Anime supporters may be pretty picky, but these cartoons can certainly draw anime supporters from all the spectacles.

In the field of animation, the Japanese subgroup called Anime is particularly passionate. Many people are still after a fantastic presentation to be missed. When it comes to animation.

No lack of rich programming spanning a variety of genres and subjects is definitely lacking. But viewers of this particular approach still have the option to look out for new shows that are close but different, outside of those boundaries.

As it happens, many cartoons are either inspired or have similar qualities to animate, even if they were not officially provided by this moniker.

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack

Animator Genndy Tartakovsky is going to work with darker overtones on making a richer show with movement. In addition to samurai tradition, it will derive influences from the Kung Fu martial arts drama. The outcome was the hit by the Cartoon Network called Samurai Jack.

The cartoon revolves around a samurai who maneuvers Katana to transcend the borders of time and kill a demon who shifts form. The show’s theme is the battle, the monsters, the enchantment, and its important dystopian image.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Teenage mutant ninja turtles, cartoon

Given the Eastern topics and deep tradition of this action show covering endless versions, teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles would presume an anime, yet it is a cartoon. You have the assumption that four strong, wise martial arts trainers take part in missions and take on a host of villains. The comparisons are broad, but especially with the Edgier, a more dramatic 2003 reboot.

The series departs a little from the lighthearted tenderness of the classic ’87 – stressful fighting, character drama, and a darker mood overall.


Castlevania, cartoon similar to anime

Few Western cartoons look like anime cartoons like this adult film. Adi Shankar’s Castlevania takes the same esthetic theme, majestic motives, and cinematic qualities, which you can always see in the animation, from the equally gritty video games of Konami.

This exhibition follows Trevor Belmont’s escape as he fights an army of demons that Dracula unleashed in Wallachia for killing his wife.

This Netflix show has blossomed humbly from a fleeting first season into darksome, emotional epic fantasy with almost two-dozen episodes of gripping.

The Last Airbender

aang, the last airbender

This classic drawing has transcended its initial young demographics with imaginative ideas, a fun cast, and a gripping plot. This cartoon by Nickelodeon became a mega success that produced M. Night Shyamalan’s film adaptations and a coming Netflix Live-Action rework. Avatar has given an array of awards and sky-high ratings in addition to these offshoots.

The idea can be reached quickly at once and with its breadth captivating. He focuses on a boy called Aang, a wizard who can handle the quadfecta of characteristic elements – water, air, fire, and earth, portrayed by four thematics Reichs.

Aang and his friends’ exploits make a glorious and enjoyable journey. The rich, physically enticing esthetic and heavy ideas such as totalitarianism and realization reinforce this.

Blood of Zeus

blood of zeus, Zeus, greek mythology

The plot revolves around Heron, a demi-god son of Zeus. He tries to save Olympus and Earth, set in the universe of Greek mythology. Those semi-gods, born of the marriage of a deity and a human being, are implicit in the original myths. At the same time, Heron himself is a character made for the film.

The newest Netflix Original to become a popular streaming service is Blood of Zeus. The latest show derives its cast of over-powered anime heroes from Greek mythology. The ancient Greek world in the genre is refreshing and typically pulls Western culture’s influence into Medieval fantasy tropes.

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is another cartoon of the same name, Netflix Original. Like Castlevania, it blends well into the genre of medieval fantasy and deals with issues of the adult-like Zeus Blood.

If audiences go to Anime, they will definitely love the Dragon Dogma due to their fascination with the European canon of mythology. In 2020, this anime series depicted mythological beings such as the Griffin in a spectacular 3D animation format, which cannot be seen in its inspired Greek equivalent.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron, Netflix,

Voltron’s incarnation in the 21st century seems to have been rendered by anime creators. However, the Netflix series was produced in the USA. Voltron: Legendary Defender has boldly celebrated its legacy with a mix of two-dimensional animation and CGI.

This is not only true, but it extended as Anime does to the characters. The demonstration is not just about the flaming sword of Robeasts and Voltron. It contains plots on heroism, feminism, and even LGTBQ+. This is also a space opera with an action-adventure film.



If anyone were to listen to the ThunderCats cartoon after his 1985 premiere, it would have been an outstanding Anime importation. However, if the credit existed, they would have been surprised if Rankin-Bass, the same organization that produced some of the most renowné holiday shows, distributed the software.

In Japan, it was created and expressed in America when the show was animated. Therefore, for violent content or language, it wasn’t edited. It was America, altogether, to enjoy the survival of Lion-O and his compatriots.


RWBY Cartoon

If RWBY is an animal or merely animal-inspired depends on whether or not it is described as a commodity that must come from Japan. RWBY has it all, but it is a demonstration from the USA.

A more confusing question is whether the actual genre or an anime is based on a Web series illustrated by a manga artist. Therefore, many people call this show a “American anime.”

Dragon Booster

Dragon booster

Two thousand years ago, a massive conflict took place in the land of Draconis. It is now considered the Dragon-Human War. Only the golden Dragon of Legend, who came up and chosen a young rider, dubbed the Dragon Booster, to show all that people and dragons were able to work together in peace without one influencing the other, managed to persuade dragons and men to coexist peaceably.

Rob Travalino and Kevin Mowrer’s Canadian animated series, which air from 23 October 2004 to 23 December 2006, is Dragon Booster. The number of young Artha Penn, stable boy, is the first series created by Nerd Corps Entertainment.