India is one of the most preferred destinations for travelers around the world due to its diversity of landscapes, terrains, and budget stays and eating options. Despite a huge amount of travelers visiting India every year, most of the destinations that remain of the top of the list are in mainland India. However, India has two beautiful groups of islands on either side that may give many countries a run for their money. One such group of islands in the Andaman Islands. Lying at a distance of 1,760 km from the southern boundary of India, this archipelago has some of the cleanest beaches around the world with rich flora and fauna. 

Andaman is a must-visit destination for adventure lovers and those who want to spend a luxury vacation near a beach. There are several adventure activities that you can enjoy during your stay at the Andamans.

  1. Scuba Diving: Andaman is one of the few places in India where you can enjoy Scuba Diving and get a closer view of the marine life and the coral reefs. Havelock Island in Andaman provides an opportunity to learn underwater diving in the best reefs in India and this chance should not be missed. You don’t need to be a swimmer to learn scuba diving. Anyone can enjoy scuba diving after a few hours of training from the trainers that you can find across the Havelock Island. The company offering you the experience will provide you a trainer as well and you can have the time of your life after spending a few thousand for the breathtaking experience. 
  2. Traveling to India’s only active Volcano: Not many know that India has an active volcano. It is due to the lack of coverage and connectivity of the Andaman Islands with the rest of India. India’s only active volcano is present in Barren Island. You need to hire a boat from the inhabited area of the Andamans to travel to Barren Island. The price could be a bit higher but is manageable if you are traveling in a group. You can combine this trip with other activities like fishing and visiting other islands. The journey to Barren Island can be enjoyed from your boat with the mesmerizing views of the Bay of Bengal. 
  3. Sea Walking: Those who are not comfortable with Scuba Diving or have other health issues can still witness the life under the sea very closely through a sea walk. You will be taken to a depth of 7 meters with a helmet over your head that will provide you oxygen while you are under the sea. You can literally walk on water and witness the diverse marine creatures up close. This activity doesn’t require any training and thus can be enjoyed by anyone. 
  4. Trekking to Elephant Beach: Trekking is not the first thing that comes to one’s mind when they hear of an archipelago. However, Andaman is no ordinary Island. It has an abundance of beauty and marvelous landscapes. Most of the people travel to Elephant Beach through a boat. But if you are up for an adventure and adore the silence of mountains, you can hire a local guide and trek through the jungle forest, marshland, and mangrove lands. It is something that you will cherish forever. 
  5. Snorkeling: Andaman has no shortage of adventure activities and Snorkelling is another addition to the list. You can travel to Jolly Bouy Island, the best snorkeling destination in Andaman. It is one of the most exotic places on the island and is open for just 6 months in a year (October to April). It is to be noted that you need to get special permission for visiting this island that you can get from any travel company. Moreover, tourists are not allowed to stay on this island and plastic bottles/bags are strictly prohibited. The clean water and scenic view of the Jolly Bouy Island make it one of the most beautiful islands of the Andamans.
  6. Sea Plane Rides and Helicopter Rides: Sea Plane rides remained the charm of the Andaman islands for a very long time. However, they have not been operation for the past 1 year. There are a few spots where these planes are operational and you can enjoy the bird-eye view if you are lucky enough. However, you can still enjoy the bird-point view from a helicopter which are available at several spots. Although, the booking for the helicopter ride is needed to be done in advance as these helicopters allow only 6 passengers at a time. It becomes difficult for tourists to get a spot during the peak season.