Money Heist has been one of the most debatable series since its release in 2017. Everything about the show is unorthodox. Whether it is the portrayal of dark or grey characters in good light or how the money heist characters are named by the protagonist. The way the Professor plans the robbery is a case study in itself. But what’s more debatable is the conduct of other characters who have their own reasons to justify the crime they are a part of. Eventually, the robbery, accompanied by taking the bank employees and hostages, becomes so big that they find it difficult to hide behind their fake names.

Things turn south for the probe agencies after Inspector Raquel falls in love with the mastermind of the robbery that she is trying to avert. This is where the audiences find it hard to pick sides. But Angel is heartbroken, and he can certainly divide the right and the wrong. Stockholm finds her home in Denver, and while Denver is a member of the gang here, we are confused about who is worse between Arturo and Denver. Should a person be judged for his sins or the fact that he has no remorse for doing wrong? Arturo certainly falls in the latter category. Everyone has their own reasons for picking their favorite money heist characters.

Here we have mentioned some of the most popular Money Heist characters from the series.

The Professor: 


There is a saying that goes like this, “A criminal always leaves behind some evidence.” Well, not in the case of a professor. He is good at planning, executing, destroying the evidence, and hiding. He meets with the cop leading the operation against him daily speaks volumes about his character. Despite all the wrongdoings, Professor is a man of his words. His love interest for Raquel has no connection with his robbery benefits.



Well, who won’t feel for Nairobi? A money heist characters like coconut fruit- hard and bold from outside and emotional from inside. A mother is waiting to buy time and earn some fortune before she could finally meet the purpose of her life- her child. She was given the task to ensure that the money keeps printing during the heist at the Royal Mint. But all those dreams shatter like a bubble when she is shot by a sniper. She took the risk to look through the window in the hope of seeing her son. But all she gets is death.



Helsinki is the tough guy in the group. He could crack nuts and takedown guys with a single punch. A veteran Serbian soldier, Helsinki is not a bully who uses his muscle power to suppress others. He listens to the commands and comes along well with the group. The big man later comes out as gay. He is the guard of his gang.

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Angel is the good guy. He doesn’t jump off the cliff. He doesn’t shoot people and supports Raquel throughout the investigation. But like all other good guys, this one ends up heartbroken too. All he manages to get at the end is sympathy. He was likable enough for the audience, but the Professor and his gang could ignore him easily.



Denver is young, strong, fierce, and wild. He joins the gang along with his dad Moscow, who introduced him to the world of crime. While taking all those inside hostages, he falls in love with one of the hostages- Monica, who is carrying Arturo’s baby. Monica falls in love with Denver, too, and ends up joining them in the heist. She is named Stockholm (yes, Stockholm Syndrome). She decides to raise the baby in her womb with Denver.



Tokyo is wild, angry, smart, cunning, and fast. She plays with guns as kids play with their toys. She is a brat and doesn’t like to listen to orders. Despite being a stubborn brat, she is the favorite of the Professor. After the heist, Tokyo and her lover Rio are hiding on an island. But consumed by her stubborn attitude, she decides to leave the island. The move is enough to alert the authorities. 



Berlin is the half brother of the Professor, who assumes the commanding position in the Professor’s absence. He is an annoying money heist characters who is in a constant state of conflict with his team members. To some, he appears charming, and to some others, he comes around like a cocky guy. But he is ready to take any risk for the sake of the mission’s success.

Inspector Alicia Sierra: 

inspector alicia sierra

Inspector Alicia is a no-nonsense kind of cop who is ruthless in her approach towards the Professor and his gang. Despite being pregnant, Alicia leads the mission remarkably and outsmarts the Professor on several occasions. She irritates the gang with her smart moves, and as a result, several members are killed.