Before History began, when man was still a cave dweller, he painted the walls of his rock shelters to convey and satisfy his creative needs.

The objective of these walls was to chronicle wildlife, hunting, and daily life in society. A wall painting currently has numerous objectives, including defining and adorning an area, branding, and aesthetic expression, in addition to its original purpose of transmitting knowledge. Before we get to the finest wall painting ideas, let’s have a look at its History.

The History of Wall Paintings

Murals or wall painting designs may be created by painting directly on a wall. Murals are recognized by the smooth incorporation of architectural features inside the artwork. They are typically dated from the Upper Paleolithic period through the Egyptian Period. However, the term “mural” became increasingly common after the Mexican “Muralista” Art Movement. The most well-known technique for making wall painting patterns or Murals is the fresco, which mixes a lime wash and natural water-soluble colors. 

history of wall painting

The Ajanta and Ellora caves in the Kaimur range are the oldest evidence of wall paintings in India.

Wall painting Designs in the Contemporary world

Wall paintings serve a different variety of functions in today’s world. They not only bring art into a public setting, but they also provide the artists with more exposure. Artwork may be seen at several locations across the city. They’re also useful for spreading social and political messages. Graffiti — a sort of wall painting formerly considered illegal-is now being hired by pubs, taverns, and restaurants due to its unique aesthetic and appeal. They’re also being used in interior designing; wall painting designs are especially popular in India, whereas other countries like the USA and the UK prefer wallpapers for decorating their houses. 

Another form of Wall painting design is Traditional Murals. These types of wall painting designs are especially famous in India and Spain. People in India painted traditional murals on their homes’ interior and exterior walls to signify their tribes, religious views, and so on. People nowadays hire murals to reflect their tastes and identity. This feature has resulted in an upsurge in commissioned work from artists all around the world. Hand-painted murals serve various functions in hospitals, business offices, and schools by including specific messages and components based on the topic of their choice.

Although Wall painting designs mostly incorporate cubism and fresh modern art styles, i.e., shape theory and color palettes are being given more attention.

Now that we know the History and possible types of wall painting designs, we will now dive into the top 7 designs.

1)Random Rectangles

random rectangles

 Random Rectangles design is the coolest, contemporary, and eye-catching wall painting design. This is such a simple design that it would go perfectly with any modern house interiors. The best part is that you don’t need any artistic or creative abilities to make this amazing work of art. All you have to do is choose your favorite color palette and start painting in random rectangles of various shapes and colors. You can also DIY it easily due to its simplicity and versatility!

2)Circle Ombre

circle ombre

This circular ombre painting is the real deal when you only need a playful touch to spice up a bare white wall. To begin painting this pattern, draw a large circle on the wall and use painter tapes to split it into numerous visible vertical portions. Paint the center segment with the original paint color, then dilute the primary paint with white paint and continue painting the outlying segments until an Ombre effect is created. Finally, take away the tape that separated the portions and marvel at this unique wall painting pattern!

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3)Gingham Style

gingham style

It’s not difficult to paint squares, and this gingham-inspired wall feature adds an idyllic beauty and pastoral touch to the walls of your room. Another wall painting design influenced by shapes and colors, this style features neatly stacked squares of two main colors. The secret to a great gingham wall feature is to examine the hues carefully, plan the painting ahead of time, and keep the lines straight at all costs. In 2019-2020, the Gingham style was trendy among influencers and could be found all over Pinterest and Instagram; everything from Gingham dresses to handbags was popular. But now, this style is largely popular and included in the Cottage core aesthetic.

4)Elegant Lines

elegant lines

Because the headboard wall is the first thing, you notice when you enter a bedroom. It requires the greatest work and attention to detail if you want it to be visually pleasing. In a mostly white setting, this contemporary wall painting design for the bedroom accents the main wall with an exquisite dark shade of peacock green (or any dark color), followed by thin black lines to produce a contemporary, sleek, and stylish impression. This type of wall painting focuses on contrasting colors to create an eye-catching demonstration of how opposites can sometimes complement each other.

5)Vertical Divider Style

vertical divider

The vertical divider wall painting design is a minimalist, modern, and innovative approach to decorate your room’s walls. This three-tone vertical divide painting can quickly update simple white walls in your decor into something new and trendy. The design mostly employs grey tones that complement the modern minimalist interior. The perky yellow paint serves as an accent color and adds pop and shine to your wall painting. This vertically divided painting is generally white in the center. You can also incorporate yellow décor elements to enhance the color scheme. We can see how this style takes advantage of the chemistry of two opposed hues coming together once more.

6)Cross-stitched Accents

cross stiched accents

This wall feature incorporates the skill of cross-stitching into wall painting décor. Generally, it requires a lot of meticulous and intricate labor to get it perfect. It is one of a kind, nostalgic, and beautiful too. It is, nevertheless, achievable if you pay close attention to the details and have a lot of patience. Any form of the pattern may be used in this sort of wall art; however, flowers are one of the most popular ones. For someone who enjoys cross-stitching, this is a wonderful surprise or birthday gift.

7)Grunge Watercolour

grunge watercolor

 An edgy, free, and creative attitude is personified by this grunge watercolor wall. To obtain the appearance, all you need is acrylic paint in your favorite color and water to generate the fading effect. The fact that this sort of design has no restrictions is one reason why people adore it. All you have to do is splash and paint anything you want on the walls and just have a good time. Don’t be scared to experiment with style and color on your walls!

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest option to update your home’s interiors is to apply a fresh coat of paint. And you should give these designs a go.