Throughout the years, there have been many unforgettable wonders. But all of them were stunned.

Though they are not necessarily important, a head-turning, blow-dropping plot twist is the greatest tale. These twists will change the whole plot or, in most situations, a particular character. Such surprises are also still a welcome sight in a complicated comic book.

Marvel Comics is no stranger to a fantastic twist, be it an unforeseen revelation or a premature burial. Look at the extensive past of the Marvel Arsenal legends and characters. A lot of cases are found in which the authors turn the script on readers entirely. There are just 10 of Marvel plot twists.

Superior Spider-Man

The 2013 to 2014 editions of The Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott were something that readers never forgot in one of the most bizarre hero-villain dynamics. Otto Octavius is a favorite of Spider-Man fans for many years now. We usually see him terrorize the mechanical arm of the web-slinger.

Yet The Superior Spider-Man twisted the competition from Spider-Man to Doc Ock in an incredibly strange way. It was actually learned in an unorthodox turn that Octavius took over Peter’s corpse, causing Spider-Man to die in his or her own body. Even if the harm is repaired at the end of the day, no one is surprised to discover that Spider-Man was not himself.

Death of Captain America

The nature of death is still disturbing and gut-shrill in Marvel Comics. Still, it’s discovered by the end of the day that everybody who’s lost is not totally dead. The same nature follows the time that his girlfriend Sharon Carter executed Captain America.

Although she was brainwashed, nobody saw that nobody was coming to see her shoot Cap at point-blank. Captain America’s death clearly left everybody to see the guy struck by the star. Still, it’s fair to conclude that it comes from Sharon Carter, who surprises us.

Storyline of Ultimatum

Jeph Loeb seems to shock his readers. It is well known. In his print and television works, there are numerous examples of these. Still, the Ultimatum plot is one of the least mentioned series in which he practices this shock factor.

The whole plot is twisting after twist. These surprises typically take the form of the death of the character in the traditional Loeb way. There’s still the Loeb curveball that can ruin them as you just begin the connection to one of your favorite superheroes.

Zemo Is the Citizen V

Believe this or not, the Thunderbolts were led by Helmut Zemo at one point. As Citizen V, Zemo was parading his team of Masters of Evil to gain both the earth and its governments’ trust. The Zemo unmasking is easily one of Marvel’s most unpredictable turns, and a favorite fan squad has totally turned on its back.

Secret Invasion

The whole Secret Invasion idea is one great turning point. The alien Skrull race was mostly meant to make people think that one thing is just another. With a crazy revelation after another, we know that Skrull is any of our favorite superheroes.

While the invasion of Skrull was something the readers might have expected, it is the fact that nobody knows which hero is a Skrull cover that makes the tale one of the most surprising. Who is the Skrull? We just know that reading Secret Invasion would lead you on a mad journey of delusion and twisting without disturbing.

Death of Gwen Stacy

The death of the longstanding love of Gwen Stacy by Peter Parker is one of the most famous character deaths of Marvel comics. At this moment. Now that we saw Gwen plunge to death both on paper and television, you may wonder why this listed any surprising twists in Marvel’s history.

Okay, it was really one of the surprising moments in Peter Parker’s career during Amazing Spider-Man #121-122. In 1973, readers of Spider-Man were surprised at Stacy’s fall by Green Goblin. Although she’s not a heroine, fans rocked her dead certainly as much as the death of a hero.

Identity of Green Goblin

Once more, you probably ask why the list has been made. Everybody assumes that Norman Osborn is supposedly the real identity of the Green Goblin. However, again, the time has come for it to be announced.

The incredible Spider-Man no. 39 is one of the most prominent historical issues in the world of Marvel Comics. Back in 1966, nobody knew who Green Goblin was or even whether he was under a mask. The goblin is one of the craziest twists in Marvel’s history, and it was the father of Peter’s best friends.

True Identity of Xorn

Xorn is one of the most difficult characters in X-Men history. Introduced initially in New X-Men, Xorn has a sense of confusion and bullying with him. When eventually he disclosed what he was, the character took an unprecedented turn.

The disclosure that Xorn was really just Magneto, as some believed, was suggested in previous issues. But whatever the clues, the revelation was a memorable time for any fan. This character, about whom no man knows a lot, comes here only to show he is one of Marvel’s most hated villains.

The Snap

Thanos’s snap shockwaves sent first-look shockwaves both on the page and on the large screen. “The Snap” comic book was as challenging for the readers as it was for Avengers’ fans, Infinity War. The shock of the moment is that Thanos does so simply with little respect for human life. While after the first encounter with it, it will lose its flair, there will be no substitution for the initial shock and a gut feeling when Thanos first snaps his fingers.

Hail Hydra

Marvel Plot twists

This is certainly one of the surprises of Marvel that nearly any fan talks about. If it’s Captain America: Steve Rogers No. 1 or Avengers’ funny reference, Endgame, there is no shroud in Cap’s surprise in using these two phrases maliciously.

Turning to the page, seeing the frankest, savage, and patriot leader in super heroes’ history says, “Hail Hydra,” a violent shiver sends your back. Everything we were able to learn about Captain America was forced out entirely, and we had nothing but shock and confusion. It turned out to be, Captain America was a sleeper agent in the enemy lines portraying the ideal superhero. Although the comic book world hasn’t been fully received, Cap’s change to the dark side is certainly one of the most surprising times in the history of Marvel comics.