Some of the cutest pets a human can have are puppies.  By being a man’s best mate, not even a cat can beat a puppy. There are certain breeds of dogs that, having said that, can be very ferocious and can make you pee your pants if you treat them incorrectly. Here is a list of the most ferocious dog breeds in the world.   These can be very gentle friends, but beware!! Don’t play around with them, or you could end up in a hospital.

Pit Bulls

In the United States, the pit bulls have their roots and weigh from 30-55 lbs.’ This breed is the product of the interbreeding of a bulldog and terriers breed. The outcome is a pit bull terrier who has the bulldog’s athleticism and power and a terrier’s gameness.  It also has one of the most ferocious cuts. These dogs were more commonly trained for dogfighting. While nowadays these dogs are bred as regular pets, they are also a breed that you need to look out for.


This dog breed is native to Germany and weighs between 85-110 lbs. They have jaws that are hard and solid. Mainly for guarding purposes, the breed is bred.  Although these dogs are good-natured and loyal, since they are extremely aggressive, they normally dislike strangers and other dogs. This nature makes them vicious and ferocious enough.

Doberman Pinschers

It’s a rugged, loyal, and violent dog breed. When they are handled correctly, these dogs can be friendly and great family members. However, they can be very violent and threatening if you taunt them. As guard dogs, these intelligent and alert dogs work well. Due to its rugged and violent nature, no person can trespass on a property guarded by a Doberman pinscher. Without second thoughts, these dogs will attack if they sense some threat to their owner or estate. This is what makes them some of the most ferocious dogs in the world.


Boerboels originated from South Africa, where they are bred to protect the farm. In Afrikaans, the term Boerboel translates into ‘farmer’s puppy.’ The common opinion is that these dogs arose from the interbreeding between the Dutch, British and French immigrants with some African species and breeds. They were also used against predators as the first line of defence. These dogs are considered to be gentle and stable and are agile, strong, and bold at the same time. They are also considered to have good territorial instincts that make them the favoured choice of guard dogs among farmers.

German Shepherds

The breed is from Germany. The dog weighs between 70-100 lbs, on average. They were initially bred for sheep as guard dogs against the threats of wild animals like wolves. These are now bred by both homeowners and the police as well. They are knowledgeable, agile, and have a fearless personality, their reliable and obedient temperament makes them outstanding canine units. These are perhaps the most common dogs among law enforcement officials. For activities like sniffing out explosives, drugs, and illicit paraphernalia, they can be efficiently stationed in airports. They are exceptionally energetic dogs that need continuous physical exercise.


The boxer was originally from Germany. These dogs can weigh from 50-70 lbs and are very strong and agile. Their lively and playful nature earns them a headstrong and hard-to-train name. They are not offensive or hostile by nature, but they are extremely energetic. They may also behave to others as aloof and unfriendly. Do not make the mistake of playing around with them though, as it may land you in deep trouble. Anytime and wherever the dog can attack you, but only under some circumstances. A lack of socializing is one of the factors that makes the dog unsafe. When breeding a boxer, one must be highly careful.

Alaskan Malamute

Thanks to its solid facade and athletic body, this breed is considered to be fierce. They are generally calm and loyal, being independent at the same time, which makes it very difficult for them to train. They’re known to have excellent instincts for survival. Because of their willingness and versatility to do stuff above that of a normal dog, such as pulling a sledge, herding reindeer, and acting as a watchdog, they are hated. If they are lonely, they appear to get hostile. Therefore to avoid aggression, they need proper care, exercise, and control.

Presa Canario

These dogs are from the Canary Islands.  These are deemed to be bred as machines for hunting and killing and were typically used in battle rings. If they strike, they will bring certain death to their prey. To keep them obedient, they need daily training and early socializing. In some cases, they can be violent towards strangers and other dogs. They will be very sweet and noble to their owners and be excellent guard dogs when well trained.