The sports industry has changed a lot over the past 20 years and athletes have to travel to different parts of the world to meet their commitments amid a tight schedule. From a distance, it might look like travelling by air and moving to different places is a matter of hours but travelling a lot can affect both your body(jet lag) as well as your mind. Carrying heavy luggage, sitting in a pressurized cabin, adapting to new conditions, waiting in long queues and communicating in different languages are some of the challenges that an athlete has to face frequently.

Not to forget unexpected problems like delayed flights or missing luggage. Travelling internationally is a task in itself and might prove to be a tiring affair. Handling all these problems and hitting the field after it can be tricky and might impact a player’s performance. For those who travel rarely, ‘jet lag’ might be an alien concept but it is very much real and can be really frustrating in case of long international flights.

Another big problem about international travel is that one has to adjust with the change in the time zone which also impacts the sleep cycle. Now sleep is very important in an athlete’s life and an improper sleep might lead to bad performance on the field. After hours of brainstorming, we’ve come up with some ways that athletes can use to get over jet lag and beat fatigue.

Planning Arrival Time

Plan Arrival Time to beat jet lag

Most of the travellers plan their trips according to the ticket prices. Planning your arrival time is very important and you can’t put money over health on your priority list. You need to select an arrival time where taxis are easily available and you can easily find accommodation. Try to set your arrival time in such a way that you land at the destination as per your regular sleeping timing. If done so, you can get a good sleep that will help you beat the jet lag and will give you some more time to adapt to the change in time zone.

Light Luggage

Carry Light Luggage

The more luggage you take with you the more you will have to carry and lift. Make sure that your luggage is not too heavy as it may add to your troubles. Only pack your essentials as the rest of the things can be easily found in the country you are travelling to. Organised packing is very important for trouble-free travel. Also, you can avoid unnecessary baggage fees by cutting down your luggage’s weight.

Avoid Overeating

Avoid Overeating

It is advisable to eat light and easily digestible food while travelling as having large meals puts a lot of stress on the stomach and puts extra load on the digestive system. Travelling after consuming a heavy meal might lead to problems like vomiting or dizziness. That’s why people are advised to eat only healthy snacks before a scheduled flight.

Drinking Enough Water

Drinking Enough Water to reduce jet lag

Dehydration is the last problem that you want to fight with while travelling. All the body functions are slowed down and the body is deprived of its energy after dehydration. Make sure that you drink fresh water at regular intervals to avoid any such problem. Water not only prevents you from getting tired but also helps in better digestion of the food.

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Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Athletes are generally aware of what’s good and what’s bad for their bodies but even if you have missed on some of the details, keep your distance from alcohol before a scheduled flight. Free of charge alcohol on flights is not a reason good enough to put your health at the stake. Alcohol not only leads to dehydration but also burns down vitamins and minerals that might not be good for your game.

Dressing Comfortably

Dress Comfortably

There’s no need to suffocate yourself by wearing tight jeans and fancy clothes. Wear something comfortable like loose tees and track pants. If your body remains relaxed throughout the journey, the chances of you encountering problems like fatigue and tiredness are relatively lower.  

Getting Aisle Seat

Get Aisle Seat

Early check-in option is available in all the major airlines. Window seats might sound like a more suitable and popular option, aisle seats are the most comfortable of all. You get extra freedom for movement and you can move your legs and hands every now and then to avoid problems like cramps and back pain. Also, aisle seats are easily available in comparison to window seats and you have the freedom of stretching your legs and going to the toilet without troubling the fellow passengers. The more comfortable the journey the more comfortable is the stay.