!

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philomena's cathedral

Another edifice to visit in Mysore is none other than the Philomena’s Cathedral. This is the only structure of British in the city. The church is the tallest in Asia and was built in honor of Saint Philomena, a catholic saint. Before the church was built, the area had a small church built by the Maharaja Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar for the increasing number of Europeans in the area.

The cathedral is built in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture and is 175 feet high. Moreover, the cathedral has twin spires on both sides that will leave you in awe. From attention-grabbing marble to France’s captivating glass windows, everything is perfect and will definitely steal your heart!


rail museum

If you are a locomotive geek and want to find the answers to some questions related to it, such as How was the train at the time of the Maharajas? And so on then this place is just for you. The rail museum of Mysore will answer all your questions. The museum was established by the Indian Railways in the year 1979. The museum is second of its kind in India. The museum exhibits fascinating facts about the locomotives.

It showcases the range of steam locomotives, carriages, cars, railway coaches, and so on. Some of the materials are even more than a hundred years old. The interesting part of the museum is that it exhibits the Royal coaches, saloon coaches, and narrow-gauge steam, all that was once used by the Maharajas and Maharanis of Mysore. As soon as you step into the museum, you will find yourself back in that time.


oriental research institute

Isn’t this amazing that we can get to read some old manuscripts in Mysore? Of course, it is, and this is possible in Mysore at Oriental Research Institute. This is an offbeat place in Mysore but is so amazing. The institute was established in 1891 and was formally known as the Oriental Library and was under the patronage of Maharaja Chaamarajendra Wadiyar X. The institute is a treasure of over 45000 palm leaves manuscripts and rare editions of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and a Vedic Concordance. The institute will take you back to the roots of India’s literary past.

There are so many more visiting places in Mysore, but the above-listed are the must-visit of Mysore. So, next time you visit Mysore, do not forget to visit these beautiful places in Mysore. If already visited, please share your experience with us!