Arnold Schwarzenegger is an actor, bodybuilder, businessman, and former governor of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a living example of the American dream. Born in Austria in 1947, he was pushed to conform at an early age by his tough upbringing and cultural pressure. His father, a cold and rigid cop, expected him to follow in his footsteps and join the cops, but Arnold promised he would never let anyone tell him who he should be. As a result, Schwarzenegger began his physical and psychological training at the age of 15 and eventually turned him into a weightlifting and bodybuilding master. 

He won the Mr. Universe title at the age of 20 years old in 1967. After that, he began to taste victory and win the title for the next four years in a row. People remember him for his physical strength, fitness, and psychological feats.

Here is the list of the top 10 best Arnold Schwarzenegger movies that you must watch 

1. The Terminator (1984)


A commando from the future is delivered back to 1984 with a perspective to stop a cyborg assassin from brutally killing a young woman- whose unborn infant is the key to the existence of humanity on this earth. Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of a ruthless cyborg is unforgettable. Arnold still retains his superior body as the killing machine two years after his debut in Conan the Barbarian, demonstrating that he never quits and will stand up to any task placed before him.

2. Predator (1987)


One of the best acting roles performed by Arnold is in the movie predator. Predator is the most Sci-Fi thriller and suspense. Where Arnold was seen with his thrilling actions set in a deep jungle pitted against unthinkable odds. When a squad of hardened soldiers is completing a mission in the Central American jungle, they acknowledged something is not right there. They understand they are being pursued by a superior or something after discovering scattered remains of foes and a slowly decreasing team. Full of action, tension, and intensity, this picture is on top sci-fi movie lists all over the internet and will have a nostalgic spot on the shelf of anyone who saw it when they were younger.

3. Total Recall

total recall

Fun-loving, serious, amusing, and action all at once. Total Recall is another famous and Popular Sci-fi thriller and suspense movie on his list of more memorable characters. In the future, Arnold (A construction worker) wants to gain more experience. He finds out a place called Rekall that implants fake memories into an Individual’s head. Our protagonist decides to use it to simulate a trip to Mars, a future holiday destination. Still, they mistakenly erase his memories, revealing that his entire life has been deception and that someone wants him dead as a very perplexing and constant identity journey laced with some contemporary sci-fi influences.

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4. The Running Man (1987)

running ma n

The future may not have looked so good in the late 1980s because dystopian films were all the rage. Who would have guessed that cinema’s darkest forecasts could have been so far off the mark… America is a totalitarian dictatorship in The Running Man. The titular game show encourages inmates to dual murders for their freedom? Ben Richards (Arnie), a falsely convicted police officer, is used as a scapegoat by the government and finds himself among the contestants. This ’80s classic, directed by Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky of Starsky & Hutch), takes on the blurring lines between entertainment and reality while criticizing the system.

5. Commando (1985)


Arnie is John Matrix, and he lives in tranquil seclusion with his daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano). Matrix is warned that his fellow soldiers are being knocked off one by one. With Jenny being abducted by his former subordinate, it’s up to him to straighten it out. Expect more explosions, typical Arnie-isms, and over-the-top stunts than you can toss an AK-47 at in this mid-80s classic from The Governator.

6. True Lies (1994)

true lies

Arnie and director James Cameron combine forces after the three years of Terminator 2. But this time, the future is Scrutinizing slightly less bleak in magnificent action thriller and suspense about a computer sales agent who blazes as a spy. Ass a Harry Tasker in a movie, Arnie, suspects his wife Helen ( Jamie Lee Curtis) is having an extramarital affair after listening to a phone call between her and a used car sales agent called Simon (Bill Paxton). So Harry takes Helen on a secret operation to offer her the adrenaline she craves. Still, the lines are blurred when a terrorist group spoils the surprise, Harry’s true identity is revealed – and the couple finds themselves battling for their lives.

7. Twins 


Arnold enters the comic genre with an odd partner in crime: Danny DeVito, in a whole new setting. When scientists come together to produce the most physically, cognitively, and emotionally ideal human being, they create Julius. Still, they don’t expect another child (DeVito) to come along with him. Julius, who was separated at birth, ventures out into the real world for the first time, searching for his long-lost twin brother, but he isn’t what he imagined. Arnold shocked audiences by displaying more promise than expected and acquiring a new group of followers when he first appeared on the comedic screen.

8. Conan the Barbarian 


Conan the Barbarian, an epic tale of terrible monsters, damsels in distress, and brawn, is a terrific method to replenish whatever testosterone you may have lost during the day at work. Conan must rise up and spend his life planning for his vengeance when a warlord and sorcerer’s army murders and enslaves his parents. In his breakthrough performance, Arnold dazzles spectators with his muscular muscles and fierce fight scenes, never shying away from gory swordsmanship and dismemberment scenes.

9. Last Action Hero 

last action hero

Director John McTiernan (Predator) and Arnie reunite for this wacky popcorn recreation that is fun. The concept is straightforward: assume you had a golden ticket that can transport you into the universe of the movie you were watching in the theatre. That is exactly what happens to Danny Madigan, a teen from a shattered household living in a low-income neighborhood of New York. Bring on the outrageous action and the smart one-liners. Harmless family entertainment in a magical setting.

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10. Kindergarten Cop

kindergarten cop

It’s difficult to imagine Arnie appeared in both Kindergarten Cop and Total Recall in the same year, given the disparity in tone. Nevertheless, this family favorite, directed once again by Ivan Reitman, hits all of the usual Arnie notes but with a little extra heart. For years, LAPD detective Harry Kimble (Arnie) has been following down on drug dealer Cullen Crisp, which leads him to become an undercover pre-school teacher, falling in love with colleague teacher Joyce Palmieri (Penelope Ann Miller).