There are no better Roman movies that can compete with Gladiator. 

The Roman Empire has been one of the greatest and the most influential empires in world history. From Europe to the Mediterranean, the stories related to Romans are everywhere to be heard. Many books and movies have got their content from the Roman empire, and we’ve all grown up watching movies and series related to the magnificent empire. A lot of filmmakers have built their careers taking inspiration from ancient Rome and its history.

It is a well-known and documented fact the Roman empire was one of the expansionary empires. Its success was fuelled by violence and imperialistic aggression. Despite all the problems related to the empire, it has provided story writers a significant amount of substance to make new movies. The romanticization of Roman history is something that has continuously faced criticism. Still, it doesn’t make Roman movies any less fantasizing. 

For those who love to learn about different empires and the stories related to their rise and fall, movies are one of the best mediums to improve their knowledge.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Roman movies.



Europe is one of the liberal societies today, but it was not always the case. Caste, race, and religion played an important role in Roman society. It was not just an empire riding on unprecedented violence and also had several loopholes in the society. Agora is a film that came out in 2009, and it exploits the same angle. It showcases a long standoff between Christians and pagans that may result in a full-blown conflict at any point in time. Female astronomer and philosopher Hypatia is at the center of the story, which dares to challenge the traditions with her belief in science. 


atilla movie

Huns were one of the major contributors to the fall of the mighty Romans. Attila is one of the most significant faces in the history of Romans’ fall. Attila, the iconic leader of the Huns, leads his force to fuel Roman’s decline. Attila is a series where Gerard Butler plays the role of Attila. It is one of the best TV series if you want to understand the story behind the fall of one of the most powerful empires. 


gladiator, russel crowe

Gladiator is undoubtedly one of the best movies based on Roman history. One of Ridley Scott’s finest creations. The movie showcases the story of Maximus Decimus Meridius, a Roman General who faces betrayal by his emperor’s successor and is reduced to a gladiator. It is a story of Meridius’ struggle and revenge against the injustice done with him. The movie shows the dark side of Roman politics in the best possible way. The 2000 historical drama has also won an Academy Award for Best Picture. It is certainly a must-watch. 

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spartacus movie

Spartacus is one of the best historical movies that came out in 1963. Slavery and inhuman torture practices were some of the darkest and evil practices of the Roman empire. Thousands were broken, enslaved, and murdered during the evil rule. Spartacus is an inspirational story of a legendary slave and gladiator who challenges evil practices and starts a historic rebellion. He is Spartacus, who goes on to challenge the tyrant of Italy.

Julius Caesar: 

julius caesar

Those who are a fan of historical books or movies will remember the name of Julius Caesar throughout their life. There are very few films that cover the positive side of Roman history as well as this one. Julius Caesar’s rule in Rome was filled with achievements and success. Caesar rose to the help with impressive leadership and work ethics. The movie showcases the story of Julius Caesar’s success and the turning point in Rome’s history that started when he was betrayed by his allies.

The Fall of The Roman Empire: 

fall of roman empire

The title says it all. The Fall of The Roman Empire is a 1964 American epic film that is one of the highest-rated films depicting ancient Rome. The movie showcases the end of the golden era of the Roman empire. The movie Gladiator has been inspired by this iconic film. The plot of the movie revolves around the coronation of Commodus. The movie showcases the end of the rule of philosopher and Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. The movie perfectly displays Grassroot Roman politics and turning points in European history.