Quinoa is a great trend in today’s time. Quinoa can be best described as the ‘superfood’ or ‘super grain’ and even quinoa is super popular food among fitness freaks. It once was treated like the gold of Incas as they believed quinoa gives strength and makes their soldiers stronger, preparing them well for the wars and turning them into bold warriors. Quinoa is totally packed with essential nutrients, proteins, fibers, and vitamins. Also, quinoa is a blessing for people who are on a gluten-free diet, as quinoa is gluten-free and is super tasty and super healthy.

Quinoa serves as the best substitute for rice and is actually a seed, not grain. Quinoa is actually a gold, not just for Incas but for health. I want to know-how. The list of benefits of quinoa will solve the purpose well.

What is quinoa?


Before listing out the benefits of quinoa, it is important to know a little more about quinoa. Quinoa, pronounced as ‘keen-wa’, is a gluten-free alternative to heavy starch-containing grains, especially rice. It serves exactly the same as grains and performs all the roles of grains in every dish it is used. Quinoa belongs to the same family from which spinach, chard, and beat belong. It is one of the important plant sources of all nine amino acids. Quinoa was the staple diet of Incas and in recent years, foodies have heralded it as a superior alternative to conscious bulgur wheat and rice. Quinoa is a healthy meal and is perfect for all.

What are Quinoa Benefits? 

Quinoa helps in weight loss

Shredding those extra kilos is not a simple task, but everybody wants to try their level best to get rid of that extra fat and kilos. But thanks to the quinoa. Quinoa is a blessing for those who want to shred extra kilos as quinoa has a high content of fibers and protein in it, way more than barley or rice.

Thus, quinoa possesses a great filling nature, which helps a lot in managing the appetite and keeps a person fuller for a relatively long period and hence avoids the eating of some extra calories. Also, quinoa has a low glycaemic index and hence it slows down the release of energy and hence prevents the triggers of cravings and stimulates hunger.

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Quinoa benefits in improving the gut health

Gut health is an important part of the overall health of a person. As per the studies, it has been found that quinoa can help in improving gut health. As quinoa can enhance the diversity of gut bacteria and also help in the reduction of the inflammatory symptoms of conditions such as colitis. Quinoa also acts as a prebiotic and hence supplies fuel to the bacteria present in the gut and is beneficial for gut health and allows them to thrive.

Quinoa benefits in balancing the blood sugar levels

Diabetes is a very common issue faced by so many people around the globe. And to keep the blood sugar levels in control is not that easy as it sounds. But quinoa can balance blood sugar levels, as it is rich in fiber and other essential nutrients. Also, quinoa can help in improving the levels of triglycerides and also improves the management of blood sugar levels. However, more research is required to support this.

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Quinoa benefits in keeping the heart-healthy

Heart health is of utmost importance and should never be neglected. Quinoa is loaded and packed with Phytochemical such as rutin and Nicotiflorin that are highly effective in bringing the high levels of blood pressure in control as blood pressure is associated with the heart. As per studies, it has been found that Quinoa, helps in reducing the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and boosts HDL, i.e. good cholesterol. Also, phytosterols and fibers in quinoa helps in reducing the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol.

Quinoa benefits in building bones

The presence of a super combination of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus makes quinoa a perfect food that helps in aiding the bone power of muscles. Also, lysine aids the absorption of calcium, and L arginine boosts the production of osteoclast cells, which leads to the better strengthening of bones.

Quinoa improves metabolic functions

The richness of vitamins and minerals in quinoa makes it a perfect meal for boosting metabolic functions. Quinoa helps in reducing the glucose levels in the blood and helps in diabetes management, especially during summers. Quinoa is a substantial source of metabolism.

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Quinoa helps in fighting cancer

As per doctors and researchers, quinoa helps in fighting the different deadly cancer too. The presence of loads of antioxidants in quinoa helps in fighting the free radical damage and hence protects cells. It is often suggested by experts to eat quinoa sprouts to increase the level of antioxidants in the body.