Chetan Bhagat is one of the most popular and best-selling authors of our time. He bridges the gap between the elites and the everyday English speaker with his easy yet effective writing skills. Few writers in India target the masses as well as he does. We might be in awe of Khalil Gibran, Paulo Coelho, or Salman Rushdie. Still, Chetan has made most of the people from our generation fall in love with the idea of reading books and novels regularly. From college-going students to working professionals, Chetan’s books find a place on almost every individual’s shelf. 

He has admitted several times that he doesn’t intend to become an elite. His idea of writing a book is completely different from the elites. English is not the primary language for most Indians, and Chetan has done remarkably well to establish himself as a good and influential writer among this section that covers a large chunk of the Indian population. The high sale of his books is a reflection of Chetan’s popularity among everyday readers. From The Girl in Room 105 to 5 Point Someone, several popular novels have been penned by Chetan.

This blog consists of 7 of the best Chetan Bhagat books.

The Three Mistakes of My Life: 

chetan bhagat book

The Three Mistakes of My Life is a story of three friends based in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad. The book was adapted into a Bollywood film named Kai Po Che. It narrates a young entrepreneur who aims to run his own business and starts by opening a sports shop. It is also a story of love and portrays an angle of the religious divide, and this is big enough to be spotted in the movie Kai Po Che as well. It is one of the first books by Chetan.

Five Point Someone: 

chetan bhagat books

Five Point Someone, What not to do at IIT was the first-ever book to be penned by Chetan. The book narrates three young chaps- Ryan, Alok, and Hari, who join IIT with great enthusiasm and big dreams. Life takes a big turn as the three of them realize that there’s a huge gap between anticipation and reality. Hari falls in love with the daughter of a teacher, and the challenge to pursue his love interest is, of course, going to be an uphill task. 

2 States: 

2 states

It is yet another novel by Chetan Bhagat whose story has been adapted into a romantic movie of the same name. As the name suggests, the novel tells a boy and a girl who come from different states and different cultures. They fall in love with each other, but the real task is convincing their parents for a cross-culture marriage. Did they achieve success in their attempt? Read to know. 

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Revolution Twenty20: 

revoltion 2020

Revolution Twenty20 is one of the best books by Chetan Bhagat and one of my personal favorites. It is a very inspirational story that gives the readers an insight into the thinking of the country’s young minds. This is a love story but also much more than that. This is the story of an average guy who struggles to get success until he finally succeeds. However, he comes to know about some revealing facts after getting success. Apart from love, this is a story of a love triangle, corruption, and self-discovery.

One Night at the Call Centre: 

call centre book

The book’s plot is based on the events encountered in a call center in Gurgaon on a critical night. These are not ordinary events. The lives of the six employees at the call center will change forever after the passage of this critical night. The story was actually narrated to Chetan by a fellow female passenger on a train.

Half Girlfriend: 

half girlfriend

Half Girlfriend is certainly among the best romantic novels penned by Chetan Bhagat. The book narrates the love story of a Bihari boy named Madhav and a Delhi-based girl named Riya. Madhav is a typical village guy while Riya is a city girl from a rich family. Despite all the differences, the seeds of love are somehow sowed between them. However, their relationship is complicated as Riya doesn’t buy the idea of a committed relationship. Madhav, on the other hand, wants a relationship. Will Madhav be able to convince Riya? Read to find out. 

One Indian Girl: 

one indian girl

One Indian girl is a story of a modern Indian girl – Radhika Mehta. Radhika works at Goldman Sachs and is about to get married. She is about to get married to Brijesh Gulati, who works for Facebook in San Francisco. However, Brijesh is not the first guy who has caught Radhika’s interest. She grew up with the mindset that her wheatish complexion is unattractive. However, she meets some really great men who realize that the body’s color is not a constraint for attracting the opposite gender. What does Radhika actually want? Read to know.