For the Tamil movie fans, another great movie of the year, Annaatthe has finally got released. Annaatthe translates to Big Brother, is a movie packed with action and is written and directed by Siva, and is produced by Kalanithi Maran under the banner of Sun Pictures. The best part of the movie is that it features the heartthrob of the whole Tamil industry, one and only Rajnikanth with Keerthy Suresh and Nayanthara in the main lead roles along with some amazing supporting actors such as Soori, Abhimanyu Singh, and Jagapathi Babu.

The plot of the movie deals with the relationship of Kalyan played by Rajnikanth, who is the president of the village and his sibling, Thanga Meenatchi played by Keerthy Suresh.

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This film has been designed in such a way that it can cater to everybody’s needs. The story of the movie has been plotted in such a way that at the initial stages, our superstar Rajnikanth’s character appears to be comic, and then it goes on to get emotional and violent. The movie is capable enough to take you into the 90s slot and has the added benefit of propagating some really better ideas concerning women and children.

The initial parts of the movie, Annaatthe, are straight out of enjoyable films of Rajnikanth from the 90s. Rajnikanth, as Kalyan aka Annaatthe, is an engaging character in playful banter and has ever-dependable Soori as his sidekick. There are some great one-liners from one and only Rajnikanth that give the perfect nostalgia of Rajinism.

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The movie, Annaatthe, begins with Annatthe storming the social media handles and news channels with debates of Kolkata. As Annaatthe has stolen the sleep of one of the biggest gangsters in all of Kolkata. As so many battles fought with guns and machetes have become a common sight for the people of Kolkata and we can’t find even a single cop anywhere. The whole government of Kolkata and police force appears to be on a very long vacation letting Kalyan, a humble man from a humble village in Tamil Nadu, to get the whole city rid of such bad apples.

Siva is used to writing such stories and portraying such characters that have many logical holes, but he can give so many reasons that why the characters acted like this in his film. But not everybody is going to agree with those reasons. In the world of Siva, relationships and emotions work in ways that are far removed from our world. The siblings who were once exemplary all of a sudden betrays each other. And, the siblings who were enemies their whole life in a sudden moment become fond of each other.

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In the case of this movie, Annatthe, the character portrayed by Prakash Raj, was the meanest in the village, but after crossing paths with Kalyan; he becomes a noble and a wise man. Similarly, Jagapathi Babu was pure evil but becomes to experience the emotions that he never did, and this is all due to Kalyan.

This is the reason why the characters of Annaatthe don’t seem relatable even though they are very familiar to us. Somewhere, the movie exposes a troubling practice in the Tamil Film industry, and i.e. if they have Rajnikanth in the lead, they can slack off in the director’s chair. Annaatthe is so one-dimensional. Kalyan in the movie is so wise and needs no further understanding of the world. He has an opinion on everything under the world and is never wrong. And to portray Kalyan as the wisest character cost the creation of an unfavorable environment for notable and interesting characters. Not even a single character in the movie except Kalyan is smart.

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Just after the interaction of a few minutes with the character of Kalyan and Nayanthara’s character, who is a lawyer, gets a crash course on justice. And that is enough for her to argue a case against her own client. However, the audience loves Rajnikanth no matter what and that is what makes Annaatthe a craze among the audience. However, the movie has to offer something to tickle the fantasy of the fans besides simply exploiting the love for Rajnikanth by the audience. The movie does not respect any of the logic. However, there comes a great disappointment with the movie as it fails in handling emotions with humor.

The movie has nothing new to bring to the table. It is only just that it stars the most famous Rajnikanth and this makes Annaatthe a little interesting. Rest it lacks logic and a proper storyline. If you are a Rajnikant fan, then you should watch it.