On social media, a video showing a man riding while supporting a refrigerator on his head has gone viral. The Instagram post from Barstool Sports has received seven million views so far.

An astonishing show of power and balance by a man has gone viral online. He is shown in a recent video riding a bicycle while holding a refrigerator on his head, and it has instantly attracted a lot of attention. The video, which was posted by the Barstool Sports Instagram account, features a man pedaling deftly down a busy street while holding a full-sized refrigerator on his head.

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image credit: twitter

His neck muscles seem to be the only thing keeping the refrigerator in place. Although the video is undated, it is assumed that it was shot on American city streets in New York.

The title for the video states, “Man in New York City is a different man.”

When it was posted online, social media users were in wonder and baffled as to how such an amazing act could possibly have been pulled off. Many others reacted with a mixture of surprise, wonder, and interest regarding the man’s extraordinary ability to keep his balance while pedaling while carrying such a heavy thing on his head. Others pondered the mechanics of how he initially balanced the refrigerator on his head.

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Users have made comments like “Dude got that Kurt angle neck strength,” and “How did he even get it on his head in the first place?”

It’s important to keep in mind that, while this may appear like a superhuman feat, such amazing powers typically need years of devoted practise and conditioning. In order to build the requisite muscles and skills, athletes and performers who participate in similar activities frequently undertake intensive physical training.