Makeup is the love of every girl. It is really hard to find a girl or a woman who doesn’t love makeup. Even a little girl of age 4 to 5 starts using her mother’s lipsticks and makeup products and copies the way she gets ready and the way she carries herself. Makeup looks and makeup products are the first love of every girl. What a girl desires or craves for her whole life is the best makeup product most of the time.

Each occasion, evening, and party has its own mood and atmosphere. According to that, there are different makeup looks. This makeup looks enhances the beauty of a person and makes her the star of the evening. But to try on different makeup looks is not that easy. It is an intricate art that requires perfection, patience, and practice. But indeed, if one with the utmost perfection, these makeup looks can add the ultimate charm to your look. There are so many makeup looks from which you can select according to your mood and occasion.



no makeup makeup

The no-makeup makeup look is one of the best and most preferred makeup looks nowadays. It goes with every attire and occasion, be it a normal office day or an important meeting. Suppose you need any of the grace and enhancement in your personality with almost no makeup. In that case, no-makeup makeup looks suits you the best. This makeup look doesn’t look over the top but gives you a flawless look. Let’s have a look at its stepwise breakdown.

  • Before you begin with anything, start with clear skin. Try to even out your skin. Start the evening out the skin tone using a light coverage foundation to get a sheer and natural finish. If some areas need extra coverage, use a spot concealer for this extra coverage.
  • Now tight line your eyes because eyes can wither make your look or break your look. Line the bottom and top inner rim of the eyes with a liner. Try to stay close to the roots of the lashes so that it offers a great volume.
  • Now it comes to the lashes. Just grab an eyelash curler to ass the body to your lashes, and then top it off with mascara to fill out the gaps between the lashes.
  • How can you forget doing the brows, as they are a dazzling part of the no-makeup makeup look? Use a brow pencil to fill out the gaps in the brows and give it a definite and perfect shape.
  • Now the most important hack of the no-makeup makeup look is to define the cheeks. Pick an earthy peach tint and sparsely brush it on the apples of your cheeks to give a rosy and stained effect. Finish your no-makeup makeup look with a lip balm.


shimmer make up look

Want to get ready for a perfect date with your crush or attending a gala night? If yes! Then the shimmer makeup look will do the best for you. The shimmer makeup will transform your look to the one that nobody could take his/her eyes from. So, to try out this amazing shimmer makeup look, you need to follow some simple steps, which are as follows-

  • The first and foremost thing that you will need is a good primer and prepare your face. Now move on and create a good base with the foundation and concealer.
  • Begin with the priming of your eyelids with your favorite lid primer. This will help in the long-lasting eye shadow. Now gently pat the shimmered eyeshadow onto your lids with the help of a brush.
  • Who doesn’t love long and fluffy lashes? So, go on bold with a pair of the most dramatic falsies and don the doe-eyed look with panache.
  • For your lips, don’t go glitzy with your pout. Do prefer a matte red or maroon as this will help in striking the perfect person.
  • And yes! Don’t go to your special evening without your highlighter! Dust the cheekbones and highpoints with a gold highlighter to make your look complete.


matte makeup look

The matte makeup look is one of the most preferred makeup looks nowadays. This makeup look looks super attractive, chic, and elegant. Moreover, it is not that tough to try on. Matte makeup makes the look of your face well-defined and remains intact for a longer time. To try out this matte makeup look, follow these simple steps-

  • Begin the Matte makeup look by applying a matte primer. This will help neutralize the gloss of the foundation and make it more soft and subtle.
  • Now apply the foundation by gently dabbing the makeup sponge on the face.
  • Now start covering your face with a good concealer and then apply a setting powder to set the look completely.
  • Now pick a shimmer-less eyeshadow and blush, and then gently apply it to your eyes and cheeks. But yes! Do not overdo the cheeks. Just a little tap on the apples of the face is enough.
  • You can play with the eyeliner well for this amazing makeup look and now make your eyes look even more attractive. Also, do use false lashes and mascara to make them even chicer.
  • End your matte makeup look with a matte liquid and long-lasting lipstick. And remember not to use the highlighter!

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smokey eyes makeup look

Smokey eyes makeup look is on great trend nowadays. If you are planning for a grand evening or cocktail party, then Smokey eyes makeup look will do justice. It is a classy and chic makeup look to try on. To try on this makeup look, follow these simple steps.

  • Start your Smokey eyes makeup look with a clean bade. Also, applying a primer helps the makeup stay longer and makes it easier to blend the eyeshadows. Also, use the concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to even the discoloration if there is any.
  • Now place the black-colored eyeshadow on the outer corner and into a crease. Blend out the eyeshadow well so that there aren’t any harsh lines left.
  • If you want it more intense, you can pack it with more color.
  • Now apply a gel or pencil liner much close to the lash line.
  • Now take the liner under the eyes.
  • Smudge it out to create the Smokey effect.
  • You need to apply a volumizing mascara to finish this look, and then you are good to go.


mineral makeup look

The mineral makeup look is another classy and trendy makeup look that enhances the face’s beauty and appearance. It is easy to carry and makes you look elegant. To put on this amazing mineral makeup look, do follow the following steps-

  • To begin with, this amazing makeup look starts with applying the foundation of your skin tone. Apply the mineral foundation around and under the eyes, on blemishes and dark spots, and around the base of the nose area. Now for the concealing brush on the areas that need a little extra coverage.
  • Now start the blushing. Blush the areas you wish by lightly dipping the brush into the mineral powder on the lid and swirl slightly, tapping off the excess. For the cheeks, smile slightly to see which area of the cheek raises up and outwards.
  • Now apply a warming color or bronzer with the blush and apply it in the same fashion. Apply it by lightly dipping the brush into a mineral powder and swirl slightly, tapping off the excess. And then begin with its normal application. Also, don’t miss the light application of the center of the nose, on the chin, and on the forehead. Also, apply it very lightly on the ears too. And also, sweep the brush from the jaw down to the neck for a more natural look.
  • Now the final step of this makeup look includes a finishing veil powder. Begin applying this powder by sweeping it over the nose and the cheek area, chin, and forehead. And finish its application by lightly sweeping it over the lids.
  • Now to finish this makeup look, you need to apply mascara and lip gloss. Also, you can apply the eyeshadow as well, and you are all set to rock!