We’ve all seen a Facebook update that said, “Asking someone to drive your beast is like asking someone else to kiss your girlfriend!” Such is the boys’ passion for motorcycles. A growing segment in the Indian market invests in beasts to hone or relive men’s passion for biking. We at Shortpedia Voices had a lot of fun looking fervently over these dream machines. We compiled this exclusive list of the 7 most expensive bikes in the world that will drain your pockets while filling them with limitless thrill.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 most expensive bikes on the market today.

Ecosse FE Ti XX – $300,000

ecosse fe ti xx expensive bike

Ecosse Moto Works is well-known for its unique bikes. The Ecosse FE Ti XX is one of the most recent and expensive models in the Titanium Series. The motorcycle costs a staggering $3 lakh or around 1.64 crores in Indian rupees.

  • 2100.0 ccm displacement (128.14 cubic inches)
  • V2 (four-stroke) engine
  • The engine is a 45-degree American V-Twin. The engine is supercharged, intercooler, and fuel-injected.
  • 200.0 HP in power
  • Double Overhead Cams are used to control the fuel (DOHC)
  • Liquid cooling machine
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Handcrafted titanium race exhaust system

The motorcycle is powered by a 2,409cc billet aluminum engine that delivers 228PS to the rear wheel. To hold the weight down, carbon fiber was used extensively on the bike. The saddle was handcrafted by posh Italian leather maker Berluti.

Legendary British Vintage Black – $400,000

british bike

Vincent-HRD was the original name for the legendary British Vintage Black. When it was first introduced in 1948, it was quicker than the Jaguar Sports Car. There were only 33 of these bikes made. The composer Richard Thompson was influenced by this bike when he wrote the song “1952 Vincent Black Lightning,” which he recorded for his 1991 album Rumor and Sigh.

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Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $550,000

dodge tomahawk, tomahawk, best bike

At first glance, the Dodge Tomahawk V10, one of the world’s most expensive bikes, seems to be something out of a high-budget sci-fi film. The chrome robotic beast weighs just over an absurd 680 kilograms and nevertheless manages to accelerate from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds for a top speed of 482 kilometers per hour.

It gives a torque of 500 hp at a speed of 5600 rpm. This is a limited motorcycle with a ten-cylinder dominant engine.

  • 8.3-liter v-10 engine
  • Torque Maximum: 712 Nm @ 4200 RPM
  • 500 hp @ 5600 rpm is the maximum power.
  • Maximum Speed: 420 miles per hour
  • 1.5 seconds from 0 to 60 miles
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.35 us gal
  • Suspended Horizontal double fork in front
  • 2-speed transmission

On the other hand, the bike is a model motorcycle, which means it is forbidden to ride it on public roads. But it’s unquestionably a work of art to keep in your garage, right?

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1.5 million

cosmic starship

Harley-Davidson is the only American company on the list with a bike that costs more than a million dollars. The price you’d pay (if you could) would not be for the strength, as the bike has nothing in the way of horsepower or torque. The Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship, on the other hand, is a complete piece of art hand-painted by Jack Armstrong.

The price tag of 1.5 million can seem excessive when you remember that most of Jack Armstrong’s paintings sell for as much as $3 million.

The Yamaha BMS Chopper Nemesis – $3 million

yamaha bms chopper

The bikes on this page are strictly for collectors and are not intended for use on the road. The uncanny shape, rather than power or torque, is what sells these.

The Yamaha BMS has a red velvet upholstered seat and is almost completely covered in 24 karat gold, with an unusual print and seating pose that bears an uncanny similarity to the bikes featured in Samurai Jack. It simply is “riding on diamonds.”

Ecosse Spirit – $3.6 million

ecosse spirit

The Ecosse Spirit is ranked second on the list of the most expensive bikes in the world. It may seem innocuous at first glance, but with a top speed of 370 kilometers, it has enough strength to please any racer. The unusual-looking motorcycle was created by American and British engineers based on the style of Formula One cars.

  • Displacement: 1000.0 ccm (61.02 cubic inches)
  • V4 (four-stroke) engine
  • 200.0 HP (146.0 kW))
  • 189.8 Nm of torque
  • Maximum speed: 370.1 km/h (230.0 mph)
  • 6-speed transmission
  • Drive Train: Chain

Like the other bikes on the list, the Ecosse Spirit rides on exclusivity, with just 10 of these ever made in the titanium range, each costing at least $3.6 million. Ecosse takes a two-week workshop at their headquarters before taking a flight, implying that this beast cannot be tamed by just any novice.

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine – $7 Million

porcupine bike

Given that this motorcycle was created in 1949, it is well worth learning for every bike builder. The bike adheres to modern quality standards and is often regarded as one of the most innovatively built motorcycles.

  • Engine: 498cc air-cooled DOHC parallel twin, bore and stroke 54mm by 54.5mm, compression ratio 9:1, 48hp @ 7,600rpm
  • 135 mph is the top limit.
  • Carburetion: Two Amal GP 1-1/8in
  • 4-speed transmission with final chain drive
  • Lucas magneto ignition is used in the electrics.
  • 56.5in dual downtube steel cradle frame
  • Suspension: AMC Front teledraulic telescopic forks, swingarm with dual AMC Rear jampot shocks
  • Front brakes are 8.25in TLS drums, while the rear brakes are 8.25in SLS drums.
  • 6.5 gallons of fuel

With only four units ever made, it’s easy to see where the price comes from. And the fact that Les Graham won the world championship on the bike in 1949 seals the deal with the AJS Porcupine.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter $11 million 

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter, most expensive bike in the world

There is a fair explanation why Neiman Marcus isn’t known as a superbike manufacturer – it isn’t a superbike manufacturer; instead, it is a department store. When the brand first announced the Limited Edition fighter for sale, it began at $110,000, which, while not an insignificant sum, is nowhere near what it will eventually retail for.

With its ultralight carbon fiber frame combined with aluminum and titanium, this kid can reach 190 mph. A customized brake machine, several high-tech devices, and, of course, the Neiman Marcus “official pimping.”

With Neiman Marcus marketing the bike as the evolution of the bicycle along with its similarity to clockwork, revolutionary architecture eventually resulted in the motorcycle being bought for $11 million, making it the most expensive bike so far and the number one on our list!