Does this sound like something you would be interested/fascinated in? Same! The fact that this show has 18 episodes distinguishes it from other Netflix dramas. That’s rough twice as many as a typical show on the streaming service. So it’s not only addictive, but it’ll last you more than a day (unless you’re extremely ambitious, in which case, kudos to you). But there appear to be plenty of twists and turns to keep folks entertained. Dark Desire is the place to be if you’re looking for a horny murder mystery with a bunch of very beautiful folks who undoubtedly have some secrets. You will not be disappointed.

The story of Alma (Maite Perroni), a lady married to Leonardo, is told in Dark Desire, also known as Oscuro Deseo (Jorge Poza). The couple has an adolescent daughter. Alma spends a weekend with her best friend, Brenda, one day. She doubts Leo is having an extramarital affair with his secretary. Brenda informs her what prevents her from having fun if Leo is doing what he wants. She tells her best friend/bestie that if he is betraying, she should do the same?.

They go to a club at night to have fun. That’s where Alma meets Daro, a 25-year-old man. She is cautious at first intercourse she sleeps with another man because she is upset with Leo for cheating on her. However, the two eventually mate that night.

That’s only an explanation for the first time. When she discovers that her husband was never cheating on her, all hope is lost. Watch Dark Desire now to know further the story. 

Dark desire leading characters:

1. Alma Solares – Maite Perroni

alma solares

Maite Perroni, a married professor who initiates an affair with the mysterious Daro, leads the cast of Dark Desire.

Perroni is best known in Mexico for her role in the telenovela Rebelde. In addition, she is a part of the Latin Grammy-nominated pop group RBD. Her other film roles include Cuidado con el ángel in 2008 and Mi Pecado in 2009.

2. – Daro Guerra – Alejandro Speitzer 

daro guerra

Alejandro Speitzer, Dark Desire’s breakout star, plays the intriguing and evil Daro.

The 25-year-old began his career as a young actor in several Mexican television series. Speitzer has recently appeared in the series Lady of Steel and Enemigo Ntimo. He appeared in the telenovela La Reina del Sur and the crime drama The Club in 2019.

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3. Jorge Poza – Leonardo Solares

leonardo solares

Jorge Poza plays Alma’s husband and Zoe’s father, Leonardo. His character is a judge with an odd connection with the truth.

Some fans may recall Poza from the telenovela El abuelo y yo, in which she co-starred with Gael Garca Bernal.

In addition to his Dark Desire co-star Maite Perroni, the prolific television actor has also appeared in La Gata.

4. Regina Pavón – Zoe Solares

zoe solares

Regina Pavón plays Alma and Leonardo’s daughter, Zoe, who has a disturbing fixation with death.

Pavón has also appeared in the films Monarca and No Manches Frida.

5. Erik Hayser – Esteban


Esteban, Leonardo’s brother, is played by Erik Hayser, a criminologist turned private detective.

Hayser is best known to Netflix audiences for his role as Raoul in the hit sci-fi series Sense8.

Hayser is particularly well-known for his performance in the Mexican political drama Ingobernable.

Dark Desire also stars Mara Fernanda Yepes as Brenda Castillo and Paulina Matos as Edith.

Dark desire Positive side:

The series gets off to a rousing start. Alma gets arrested by cops in the opening scene. We are taken to the scene of her arrest. The entire saga began six weeks ago. As a result, the build-up appears to be exciting.

The performances are fantastic, as is the music. It appears to be a promising sexual and criminal drama, as they have promised. The lovemaking scenes are sensual and passionate to the extreme.

When Alma cheats on her husband, her brother-in-law asks, “How can you?” She smashes him, asking why she can’t if her husband can. Just because she’s a lady? She must live her life as an ideal woman with no desires!

dark desire Netflix review

Dark desire other side:

After a few episodes, the narration becomes monotonous. You lose patience when the pace slows. There are so many mating scenes that it’s difficult to pick a story. You become tired of watching so much lovemaking. Alma had a conversation in the show. All you think about is mating, she tells her husband, Leonardo. That’s what we’d like to convey to the creators. We don’t mind love scenes. However, it was billed as a Spanish version of You. You are a fantastic stalker drama and crime thriller. As a result, we were expecting a story that would astound us.

Even if the suspense thickens later, you are exhausted by that point. If the story seems to be trapped around the 7-8th episode, 18 episodes is a lot for one show. It also becomes predictable.