Sainj Valley offers adventure lovers the opportunity to trek straight into the heart of the mighty Himalayas. Sainj Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are very few natural sites as beautiful as this one. In the lap of mother nature, Sainj Valley is a hidden treasure in the Himalayas. Famous among adventure junkies, the valley is in the lower ranges of the Great Himalayan National Park.

A perfect weekend getaway near the Kullu Valley. Sainj Valley is just 45 km from the town of Kullu. It is one of the best places to visit in the region for a peaceful stay amid the gorgeous creations of mother nature. If it is the first time that you are visiting a secluded Himalayan village, you’ll be awestruck by the beauty of Sainj valley.

How To Reach Sainj Valley

sainj valley
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By Road: You can hire a cab or travel in your vehicle. The distance between Delhi and Sainj is roughly 480 km, and it takes nearly 10 hours to cover the distance. You’ll have to first take NH 44 to Chandigarh and then head to Shimla. The journey will be as beautiful as the destination as the condition of roads on the route is really great. Another alternative is to reach Aut and take a bus from there for Sainj Valley.

By Air: Kullu Manali is the nearest airport from the valley and you can fly till the Kullu-Manali airport to reach Sainj. After landing at the airport, you’ll have to hire a cab that will drop you near the valley. The travel time between the airport and Sainj Valley is roughly 100 km. You can either hire a cab or local vehicle to reach the valley.

By Rail: For now there are no networks in the village and hence, traveling by road is the most convenient option to travel to the valley for an adventurous experience.

Where To Stay: While there aren’t many hotels in the valley, there are many homestays that you can choose from. These homestays are within the valley where you can gel with the locals and get food easily as well.
Another alternative is to book a stay at the GHNP Guest House. You can find a stay for as cheap as Rs. 500 in the valley. The Great Himalayan National Park also has a house comprising deluxe stays and dormitories for the comfortable stay of tourists.

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Explore the beauty…

Exploring Sainj Village:

sainj valley
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Sainj village is among Himalaya’s best-kept secrets. Surrounded by thick vegetation and forests, the beautiful village is guarded by the mighty Himalays and offers a spectacular view of the peaks surrounding it. Famous for its untouched natural beauty, Sainj Village isn’t a tourist hotspot and hence, you can spend a day or two in peace.

Pundrik Rishi Lake:

pundrik rishi lake
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You can’t miss the chance to see the magnificent Pundrik Rishi Lake that holds a great religious significance. Although, you can’t touch the water of the lake as activities like boating on the lake are prohibited as well. All you can do is see it from a close distance and click some Instagrammable pictures. You’ll get to listen to some interesting stories related to the lake from the locals.

The Cascading Waterfalls of Kullu:

waterfalls of kullu
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Kullu valley is famous for its mountains and waterfalls alike. However, one has to do the extra digging to find a good waterfall. During your exploration in the Sainj valley, you’ll come across several waterfalls. If you are daring enough, you can enjoy a bath in the cold water from one of the waterfalls in the valley. If travelling in a group, you can use the waterfall site as a picnic spot. Make sure you don’t leave behind any garbage while exploring the waterfall.

Witnessing The Divinity at the Meadows of the Shangarh:

meadows of shangarh
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Meadows of the Shangarh finds a mention in the tale of Mahabharata. It is believed that the Pandavas spent their 13 years of exile here, during which, Lord Krishna came here to visit them. It is one of the most fruitful gifts of trekking your way up from the village, as the place is gifted with a picturesque landscape. The virgin natural beauty of the place will leave you mesmerised. Sainj Valleyis also popular for its local fares and if you are lucky, you might as well be in time to enjoy the fare.

The place also has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is called Sangchul Mahadev Temple. Meadows of the Shangarh is among the most adventurous places in the Kullu valley.

Trek Itinerary

sainj valley trek
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The Sainj Valley trek is a very short trek that can be completed in 2 days. You can also make it 3 days if you want to explore more spots.

On Day 1, you will drive out of Shangarh to Tindadhar. The journey time between the two places is nearly 5 hours.

The real trek starts on Day 2 from Tindadhar, which is at an altitude of 6,365 ft. From Tindadhar, your next stop will be Pundrik Lake. After exploring the lake and the nearby attractions, you’ll return to Ropa. It will take you 4 hours to reach Ropa from Pundrik Lake. After reaching Ropa, return to your base camp or to Kullu.