How enthusiastic we are about a new installment, how pressed we are for time, or how many times we’ve heard the tune, there’s so fine those show intros that we can’t just miss them. These intro songs you cannot miss:

Game of Thrones

The final season may have let us down. Still, it was impossible to ignore the shifting visuals that revealed how the tale formed and the beautiful composition of Ramin Djwadi.

The introduction was supposed to appear to be designed by some master obsessed with electrical engineering with its three-dimensional clockwork simulations of each Westeros position. The Elastic team was busy as each episode adjusted the intro somewhat to factor in where actors went, from Westeros to Essos and home again.


The eerie melody of the opening titles has become difficult to overlook over the seasons. Speak about the score perfect!

People find that the haunting song blends well with the show’s music and vibe – hence why the hallowed ‘Skip Intro’ button is not even pressed.

Pretty dark stuff, huh? It’s because they’re basically Netflix’s time-bending, bestiality, family-tree subverting series Dark’s lyrics to the intro song.

Breaking Bad

These opening credits, small but not-so-sweet, don’t ever need an intro song to miss.

Breaking Bad’s bluesy opening theme is immediately familiar to fans of the show, but that doesn’t guarantee they should sing along to it; there are no official words on the instrumental track.

Money Heist

The more famous tune may have been Bella Ciao. But the strong intro song by Money Heist, Cecilia Krull’s My Life Will Go On, is not one you should miss, no matter how excited you are to see the professor at work.

In April, the Spanish drama La Casa de Papel, known as Money Heist, was Netflix’s most viewed non-English content broadcast. The serial has also shed a focus on Cecilia Krull, a Madrid jazz and singer who performs the theme tune, “My Life is Going On.” The song was composed by Spanish artist Manel Santisteban with English lyrics.


As they composed I’ll Be There For You for F.R.I.E.N.D.S., the Rembrandts recorded the fate of their own album. Since this is one track, we will all be there.

Big Bang Theory

“And it all started with a bang, “And it all launched with a bang. The intro song, written by the Barenaked Girls, was still not skipped, even once, and that’s just one catchy track.

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Sacred Games

It’s not just the mandalas and visuals that attracted us to the credits of the opening. Alokananda Dasgupta and Yashraj Jaiswal’s strong composition was also the best capturing of the Holy Games’ power play.


Just like the show, Anurag Psychaea’s opening title song is a gentle, lilting melody that had us smile even before the episode began.

The Office (U.S.)

The theme soundtrack for The Office, produced by James Ferguson, is much like the film, a lot of fun and a little pensive. And all die-hard fans will know that the opening sequence contains footage taken by John Krasinski, alias Jim Halpert.

As they play a vital role in setting the tone for the whole season, the intro song and the musical play throughout The Workplace may also be considered characters in the episode.

The composer James Ferguson created the popular music that fans have come to identify with The Workplace. It’s because this show is not the only excellent tv program that Ferguson has written songs for if that name seems a little familiar.

Stranger Things

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s music is the ultimate theme song for Stranger Things, and its love of sci-fi and everything from the 80s.

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the synth band S U R V I V E wrote the Stranger Stuff opening theme. For seasons one and two, the pair have produced the soundtrack and score of the series.

Peaky Blinders

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ Red Right Hand has you in the spirit of colorful crime and gang wars straight from the moment it starts playing. Will approve Thomas Shelby!

The Peaky Blinders intro song lyrics suit so well, you’d suppose the song was composed for the broadcast. But the music is almost 30 years old, technically, and is only supposed to refer to the epic poem of John Milton, Paradise Lost. The ominous, eerie sounding tune seems almost tailor-made for the violent film, but it was initially published back in 1994. The ‘red right hand’ derives specifically from a verse in Paradise Lost, a poem about man’s collapse. Still, Cave has never specified who or what the song is expressly about.

Scam 1992

The music creator Achint Thakkar gave us a sound with the theme song of Scam 1992, which is, to put it clearly, completely addictive. Failing to miss the intro song, this theme song found its way to handheld caller songs, Instagram reels, and everything under the sun.