Over the years, we have introduced several Spider-Man iterations, but which one is the strongest?

The Peter Parker we know and love isn’t the only Spider-man out there, as Spider-Man reveals. While he’s mostly the only surface-to-screen version of the character, Marvel Comics has featured numerous alternative realities through the years, each of which has its own exclusive Spider-Man versions.

Any of these alternative worlds contain Peter Parker’s own versions. Still, it may be entirely different from those which we know about Peter. Spider-Man Noir, whose only real resemblance to Peter Parker is his name, is one of its most famous examples. Besides that, his motives and mannerisms are distinct, and he looks like a whole different character.

Many of the other Spider-Men are also not called Peter Parker. While some have identical names, such as Peni Parker, some have entirely different names and apparently have no clear reference to him.

Spider-Man Noir

Spider-man Noir

Spider-Man Noir is Peter Parker’s 1930’s, who has no special Spider skills, but he’s not a fearsome enemy. This Spider-Man iteration works similar to the Punisher, except there is a good dosage of Sherlock Holmes.

A rich tradition of warrior formation, Spider-Man Noir takes to the streets to solve crimes. He took it on to himself to take out the offenders until he resolved the offenses. He has no powers, but he also has advantages from his web slingers over the people he tracks.

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider

Although most of these spider-men look like a somewhat differing version of Peter Parker, Peter Parker’s clone is literally Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider. One of Spider-enemies, Man’s Jackal, used Peter Parker’s DNA in the mainstream Marvel universe to make an exact duplicate of him.

However, the clone mimicked Peter and his character and turned against Jackal to try his own superhero career. He even imitated Peter’s character. He grew to be one of the most fascinating characters in the comics. He had an interesting arc as he transitioned to life as a clone.

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Spider-Gwen has definitely emerged from a world where Gwen Stacy was attacked by a spider, and PeterParker lost her life in recent years as one of the most popular alternate spider characters. And after she lost her mate, she went on to fight crime, protecting New York City like the other heroes in Spider-Verse.

Gwen’s proximity to police vehicles is a step further than Peter Parker’s. Her boss, Police Captain George Stacy, is still living globally, so she has full access to the police equipment and details she will use in their daily battle against crime.



Like Scarlet Spider, Cindy Moon / Silk is another rare spider-man who comes from the Marvel Universe standard. Her origins are actually linked to Peter’s, as she was bitten after Pierre was bitten by the same radioactive spider. And if Cindy Moon didn’t become Silk for many more years, the roots were the same.

Though Silk’s strength level is slightly lower than Peter’s, she is more formidable by her other capabilities. Like her spider-sense, her agility is more sensitive than almost every other spider-hero we have ever seen, which is blowing away from Peter. In fact, Silk can spin webs despite mechanical shooters. In fact, Silk can spin webs.

Miles Morales

Miles morales

Miles Morales, Spider-lead Man’s character: Into the Spider-Verse, recently came to the forefront. Although he may only look like a Spiderman, his powers exceed those we know and like in Peter Parker.

First, with Spider-Camouflage, Miles can render himself almost invisible. Second, he can deliver electric charges to persons he contacts or shock people on long distances through his webbing. Third, Miles is thought to still be invincible because the Oz solution he got proved to be a symptom.

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara assumed the mantle of Spider-Man in a far distant future in 2099 after he chemically combined his DNA with a spider but not radioactively like the majority of the previous Spider-Men had experienced. His skills seem to complement Peter Parker’s, but he still has other powers which Peter does not have.

Telepathy is the only ability he has, and he can transmit signals at will into others’ minds. But the hardware at Spider-Man 2099, which has been designed with dysfunctional molecules to fit its powers, from transport systems to suits, really stands out.

Cosmic Spider-Man

Cosmic Spider-man

Sadly, the Cosmic Spider-Man, also identified as the Captain Universe, is the most powerful Spider-Man in all alternative worlds. Peter Parker was smarter than almost everyone else, using the strength of the Enigma Force. This totally incomprehensible magical energy has been called the epitome of the Microverse.

The enigma force bumped all the Spider-Man powers from the 10th to the 10,000th, thus enabling him to see space and time, change matter into the very atom and live at every possible temperature.

Peter Parker

Toby maguire spiderman

On this list, we eventually met Peter Parker, the first Spider-Man. In terms of Spider Verses heroes, Peter is simply the basic average of strength comparisons of a few Spider-men, who are stronger than himself, while some are weaker.

The simple Peter Parker is, at the end of the day, the spider-man we all know. The narrator is the basis of all six live Spider-Man films. It serves to increase the appeal of the alternative spider-men, as they all seem to be the iterations of this monkey hero, becoming more of an archetype.

Bonus: Pabhakar Pavitr

Pabhakar Pavitr

The essentially equal history of Pavitr Prabhakar is with Peter Parker. The only distinction is that the tale of Pavitr was in India. Pavitr stayed with and was in love with Meera Jain, his aunt Maya and his uncle Bhim. However, Pavitr acquired spider capacity from an old yogi, who gave him the capability in his universe to combat evil instead of being bitten by the poisonous spider.

The exploits of Pavitr were all very smart, featuring unbelievably like the spider-man villagers we know along with twists connected with India’s culture.

Nalin Oberoi, Norman Osborn’s alternative model, was the most popular of his opponents. He used an amulet to appeal to a devil who had Nalin as a villain like Goblin.