Have you recently painted some bottles? You certainly can! It’s a quick and simple bottle art project that’s also really rewarding!

Reusing items from across the house is a perfect way to incorporate some innovative interior design that is original and personalized to your style. In this post, we’ll go into how to make fantastic works of art out of old glass bottles that you may have lying around. This post is a guide to help you discover how much fun painting on glass bottles can be, from quirky flower vases to artistic art decor for your shelves.

You’ll need to decide where you’re going to hang this art before you begin. This will assist you in selecting the right colors for your bottles to help accentuate and illuminate the room.

bottle art

Let’s get started on the decorating.

Get the bottles ready.

bottle art cleaning

Before you begin painting, carefully clean the bottle, remove all residual gum or sticker residue, as well as any grease and debris. Rinse both the exterior and inside of the bottle with soap with the optimum results. To ensure your wellbeing, we suggest that you start decorating the bottle with latex gloves. Start only when the bottle is fully dry.

Painting the interior – Using a syringe to apply paint

Start on the inside first. Mix the colors in a tub, and paint the interior of the container with a big needle. Of note, this only deals for non-colored bottles. Allow the paint to run down the sides of the bottle until it is fully covered with paint. You may also use different colors for a more dramatic effect.

Making shapes with tape

This is just another one-of-a-kind way to decorate glass bottles. A stationary shop will have a variety of funky cello tape options. Allow your imagination to run wild as you apply the tape in patterns over the bottle to make beautiful designs on the exterior. Attempt to adapt the tape choices to the colors you’ve selected for the interior. If you’re using plain tape, you can apply some colorful patterns to the tape strips with Camlin Brush Pens. You might also personalize it by writing sayings or inserting a person’s name so that it can be offered as a present.


Choosing spray paint

You may even spray paint the bottles in whatever color you choose. Bear in mind that this is not a move in which you want your children to be involved. When you’re doing this, make sure you’re well covered with goggles, glares, and a face shield. Select a base color(s) and allow the bottles to dry. When they’re dry, you can make your kids decorate the outside with Camlin Markers, Camlin Sparkle Colors, or even Camlin Brush pens with bright shapes.

It should be illuminated.

bottle art light

You may also get some fairy lights (string lights) and gently insert them into the bottle for the final touch of decoration. Plug them in and watch the glass light up. If you used very dark paints on your glass, this would not work very well. Any clarity or holes will be expected, so think about the concept before purchasing the lights.

That’s what there is to it. A few basic ideas for repurposing old glass bottles into colorful and artistic vases or decorative objects for your house.

Now enjoy your bottle art.