The Crown Cast, is by far the most accurate casting we have seen in any web series or any show, even a movie. 

The Crown,” a Netflix original series, is based on the real-life royal intrigue that surrounded Queen Elizabeth II’s time as the British Queen.

Gillian Anderson joined the crown cast as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in season four. Emma Corrin played Princess Diana; the season premiered on November 15.

The first season of Netflix’s original drama “The Crown,” which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension and reign as British Queen, cost $100 million to produce. That makes it one of the most costly TV shows of all time, trailing behind HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

A portion of the monster budget is spent on outfitting the ensemble in a plethora of transformational historical clothes.

Season four, which premiered on November 15, included Gillian Anderson as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. The actresses looked just like the history-making women in photos posted by Netflix in September. Still, now that the season is out, we can see how deep the transition is.

Compare how the Crown Cast seem in real life to their regal on-screen personalities.

Olivia Colman / Queen Elizabeth II

olivia colman as queen Elizabeth

Claire Foy was replaced as Queen Elizabeth by British Oscar winner Olivia Colman.

Olivia Colman has a slew of excellent performing achievements to her name, as well as a fumbling, hilarious, and incredibly skilled side of personality that has catapulted her to the top of the list of the most sought-after performers right now. Colman takes over the character of Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ in Season 3 from Claire Foy, who played her in Seasons 1&2. Season 4 will center on the power struggle between Colman’s Queen and Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Thatcher, as well as Princess Diana’s (Emma Corrin) arrival in the royal household.

Tobias Menzies / Prince Philip

prince phillip, tobias menzies

Tobias Menzies, the star of Outlander, took up the role of Prince Philip from Matt Smith for seasons 3 and 4.

In the third season of The Crown, creator Peter Morgan delves into Prince Philip’s tragic backstory, including how his own royal family was overthrown and exiled from Greece when he was an infant, how his mother was committed to a sanatorium, diagnosed with schizophrenia, and subjected to crude psychiatric treatments, and how, when he was a teenager, his sister died in a plane crash with her husband and children. Tobias Menzies effectively telegraphed Prince Philip’s difficult roots, revealing why he may have found such purpose and security in the navy and why it was such a personal blow when he had to give up that vocation to support his wife once she assumed the throne.

Helena Bonham Carter / Princess Margaret

princess, helena bonham carter

In seasons 3 and 4, Oscar contender Helena Bonham Carter replaces Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret.

Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown, has chimed in on the dispute about the dramatization of real-life events involving the British Royal Family.

Princess Margaret was, of course, a Leo. After all, those of us born under the fifth astrological sign is known for being passionate, tenacious, and unyielding, with a taste for the finest things and a dash of imperiousness.

“I conjured Princess Margaret for a friend, and he said she was the last person who should have been in the public spotlight because she lacked tact,” Bonham Carter adds. “She couldn’t try to be anything but herself, so she was honest and true, but also terribly rude.”

Marion Bailey / The Queen Mother

marion bailey

For seasons 3 and 4, Marion Bailey plays Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

Bailey teases the events that will be featured in the upcoming season and sheds insight on Queen Mother’s “multi-faceted” nature and how she stood up to take on the duty of being the Queen in her time in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW). The actor also discusses how her character’s attributes are comparable to her own and how executing her impersonation was the most “difficult” aspect.

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Josh O’Connor / Prince Charles

josh o conner, prince charles

In seasons 3 and 4, Josh O’Connor takes on the role of Prince Charles.

Actor Josh O’Connor says he abandoned the position of Prince Charles a long time ago, or at least that’s how he feels most days. “It’s odd because I’m talking about it right now, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. Before the lockdown, I said my goodbyes to Charles, “he claims. “It’s an odd sensation.”

Charles, played by the incredibly attractive British actor Josh O’Connor, is no longer drably middle-aged—his apparent spirit age—but rather youthful and vulnerable, with a burgeoning charm that is destined to be blotted out by the soul-crushing duties of royalty.

Princess Diana / Emma Corrin

emma corrin as diana

Emma Corrin was the Crown cast in the important role of Lady Diana Spencer. The latter will become Diana, Princess of Wales, in season four.

Emma Corrin uncovered interesting anecdotes about Princess Diana while preparing to play her on The Crown. How she let free in Kensington Palace, rickrolled Prince Charles, and gelled with these royal family members while clashing with others. But there was one Diana anecdote that Peter Morgan included in The Crown’s fourth season that was so unbelievable that Corrin couldn’t believe it happened in real life.

Margaret Thatcher / Gillian Anderson

margeret thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, a Conservative politician, makes her first appearance in the series in Season 4, played by Gillian Anderson. The “Iron Lady,” as she was dubbed, served as Prime Minister from 1979 until 1990 and was the first woman to do so.

Margaret Thatcher’s appearance in season four of The Crown was eagerly anticipated: Gillian Anderson is brilliant, Thatcher was an icon, in any case, cue popcorn, etc.

The nausea is distinct. Anderson portrays Thatcher with such sensitivity to her persona that it’s as if the bad guy’s body has been reanimated long after the film has ended.

In fact, when it finally arrived, Anderson’s performance was eerie. She hasn’t completely grasped it, according to us. The video snippets below demonstrate how the real Thatcher had a lightness to her voice, a sweet melodic lilt that Anderson’s imitation lacked.