Visapur Fort is an exciting hilltop fort near the village of the same name in Maharashtra. The fort was built by Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath and was once the pride of the great Maratha Kingdom. Like any other maratha fort in the state, Visapur too is located in a hilly area, surrounded by vast greenery and difficult routes that acted as a natural defence during an enemy attack. 

visapur fort

Nestled at the top of a hill in Ratnagiri, Visapur fort has emerged as a popular tourist attraction among adventure junkies. Located at an altitude of 1084 meters, the fort acts as a great view point and provides the adrenaline rush. The Visapur fort forms a part of the fortification of Visapur and Lohagad. The fort’s structure comprises ancient caves, arches, wells, and old houses. The fort has several temples, ancient complexes, roofless buildings and viewpoints inside but the most exciting is the stairs leading to the fort.

The trek to the Visapur Fort is a rocky one. It is a complex trek even for expert trekkers. It becomes even more adventurous during the rainy season when water comes flowing down from the top, making it difficult for trekkers to set their feet at one place. The fort has some caves, old house ruins, ancient water cisterns, and a well, which the Pandavas are believed to be built.

Visapur Fort has emerged as a popular tourist attraction and adventure spot for Mumbaikars, Punekars and other residents of Maharashtra. However, it still remains hidden from the rest of the world and needs to be explored by more people. 

How To Reach:

visapur fort

Mumbai and Pune are two main cities we can use as starting points while travelling to Visapur Fort.

From Mumbai: You can either travel by road or train to reach Visapur Fort. If coming from Mumbai, you can get down at Lonavala station. From Lonavala, you need to board a local train that will drop you at Malavli Station. After getting down at Malavli station, just start walking towards Patan Village and you’ll be there.

When travelling by road, it takes a journey of 2 hours and 33 minutes from Mumbai to reach Visapur Fort. 

From Pune: The travel time from Pune is 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can take the Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway or Mumbai – Pandharpur Road/Old Mumbai – Pune Highway to reach Visapur.

The best time to visit Visapur Fort is during the Winters. You can also visit the fort during the monsoon season if you want to take the adventure to the next level. 

However, it is wise to avoid visiting the fort during the summers. A visit to the fort includes a challenging trek, which could be a tiring task with the heat of the scorching sun falling straight on your head.

One thing to keep in mind is that there’s hardly any mobile connectivity once you climb the fort.

There are several points you can explore around the Visapur fort.

Valvan Dam: 

valvam dam

Valvan dam is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views that make it a perfect picnic spot. However, you need to be careful while visiting the dam. You can click amazing pictures at literally any spot near the fort and Valvan Dam is no different.

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Tunga Fort Trek:

tunga fort trek

Suppose you are planning for a visit longer than a day and there’s still a lot of energy left in you after completing the Visapur summit. In that case, you can take the challenge of trekking up the Tunga fort. Tunga Fort is surrounded by water bodies on three sides and located at a challenging elevation. You can club trekking Tunga and Tikona forts to enhance your experience.

Visiting the Karla Caves: 

When exploring the nearby region, do not forget to visit the famous Karla Caves. Karla Caves are one of the oldest Buddhist shrines of India. The caves also have a Buddhist monastery inside, which is believed to have been built somewhere around the 2nd century. 

Bhaja Caves: 

bhaja caves

Bhaja Caves is a collection of 2 rock-cut caves dating back to the 2nd century BC. The caves were once inhabited by Buddhist monks. If you have a thing for history, you must visit the caves. 

Bhushi Lake: 

bhusi lake

The lake is located on the outskirts of Lonavala. The picturesque water body located amid lush green hills adds to the beauty of the place.

Duke’s Nose: 

Duke’s Nose is one such place that you can’t afford to miss. It is a very popular tourist attraction and a heaven for adventure junkies and hikers. You can indulge in adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, and rock climbing to reach the top and click breathtaking pictures once you reach the point.