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Here is a spoiler-filled recap of the sixth episode of Disney+’s WandaVision, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” WandaVision Episode 6 continues to build into its endgame, adding more fresh puzzles, questions, and ideas for viewers to ponder about.

In very literal terms, WandaVision Episode 6 proceeds to build up the Westview universe, sparking even more surprises, concerns, and hypotheses for fan speculation. The tale of WandaVision Episode 6seems to be building towards a conclusion with just three episodes left in the MCU’s first Disney+ season. In episode 6, the stunning dream Scarlet Witch has created begins to fall apart, leading to an ending that may have serious repercussions.

WandaVision Episode 6

WandaVision Episode 6 was a game-changer last week, between twins Tommy and Billy, displaying their growing power collection, Vision pressing against his wife’s whims. A very different-looking Pietro’s surprising arrival. And as Halloween is celebrated in the town of Westview, there are far more surprises than sweets, as Scarlet Witch’s twisted reality practically widens.

In WandaVision’s sitcom timeline, Episode 6 takes another jump forward, paid homage in a special Halloween-themed episode to more recent classics like Malcolm in the Centre. In his very life, the newly resurrected Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver (Evan Peters), manages to baffle, as the twin sons of Wanda and Vision, Billy and Tommy, explore their own superpowers.

The WandaVision episode 6 concludes with Vision struggling to escape from the hexagonal bubble of Scarlet Witch, only to eventually dies as soon as he leaves its walls. In response, Wanda spreads the Hex well beyond the Westview boundaries, containing the SWORD camp and putting yet more individuals under her influence.

Let’s start with a brief crux of the whole in detail, and then on some theories and unanswered questions. 

The boys wake up on the sofa with their cool uncle, Pietro, who uses his super-speed to play with his nephews. Wanda walks down the stairs unexpectedly, sporting a traditional Scarlet Witch holiday outfit. She says she is a Sokovian fortune teller, prompting Pietro to encourage her childhood Halloween with a funny cutaway, getting fish as a reward. But Wanda doesn’t quite recall it that way, and the twins mention that after Pietro turned up at her doorstep, their mom hasn’t been herself.

So Vision steps down the stairs, adorned out in comic book attire as well. When the pair witness Pietro loading up the kids with video games and shotgunning soda, Viz admits that he is skipping out on the celebrations to patrol as part of the community watch. Wanda is not happy, miffed that it seems that her husband is deviating from her strategy. Pietro steps in to calm things down, but the mood is still chilly as Vision kisses her on the cheek nervously.

WandaVision Episode 6 Wanda

As Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis Agent, and Jimmy Woo challenge Hayward about his failed effort to shoot a missile at Wanda’s last episode, we abruptly cut beyond “The Hex” of Westview.

Despite the unknown about what will happen to the city if she dies, the S.W.O.R.D. head refuses to give in. Monica explains that Wanda may be both the problem and the cure, but during the Blip, Hayward chalks her mood up to her absence. “Maybe it’s good you weren’t when your mother passed away,” he continues. “Because clearly, you don’t have the gut for this job.” He goes on to boot the trio out then, while Monica and Woo will dispatch the S.W.O.R.D. Thugs.

Wanda, Pietro, Tommy, and Billy took to the streets, all decked out in their original outfits. The other two argue about Pietro’s “different” look and how he both does and does not act as a memory of the past while the boy’s runoff. Yet on the new well, he seems to be wreaking havoc, stealing all the sweets, and coating the neighborhood with mischief.

Yes, there is “Kick-Ass” Mentioned! We all loved how marvel makes these connections.

Wanda discovers, on top of that, Vision lied about his community watch patrol. Instead, the synthezoid notices the oddities throughout the field. He discovers a woman holding up lights in a circle, a tear streaming down her cheek. This is a strong reminder of what he realized in the last episode: People are stuck beneath the characters they cast as Wanda, and they are terrified.

WandaVision Episode 6 Vision comic

As a surfing shark provides a hungry kid with “Yo-Magic” yogurt, this week’s ad brings viewers into the realm of claymation. Unfortunately, the infant cannot open the yogurt despite it being billed as “the snack for survivors,” Back in Westview, over his influence, as well as her influence on him, Wanda and Pietro bicker. Pietro admits that she pointed at him, claiming that she “needed” him. The twins disrupt them when Tommy shows off his newly discovered super strength.

Our odyssey trio sneaks back into H.Q. outside the HexHex, taking care of the scene that has just happened. Darcy hacks Hayward’s gadgets and notices that he has discovered a way for Vision to ping and log. Woo takes notice of the signs of life that appear to be remaining still on the town’s outskirts. And inside, the synthezoid sees the same thing, as everyone is stuck in place.

Shedding his uniform, Agnes finds herself stopped in her car. The neighbor chuckles creepily that she “got lost” getting to the town square. She is brought out of character by Vision, and she is thankful for meeting an Avenger. But she drops a bomb on Vision easily, announcing that he’s gone.

She cackles maniacally as he says he plans to take them out of Westview, meaning Wanda would not want any of them to go. Vision treks through a region outside suburbia as she drives forward.

WandaVision Episode 6 Agnes

Monica receives a phone call from someone who will escort her back to the Curse. Darcy, though, pushes aside, claiming that her previous trip modified her D.N.A. However, the captain refuses to leave until she saves Wanda. Monica and Woo catch a S.W.O.R.D. Jeep to follow their informant while Darcy remains behind to try the hack on Hayward.

Wanda and Pietro gaze over the pop-up party in the town square. Before Pietro cracks the fourth wall, they chat to their friends, thanking his sister for creating a whole series of child characters for “the occasional holiday episode cameo.” He is unexpectedly fascinated with the use of her powers by Wanda, and she confides in him that she does not know how she developed this reality.

All she recalls is the sensation of “endless nothingness.” Unexpectedly, she sees a version of the dead Pietro, full of bullet holes.

Vision, who enters the boundary of the HexHex, is seen by Darcy and Hayward. He pulls himself across the border, only to continue to be ripped apart by himself. Billy unexpectedly hears in his mind the voice of his father, his own psychic powers exhibiting. Vision advises them, “The people need help” before failing as a struggling Darcy is held. Billy says what he sees to his wife, and Wanda immediately stops time.

She continues to expand the HexHex, Restoring Vision to the bubble and saving his life. Unfortunately, this also suggests that many S.W.O.R.D. Officers have been caught up in the sorcery, including Darcy. The end of the episode executes one thing obvious amid prior dialogue about Wanda’s dealings becoming relatively harmless: She’s a concern whose powers pose a risk to more than a small town.

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Now, What will happen in the following episode? 

The SWORD, Darcy Lewis, and more people are inside the HexHex, and it is expanding. Who is the informant of Monica? Is she the spectrum? What happened to Vision? 

Let’s see some theories we have!

How did WandaVision Episode 6 bring Quicksilver back?

WandaVision Episode 6 pietro

WandaVision Episode 6 features a lot of Quicksilver by Evan Peters. Still, all the screen time just makes his comeback more frustrating. Pietro’s personal memory of being destroyed by Ultron, and the fact that his abilities are physically more in line with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, appear to have proven unfounded to the idea that he is simply the X-Men version of the character dragged in from some region of the multiverse. Naturally, nothing has yet been verified.

It could be the work of Dr. Strange, or it could be the work of Mephisto, truly we don’t know yet. Agnes seemed quite different in this episode, relatively calm for someone in control of someone. Her maniac laughter brings us closer to thinking she could be Agatha Harkness.

But we do feel Dr. Strange is behind the scene, as he is Sorcerer Supreme saving this world from evils of other world and multiverses.

Wherever there is magic, and a multiverse is involved, Dr. Strange is the main guy.

QuickSilver could be the key to learning more about the main Antagonist. 

In WandaVision, are they Tommy and Billy Real?

In WandaVision episode 6, Wanda and Vision’s twin sons, Tommy and Billy, become much more important to the plot, primarily because they begin to unleash their own superpowers. They donate versions of their Halloween comic book costumes, foreshadowing their transformation into Pace (Tommy) and Wiccan heroes (Billy). The boys demonstrate the remarkable potential for their skills even after just a short period, Tommy with his Quicksilver-Esque super strength. Billy with foresight and mystical powers identical to his mother’s.

When he exits Westview, why does Vision appear to die?

WandaVision Episode 6 Vision

At the end of WandaVision episode 6, Vision eventually gets to Wanda’s Westview delusion boundary. Still, his effort at escape does not go well. He battles the barrier painfully, apparently held back by his strength, and he soon starts to disintegrate when he eventually tries to break through it. Parts of the Vision’s vibranium body are ripped and pulled away from him, floating back into the HexHex and left him convulsing, almost near death, on the field.

Why did Agnes want to leave Westview?

When wandering Westview’s terrifying outer boundaries, populated by barely-animated people on the fringes of the mind control force of Scarlet Witch, Vision sees her neighbor Agnes froze in a sedan, waiting at the intersection marking the edge of the power of Wanda.

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Via Wanda’s abilities, this can all be very easily explained away. Still, there are some hints that Agnes’s case, in fact, maybe a little different. For starters, how does she know how to get out and where to go? How is she capable of going there? No other repressed residents can get close to the firewall anywhere, but Vision finds Agnes unbelievably close.

There are a lot of missing ends to wrap up and just three episodes remaining to go. But suppose WandaVision continues juggling these personal character arcs with superheroes and bombastic scenes. In that case, we think they might really accomplish it. The biggest concern is… how much of a cliffhanger after the final are we going to be left on? And how long do we have to wait to see what’s going to happen next?