Princess Margaret or Princess Margaret Rose Windsor, the countess of Snowdon, was a famous figure of history. She had to struggle all her life to maintain the balance of her artistic temperament with her duties as a responsible member of the Royal family. Princess Margaret spent most of her life in the spotlight. Though she is not here with us as she left for the heavenly abode in the year 2002, her memories and deeds are with us that have kept her alive in our lives.

How can we forget that the famous drama series on Netflix, “The Crown,” about the British royals, in its season 4, the life of Princess Margaret has been perfectly depicted? The role of Princess Margret is played by Helena Bonham- Carter. Her life’s journey was full of interesting events from her royal and playful childhood, the controversial romantic life with Peter Townsend, to her royal and magnificent marriage with a photographer Antony Armstrong- Jones.



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Princess Margaret was born in a royal family on 21st August 1930 and was the second child of her parents. Her birth took place in her mother’s ancestral home at Glamis Castle, Scotland. The father of Princess Margaret was then Duke of York. She was the beloved child of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Her only sibling was Queen Elizabeth II. She spent her childhood days happily with her parents and the elder sister. Also, she developed her interest in music and started taking piano lessons from only four.

At the age of six, the life of Princess Margaret changed dramatically as her father, George VI, became the king as his paternal uncle King Edward VIII abdicated. Then due to the worsening conditions during World War II, Princess Margaret and Elizabeth stayed at Windsor Castle, and Princess Margaret continued her studies.


Princess Margaret, in her early 20s, started falling in love with the art and the nightlife. And as soon as the war got over, she fell in love with Peter Townsend, who served his father as an equerry. The romantic relationship of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend was publicized and became an issue of controversy. The romantic relation got publicized when Princess Margaret was seen brushing off the lint from Townsend’s jacket.

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Then all of a sudden, Margaret’s father, King George VI, died in 1952. Then Townsend divorced her wife and proposed to Margaret for the marriage. Both were ready to get married, but her sister and the Church of England refused their marriage proposal stating that Townsend being a divorcee is not suitable to marry Princess Margaret. So, Princess Margaret, too, abandoned the plans of getting married to Townsend.


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In the year 1958, Princess Margaret secretly started seeing a photographer Antony Armstrong Jones. Then in the February of 1960, Princess Margaret and Antony announced their engagement and soon got married. Their marriage was the first royal marriage that was cast on television. Then in 1961, Princess Margaret’s sister Queen Elizabeth II made Antony the earl of Snowdon, and Margaret became the Countess of Snowdon. At the beginning of the marriage, everything was normal and married life was happy. Both Margaret and Antony were blessed with baby boys 1961 named David and Viscount Linley. Also, in the year 1964, they were blessed with a baby girl named Sarah. 

Soon after then, Margaret got involved in public affairs. She started spending most of her time in the Grenadines, on the Caribbean island of Mustique. After some time, her romantic relationship with Roddy Llewellyn, a Gardner who was 17 years younger than her, got exposed, and that was the end of her marriage with Antony. They took divorce from each other in the year 1978. Their divorce was the first divorce in the British royal family in 400 years.

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After all the scandals and divorce Princess Margaret lost her respect. However, later, Princess Margaret grabbed all the attention of the people by indulging herself in charity. She was associated with more than 80 charitable organizations. She served as the president of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and as the president of the Royal Ballet. She was also awarded the Royal Victorian Chain in 1990. She was appointed as the Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order.

Due to her habit of heavy smoking, like her father, Princess Margaret had to undergo a lung operation to remove her left part of the lung in 1985. She also contracted pneumonia in 1993. Then she got into her private life and was no longer part of the media. Gradually her health continued to deteriorate, and she endured a series of strokes. But unfortunately, after the third stroke, she left us on 9th February 2002.