American networks contributed the most in terms of entertainment. Hence most people are inclined towards American movies whenever they want to have a gala time. One very great and enchanting actor, producer, and director of America, Robert De Niro, has done some remarkable and terrific work in the movie industry of America.

So, suppose you are bored of watching meaningless and repeated content and want to switch onto some worth watching. In that case, Robert De Niro’s movies should be your first priority.

Here providing you some of the best Robert de Niro movies for your continuous supply of entertainment. 


1. Raging Bull

raging bull

Of all the Robert De Niro films, Raging Bull contains one of his most powerful performances. His portrayal of former boxer-turned-stand-up comedian Jake LaMotta is a beautiful depiction of a character you want to despise. You pity, sympathize, and despise him all at the same time.

It’s the ideal marriage of Robert De Niro’s nasty and psychopathic characters. To be fair, he’s basically playing the real Jake LaMotta, but he does so in such a raw way that it’s incredible. It’s no surprise that he won an Oscar for this part, and Raging Bull is still considered one of De Niro’s best efforts to this day.

2. Goodfellas

the goodfellas

Goodfellas is undoubtedly the most well-known of Scorsese and De Niro’s collaborations. De Niro appears in the film as gangster Jimmy Conway, a supporting character. He’s a mentor, but a terrible influence on protagonist Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta.

This is a film that is a lot of fun to see while also providing insightful criticism on the gangster lifestyle. In many ways, Goodfellas is the inevitable successor to Mean Streets, taking the story from low-level crime to the height of the drug trade. However, the end consequence of both films is a tragedy for everyone involved.

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3. Taxi Driver

taxi driver

We’ve officially arrived at the stage when every submission from now on is a Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro masterpiece. Taxi Driver is without a doubt one of the duo’s best, as Travis Bickle transforms from a violent and possibly insane working-class man to a bona fide hero. Audiences have referred to Bickle as an anti-hero, but is it more true to describe him as a nasty guy. He just happened to be extremely lucky? Does it make a difference?

Taxi Driver is an enormously legendary film with one of the most classic lines ever uttered by Robert De Niro.  

4. The Godfather Part 2

The Godfather part 2

The Godfather Part II will be included on the list. It’s certainly one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about Robert De Niro’s films. It’s been named one of the American Film Institute’s best and most influential films in several categories. In his section of the plot, De Niro plays a youthful Vito Corleone as he rises to dominance in the mafia.

The film had mixed reviews at first, but many people now consider The Godfather: Part II to be one of the best films of all time. That’s attributable largely to Robert De Niro’s performance. However, reviewers thought his plot delayed the tempo of Al Pacino’s great performance.

5. The Deer Hunter 

robert de niro deer hunter

Numerous excellent films depict the ferocity and aftermath of the Vietnam War, and The Deer Hunter is one of the greatest. We meet Robert De Niro’s Mike and his buddies in pre-war America and their typical lives. Then we are taken on a scary and deadly adventure. It evokes an emotion in the audience that lingers long after the film has ended, which is likely why it won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Even if some scenes were deemed false by war specialists, this emotionally charged representation of Vietnam demonstrates the genuine horrors of combat and its impact on those who served our country.

6. The Irishman 

Robert de niro in irisihman

The most recent picture starring De Niro appears to be one of his best. The Irishman not only reunites stars Al Pacino and Robert De Niro with director Martin Scorsese, but it also features old colleagues Harvey Keitel and Joe Pesci.

The Irishman feels like a bookend to the themes of all the gangster films De Niro and Scorsese have collaborated on. Hopefully, the pair will have many more stories to share in the future.

7. The Untouchables


In the star-studded film The Untouchables, Robert De Niro plays one of the most powerful real-life mobsters of all time. Kevin Costner stars Eliot Ness in his attempt to bring down the great Al Capone during Prohibition (though he trails De Niro in certain areas).

In such a star-studded affair, Robert De Niro still managed to stand out, even though he didn’t win an Oscar for his performance like Sean Connery. It’s astonishing how much De Niro’s performance influences this film, especially given that Bob Hoskins was the second choice to play Al Capone. Imagine this film with Hoskins in place of De Niro, and how different it would be.

8. Heat 

heat, robert de niro

In Heat, Robert De Niro plays real-life crook Neil McCauley, who has cat and mouse fame with Al Pacino’s Vincent Hanna. It was not the first time the two featured in the same picture, but due to the nature of their moments in The Godfather: Part II, it would be the first time they appeared in the same scenes together.

Heat is a terrific film overall, but the chemistry between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino is the film’s centerpiece.

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9. Cape Fear

Anyone who has seen a Robert De Niro mob movie knows the actor can play a horrible guy. Still, we’ve rarely seen him play a character as insane as Max Cady in Cape Fear. Cady is a vicious rapist seeking vengeance on his lawyer, who withheld information in Cady’s previous conviction that might have lowered his sentence. Cady then starts plans to end his lawyer’s life, armed with legal expertise and obsessive bloodthirst.

Cape Fear is a remake, but it is elevated partly by Martin Scorsese’s artistry and Robert De Niro’s frightening transformation. In addition to his dreadful performance as Cady, De Niro supposedly paid a doctor to chop down his teeth and worked out till he was purportedly 4 percent body fat. The performance was excellent, but De Niro’s physique metamorphosis really sold him as a deranged monster hell-bent on vengeance.