The holiday of Diwali is all about unity. But even with all of this nice stuff, there are some bad things as well, such resource waste that can affect the environment and air and noise pollution. Let’s make a commitment to help save Mother Earth this year! These six ideas will help you celebrate Diwali with the same enthusiasm without harming the environment.

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  1. Make Your Home More Vibrant with Those Lovely Diyas

Energy is a costly good, and the cost may burn a hole in your wallet. Alternatively, try using diyas to light up your house. This is in line with the ancient and organic spirit of Diwali and will benefit those whose livelihoods depend on the enterprise.

  1. Give a Handmade Gift

Plastic items and electronics may eventually add to the garbage stream. Why not choose a customised present composed of organic materials like jute or cloth? Irreplaceable are the gifts you especially make for your loved ones. Ahead of time to see the incredible reactions? Get going at this moment!

  1. Cover the presents with newspapers

Wrap the gifts you intend to give to your loved ones using newspapers rather than those flashy, hard-to-recycle plastics. For kids, you can use the newspaper’s comic strip section. Set the example for your loved ones by wrapping gifts with newspapers using your artistic imagination!

  1. Use Natural Materials to Make Your Rangoli

Use natural materials to create your rangoli, such as leaves, marigolds, roses, and chrysanthemums, rather than artificial hues. You can also experiment with coffee powder, kumkum, and turmeric as colouring agents. Not only are these items environmentally beneficial, but they also make it simple to throw them in your compost the next day.

  1. Give Your Old Stuff Away

When cleaning out your wardrobe, consider donating your items to those who are less fortunate rather from throwing them away. Reusing the items will cut down on waste. Give them a couple firecrackers as well. They will definitely appreciate this gesture and smile as a result!

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  1. Select Firecrackers That Are Eco-Friendly

Convincing the kids that bursting crackers are a bad idea becomes more challenging. In this case, purchasing environmentally friendly crackers is the best course of action. These produce less pollution because they are made of recycled paper.