Women Empowerment means giving authority to women to make them capable of making decisions. Women have suffered for a lot of time till now. In earlier centuries, they were treated so badly as all the rights belonged to males. No women were allowed to make a decision. Women empowerment moment enlightened women of their rights that they were deprived of for centuries. Its main aim is to change society’s thinking that gender doesn’t describe the power to make decisions in someone’s life. 

Need and Importance of Women Empowerment 

Women were treated unequally in every country’s history in the world. However, western countries have still achieved to provide women their equal rights. India is still far behind. Here families think girls will bring disgrace to the family. Hence, they end their lives at birth, a major problem India faces, also known as female foeticide. India needs a set of principles and rules that provide for Women Empowerment.

women empowerment

Women are not considered safe here. Women are not allowed to complete their education. They are married at an early age irrespective of their decision. The men are oppressing ladies in certain areas like the lady must work for them unendingly. They don’t allow them to think freely or even make a decision for themselves. They are trapped. 

One of the major concerns here is domestic violence. Women are treated worse than animals. Men hit their wives and abuse them due to their narrow thinking that women are their property. Women’s negligence becomes a problem here. They don’t want to spoil their married life. So, silence strengthens men here to rule women’s lives. We need to enable these ladies to support themselves and never be a casualty of evil omen.

History of Women Empowerment

There is no exact date for the history of Women Empowerment. It is an accruing process. However, it has given birth to certain moments of revolutions and protests that have increased women empowerment. Women were not allowed to vote. As time passed, women collaborated and raised their voices, has drastically resulted in their favor. Securing voting rights crucially lifted the position of women in society. 

Women Empowerment is not possible if women are financially dependent on their husbands. From the twentieth century onwards, ladies got more freedom to join the labor force. Simultaneously, numerous ladies in England had to work both in the working environment and in the family. After the Second World War, ladies, on their own, decided to join the labor force. Today an ever-increasing number of occupations are opening up for ladies. Ladies are ending up being deserving of the assignments appointed to them. 

women empowerment

In a family, ladies have acquired substantial dynamic forces. The choice to have a child or not is presently settled by the two people. The utilization of preventative pills engaged ladies further. Ladies would now be able to appreciate unhindered work-life and schooling. 

Ladies’ strengthening can’t be effective if the ladies in the lower part of the general public are not engaged. At the beginning of the 21st century, ladies having a place at the grassroots level have discovered numerous professional works. These works were just held for men. Today there are numerous female bricklayers, transport drivers, petroleum siphon chaperons, ranchers, etc. Every one of these ladies is managing their work incredibly well.

Women Empowerment in India 

Women’s Empowerment in India cannot be compared and contrasted with that in other countries. Women were highly respected and regarded in the Vedic ages. The focus on women’s education was never a problem at that time. The word ‘sahadharmini’ was called from the old Vedic days. Sahadharmini means – equal partner/companion. It is thus proved that women in India in ancient/old days enjoyed respect and education.

As time passed, the Indian culture was contaminated and debased with the moderate Middle Eastern and British culture. As a result, the power, pride, authority, and respect that women enjoyed were lost.

Indira Gandhi

Slowly after freedom, ladies began recovering the lost force. Today ladies are all over the world. The nation saw its female Prime Minister and President. The nation has numerous prominent female sportspeople like Saina Nehwal or P.T Usha. The nation has been honored with skilled ladies researchers like A. Chatterjee or B Vijayalakshmi. Ladies are joining the battle powers in India decisively.  

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How to Empower Women? 

There are different routes by the way one can empower ladies. The people and government must both meet up to get it going. Schooling for young ladies should be created mandatory so ladies can make a life for themselves. 

teaching women

Ladies should be given equivalent freedoms in each field, regardless of sexual orientation. Also, they should be given equivalent compensation. We can empower ladies by nullifying child marriage. Different projects should be held to be encouraged to battle for themselves on the chance that they face a monetary emergency. 

In particular, the disgrace of separation and misuse should be tossed out of the window. Numerous ladies stay in harmful connections due to the dread of society. Guardians should encourage their girls it is OK to return home separated instead of in a coffin.  


Today more and more women are enjoying their independence and freedom as compared to old times. They can make a decision now on their own. Ladies should challenge the utilization of religion to smother them. There is a compensation gap in the entertainment and film industry, sports, and ordinary positions. The ladies need to utilize their well-deserved ability to oust every one of the treacheries they have been looking for days of yore.