The Uncharted series was always a PlayStation must-play title. After all, its protagonist, Nathan Drake, is contemporary Indiana Jones, who journeys around the world in search of long-lost treasure with his comrades. Terrific Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was a peaceful ending to the adventurous days of Drake. The lack of Chloe Frazer, the mysterious, challenging, and sexy thief and fortune seeker who was the best part of Uncharted 2, was one criticism.

The Lost Legacy, the latest in the series, offers Frazer her own exploration.

What’s it about?

A legendary artefact called the ‘Tusk of Ganesh’ is buried deep inside our Western Ghats, which is hot on Chloe’s routes and her not-so-trusting friend Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4. Asav, a warlord with an immense army at his hands, is hunting for Tusk, too. The country is going through a civil war to make matters worse.

The Missed Legacy gets the balance right by pairing two dominant female leads along. With a sly Cheshire grin and several tricks up her sleeve, Chloe is an Indian Australian.

Then there’s Nadine, who made her debut as the no-nonsense leader of a mercenary group in A Thief’s End and a formidable warrior who left Drake black on many occasions and blue. For Naughty Dog, it was the best decision to discover the backstories of these characters.

The story, which happens right after the previous game’s events, plays out like a typical Uncharted installment. What makes something different is the difference between the contrasting identities of the characters. Chloe is immediately lovable and prevents her next breath from second-guessing you. On the other hand, Nadine is a straight shot, rightly suspicious of the possible double-cross.

It’s fun to watch this tenuous relationship becoming a bond to keep you amused with some of the Uncharted chatter hallmarks.

Perhaps it’s because this review is written by a fan, but Uncharted does not feel right without Drake. Simultaneously, The Lost Legacy has the right balance of powerful female characters. Chloe keeps the story up quite a bit. The sections about Chloe discovering her Indian heritage make it possible for us to see a totally new side of her, which we didn’t realize existed.

How is it playing?

If you’ve played an Uncharted game, A Thief’s End in particular, then The Lost Legacy plays the very same thing. Chloe’s playing style has a few variations. She does less harm. However, thanks to her agility, you can roll and duck around enemies and quickly disperse them.

The game goes through many sequences, such as stealth and platforming areas, where you have to deter enemies by creeping past or quietly dispatching them away. Then there are platform-only areas that enable you to manoeuvre over rugged terrain and where you can travel through vast open-world sandboxes. You meet enemies in these parts that you can get rid of with stealth or force. The most enjoyable is the cinematic on-the-rails scenes where you sprint around rooftops to avoid enemies. Still, nothing here beats the armored car chase in Uncharted 4.

Even if it’s more make-believe than accurate, the Lost Legacy portrays India’s spirit and elegance, from the lush green scenery of open fields and waterfalls packed with pink flamingos to the eerie but majestic ruins of ancient temples with impressive architecture. In anarchy, even war-torn cities are a beautiful case of elegance. With an excellent Photo Mode, the motion capture and facial expressions are lifelike. You can freeze-frame the action and take screenshots.

Why is it excellent for India? 

It has a fantastic narrative of India. The exploration through the Hoysala Empire and learning through India’s mystical tales, the journey is packed with adventure, and we have the crown prize of “The Tusk of Lord Ganesha.”

It truly depicts the mystic and grandeur of Indian Architecture and science. It can become a game for the younger generation to learn more about India’s cultural heritage. Our young age is not aware of India’s glorious history and past, and this game can give an insight into it.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Honest Conclusion

Uncharted: The Lost legacy can ignite our young generation’s curiosity to know more about India’s history and heritage!

Uncharted: Based on its characters, prose, and phenomenal portrayal of the forests and monuments of India, The Lost Legacy succeeds. Being in Chloe and Nadine’s company keeps its unnecessarily predictable action sequences interesting and disturbingly empty open-world area, and it reclaims its place in smart puzzles and exciting cinematic moments.