“The thing about parenting rules is there aren’t any. That’s what makes it so difficult” – Ewan McGregor.

Parenting is certainly one of the most complex and difficult tasks in the world. There are many differences in lifestyle in different parts of the world. Still, parents from every corner of the country will agree that parenting is a very difficult and tricky task.

Anyone can become a parent but raising a child is a different ball game altogether. It requires patience, support, and even sacrifices at times. Parenting is not just a role but also a very important responsibility. When you raise a child, you are raising an adult of tomorrow. An adult that will be a part of the society and take part in important exercises like voting. Their decision will play a key role in how the society they are a part of functions. This is true about any child in any part of the world.

With the world moving at such a fast pace, the challenges of parenting have only increased. It is really hard to take care of your children and instill good values and a sense of responsibility in them in such difficult times.

The truth is, there are no certain tips on parenting, and you have to take it as it comes. It is a continuous learning phase.

You learn something or another every other day. But for first-time parents, some help can still come in handy. 

tips on parenting

Giving Them Time: 

We live in such busy times where every individual has got a job besides the chores to run. This makes it really hard to take out time for yourself. But the first step to effective parenting is communication. You need to communicate with your kid/s, and in order to do so, you must give them your time. No matter how busy you are, nothing can be more important than the betterment of your kids. When you give your kids time, you understand them better, and they understand you as well. This is the first step to a close bond between parents and kids.

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Set An Example: 

Parents are the role models of their kids by default. If not forever, then at least during their childhood. You, kids, learn not just from what you teach them but also by looking at your actions. Whether you notice or not, kids are very good at observing, and their first few years of learning include observing the things and actions of people around them. Make sure that you behave like an ideal parent when around your kids. Set an example for them by being good humans. That’s the golden rule of parenting.

Appreciate Them: 

Appreciation can work like magic for kids. Notice when they do something good and do not forget to appreciate them. This will not just boost their morale but also play a huge role in making them confident individuals. It is important to instill a sense of good and bad into your children to raise them as wise individuals. The little things you teach your kids in childhood remain with them for a lifetime. 

parent disciplining child


Discipline is very important not just in children’s lives but in the life of every individual. You should always set a boundary that shall not be crossed. A home is the first school for a child, and the parents are his first teachers. It is the basic foundation, and it ought to be strong. A disciplined individual can deal with the challenges of life very easily, and that is why it is important to teach your kids the importance of discipline. As they grow up, teach them the importance of doing their own tasks and common daily chores like making their bed. That’s the only way you can raise them as good human beings.

Be Flexible: 

You might be a person of principles who doesn’t like the idea of compromise, but you can’t be rigid with parenting. You can’t stick with a certain way while raising a kid. Being too strict with your kid may lead to them becoming too scared or irritated. At the same time, being too lenient may result in them taking your love as approval for their wrongdoings. It is important to react according to the situation. Your love towards your kids must be unconditional, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your mistakes every time.  

tips on parenting

Boost Their Self Esteem: 

Now, this is one of the most important aspects of parenting that you simply can’t afford to miss. Your kid’s body may take years to grow, but their mind starts functioning well right after birth. Whatever they see, hear, or observe remains with them. From your kids’ body language to their voice, everything is affected by how confident they feel about themselves. Your actions and words of guidance can go a long way in nurturing their self-esteem.