WandaVision: Vision’s Crazy Love Past and Scarlet Witch


In the forthcoming Disney+ series WandaVision, now scheduled to premiere January 15 on Disney +, one of the most notable and fascinating love affairs of all fiction will take center stage.

Featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, recasting their roles from the MCU movies, the show will dive further into the friendship formed over the years of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers: Infinity War among Wanda Maximoff and Vision.

Of course, we’ve glanced in the trailers about the peculiar existence of WandaVision, like Vision apparently alive and very well, and a trip around several decades from the 1950s and on, seen around the prism of the evolution of T.V. sitcoms, there’s a lot to contemplate.

In the middle of this, there were glimpses of WandaVision is far more clothes influenced by comic books, apparently worn as Halloween costumes, and the pair stood over a couple of cribs.

What could all that mean on the grounds of the long history of the duo? We’re going back at the comic book’s subject matter to see where the show and the friendship between WandaVision could go!

The Divergent History 

The main variations between these protagonists in the comics and those that surface on television are significant to note. Wanda Maximoff is a mutant in the subject matter with mystical hex powers, and her father none other than Magneto. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, set to debut during the mid-credit series, before a limelight appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the MCU’s take on Wanda acquired its powers Hydra’s experimentation in Sokovia and has no link to mutants or Magneto at this stage.

The Divergent History 

Wanda’s hot-headed twin pal, Pietro, a speedster renowned as Quicksilver, is also involved. Though he appeared in Age Of Ultron alongside his sister, he did not make it out of the movie alive. At the same time, the four-color version continues to cause trouble to this day.

Meanwhile, when Ultron wanted to create a mass-controlling synthezoid, Vision’s comic book counterpart came into being and used Wonder Man’s brain patterns to create a being that could penetrate the Avengers. Vision, which first appeared in Ultron, emerged from a mixture of Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S. and the Mind Stone, and a vibranium-laced robotic body that Ultron wanted to use for itself.

As they did in the movies, the couple finally started dating in the comics. In the MCU, she and Vision, who remained on Stark’s side, will meet secretly, as seen in Infinity War, after Wanda was aligned with Captain America, who broke from the formal Avengers. When Thanos removed the Mind Stone out of the head of Vision and snapped half of all living beings out of life, however, it came to an end.

Scarlet Witch re-appeared to Endgame to take revenge on her love, but at the time, Vision, whose demise was not directly induced by the snap of Thanos, did not come back. Given his chemically produced appearance, though, and the fact that Shuri operated on him before he ran off to battle Thanos in Wakanda, it is definitely probable that she embraced his consciousness in a form that could be incorporated into a new robotic body. Or, it may be all Wanda’s doing…

Joining forces to Falling In love

Joining forces to Falling In love

When the Vision made his first debut in Avengers #57, Scarlet Witch entered and left the Avengers. At that point, his maker, Ultron, tricked him into becoming a villain. However, because of his individual traits, he conquered the programming and eventually became a fearless team member. In reality, the pair did not become partners until Wanda agreed to join the Avengers about 20 comics later.

At first, Vision seemed to treat Wanda as most of his other colleagues did. Still, it became evident during the Kree-Skrull War that he had more than romantic feelings for her. Not long after, Maximoff also started to fall for the synthezoid, much to Quicksilver’s displeasure, her overly protective sibling. The two started dating after being honest and getting married in Giant-Size Avengers #4 in 1975.

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Betrothed Serenity

Betrothed Serenity

For a while afterward, the married couple hung on as Avengers but ultimately left the team when Captain America asserted his right as chairman to reduce the squad to only six members. Eventually, as a robotic human and a mutated superhero duo, they wanted to take a break and try and see if they fit in with “normal” culture.

This culminated in a few limited Vision and the Scarlet Witch, one remaining four issues, the other 12. They started out in Leonia, New Jersey, in those novels. Still, their far-from-normal lives led to disputes of all kinds, many of which contained magical attacks.

Wanda and Vision’s worlds forever changed in the year-long novel after they learned that she was expecting. Babies Billy and Tommy appeared odd initially when, during the whole pregnancy, even Dr. Strange acknowledged that he did not know that Wanda had twins. The family moved to California soon afterward to join the Avengers on the West Coast. As the parents wanted to be superheroes, the boys grew up in the Avengers Complex’s impressive headquarters.

Shattered Hearts and MotherBoards

A shadowy party got their hands on the Avenger. After Vision, it dismantled him got the mistaken idea of taking over all the world’s machines, not having a repeat show. Enraged, Scarlet Witch asked to see her spouse, and she was shocked to find him stood before her in a completely new, all-white version. This version of Vision appeared distant and aloof but tried to maintain his friendship with Wanda, as all of his memory back-ups had been erased, and Wonder Man declined to ddeath of sons of wandaonate his brain activity again.

When the demon-handed Master Pandemonium grabbed the twins, things got worse, discovering that they really owed their entire lives to Mephisto, the demon. The children were, in fact, facets of the spirit of Mephisto. In an attempt to retrieve and reunite the lost items, he had misled to Pandemonium. The children faded from life after doing so. Wanda’s ancient spiritual mentor, Agatha Harkness, removed all of those experiences to shield her from all the agony that would come from losing her children.

Vision agreed soon after that to abandon the squad and go back to the Avengers on the East Coast. These events led to a crack in the Scarlet Witch’s mind that temporarily moved her to the side of darkness. Still, shegradually healed herself and came to command the West Coast Avengers and even stayed on when they were renamed Force Works.


On the road, Vision got much of his humanity restored. Wanda and Vision patched up and even gave another shot to their friendship, but it did not work out. Decades later, all the twin-related images come flooding back to Scarlet Witch with a slip of the tongue from Wasp at the Avengers lake.


Wanda unleashed one of the most potent and lethal attacks on the Avengers, one that culminated in the death of Vision, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man. Surmount with abilities she never completely recognized, Maximoff reconstructed her old life before the truth of the situation was revealed to her by Dr. Strange. Magneto took custody of his daughter at this level, who would spawn an entirely new reality named the House of M, and then almost kill the mutant community by uttering the words, ‘No more mutants.’ She took refuge for a long time after that.

A standard theory around WandaVision is that, with her powers, Wanda is somehow making the entire thing happen. Its mix of styles, varying from black-and-white 50s sitcom to a full-on introduction of the Scarlet Witch suit comic book, could illustrate what’s going on in the series. It remains to be seen whether it’s all taking place in her imagination or in a new world she’s created, as in House of M.

Teen Stuff

A couple of super-powered teenagers known as Billy and Tommy started running around with a party calling Wiccan and Speed, making things all the more complex. Magic was used by one who was super fast. A familiar sound? As it directed out, Wanda had used too much strength to build the souls of her twins that some of the magic went out into a duo of about-to-be-born kids, even though Mephisto fully absorbed them, results in the two participants of the Young Avengers team. Wiccan and Speed ended up on a squad with an upgraded version of their very own “father,” the Vision, in yet another odd twist of fate, without having the link entirely until later.

viccan and speed

A younger generation of heroes undoubtedly seems to be being built up by the MCU. Obviously, there’s Spider-Man, but we’ve discovered that Kate Bishop is going to make her appearance in the Disney+ Hawkeye series, and Ms. Marvel also will have her own Disney+ series on the route. Plus, they made a big point of getting back the brilliant young Harley Keener of Endgame’s Iron Man 3. Perhaps the legacy of Stark will be carried on in his own way. As in the comics, Wiccan and Speed could easily blend into a Young Avengers team.

It was later discovered in the comics Avengers: The Children’s Crusade that Wanda had gone to Dr. Doom to get her sons back before attacking the Avengers. He accepted the enormous powers that resulted in her possession, contributing to her transgressions toward her teammates.

Since her mostly lost memories were revealed by a journey through time, Wanda saw Tommy and Billy’s latest versions. She wanted to begin to remedy her mistakes. Since returning to active service, she has collaborated with Vision briefly. Still, their unnecessarily complicated past has made those times small and far between.

Its Showtime

We do not know about the details of what is happening in WandaVision. It was presented as a combination of traditional sitcoms and more traditional MCU action, some of which we saw in the advertising.

It will also star existing characters such as Randall Park’s Agent Jimmy Woo (Ant-Man and the Wasp), Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis (Thor, Thor: The Dark World), and an adult Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel), this playtime by Teyonah Parris, in contrast to the main protagonists.


Jimmy Woo is somewhat different than in the comics. Given that Darcy is a new development for the movies, and we don’t know how to treat an adult Monica yet, it’s hard to imagine how they’re going to play in the series. It is worth remembering that in Avengers history, Scarlet Witch and Vision all worked alongside Rambeau on the Avengers at different stages.

Even, as portrayed in Marvel Comics in the mid-1980s, while they lived in Leonia, New Jersey, the sitcom atmosphere sounds like a clear homage to Wanda and Vision’s life. However, the suburban images even mirror the 2016 Vision solo comic book series, which saw the synthezoid actually making his own robot family.

And there’s, of course, the problem of those two cribs we see stood over Wanda and Vision and the repercussions of what could happen, depending on the comics.

Even without too much of the other direct references to comic books, Magneto, Wonder Guy, and all that magic (at least so far), the show producers have a wealth of embarrassment when it comes to ideas already there. These characters have lived with emotions of becoming strangers, intolerance, loss, death, life, and more than their fair share of being murdered. In addition to appealing nicely to the source material, the transition of the dynamic into a suburban setting would draw on the characters’ unique versions from the films.

Wandavision stills

It would also be fascinating to see if, in the all-new, all-different MCU, WandaVision defines Wanda’s position. Kevin Feige said for the first time in the MCU, she would officially receive the name Scarlet Witch in the show. And on top of that, in the forthcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, her role in WandaVision and the events unfolding within it would directly contribute to her co-starring turn.