The Jason Statham diet and fitness schedule is not as much a single regimen as it is a rapidly changing series of workout programs. Don’t take it, though, to suggest that his exercise approach is not embedded in full control. The Transporter star, on the other, is a committed beast, driving himself up to six days a week and keeping on track with all seven of them.

That’s not to mention the MMA training experience of Jason Statham, which reminds his viewpoint on just about everything, including bottle caps.

Jason Statham at Fast and furious premiere

Indeed, just a quick look at the career of Statham will tell you that the guy is a cornerstone of athletic prowess and deft agility. He has maintained a significantly balanced physique from his early days as a soccer player and diver to movies such as Death Race and Furious 7. That’s undoubtedly still the case, as viewers in the forthcoming Hobbs and Shaw will soon learn. He cuts a figure that any man twice his age would kill to own, just as agile and brawny at the age of 51.

Statham tackles elaborate fitness plans based on a wide range of internal and external influences from his former trainer Logan Hood. To that end, the precise conditions of his current exercise schedule can be determined by everything from sleeping habits to pending film roles.

Jason Statham Diet Plan

Jason Statham ripped

It should appear as no shock that it is all about retaining lean muscle mass and keeping his metabolism in high gear for Jason Statham. That means eating as much nutritious food as he can possible, for the actor. Think nuts, peas, fish, and chicken, and you’re on the right track. Naturally, protein plays a significant role, while Statham is still partial to steamed vegetables, brown rice, and miso soup.

Around 95 per cent of the food he eats is “good” by the actor’s own calculation (according to an old interview). However, he also provides for the occasional indulgence, including chocolate. During the afternoon, he eats sugar or starchy foods, so the calories melt off until he goes to bed. He does not eat something after 7 PM, along similar lines. He just says no to unhealthy fried food, meanwhile, and drinks at least three litres of water a day.


Fresh Fruit: Fruits such as pineapples and strawberries might taste too good to be real, but they actually offer lots of health benefits.

Oats are high in soluble fibre and antioxidants, rendering oats a delicious way to begin your day. They help lower the levels of cholesterol, too.

Poached Eggs: The earliest infusion of protein by Statham comes from poached eggs. There’s cholesterol in poultry, of course, but that’s what oats are about.


Brown Rice – Here’s a surprising turn of events: Statham attends the occasional vegan meal. He’s a big fan of brown rice, obviously. Not like we’re accusing him.

Steamed Vegetables – A great steamed vegetable serving is something that no health nut can disagree with, especially if arguing with Jason Statham implies.

According to the star, Miso Soup – “There is nothing better than a hot bowl of miso soup.

About dinner

Lean Beef, which means chowing down on a lean roast, Statham loads up on protein come night time.

Chicken – Chicken is another required dinner in the household of Statham.

Fish – We’re not sure why in one sitting, Statham enjoys his steak, chicken, and fish, but we’re sure his body can handle it.

Salad – Statham eats his leafy vegetables and greens without being coerced by others. If only we were all able to benefit from his case.

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Jason Statham Exercise routine

Jason Statham workout

There is actually no such thing as a fixed Jason Statham exercise routine, as we said before. Alternatively, there’s a revolving door in situation-contingent workout plans. One of these programs recently shared by his former mentor, giving a direct peek into the more extensive schedule of the action hero. With Statham’s physical ability in mind, the routine was designed. He probably put it into effect while preparing for Hobbs and Shaw and other upcoming movies.

Since this fitness routine was initially built for the actor, you shouldn’t really embrace it yourself. We mean we know: how are you going to get the abs and muscles of Jason Statham if you don’t do just what he’s doing? Only continue with caution and what we’re trying to suggest is common sense. And don’t ignore that there are many more diets and fitness programs for celebrities to pick from, each of which can yield results.

Day-Wise Routine:

Workout Day One:

Warm-Up: Skipping and/or Shadowboxing: 20 mins

5×20 Bodyweight Squats

5×10 Dips (Bodyweight)

5×10 Wide-grip Pull-Ups

5×25 Push-Ups

Abs Finisher 

3x 30 Crunches

3×30 Sit-Ups

3×20 Leg Raises

Workout Day Two

Warm-Up: Running 10-20 Mins

5×20 Bodyweight Squats

5×10 Dips (Bodyweight)

5×10 Wide Grip Pull-Ups

5×20 Pushups

Abs Finisher

3x 30 Crunches

3×30 Sit-Ups

3×20 Leg Raises

Workout Day Three

Active Recovery: Stay active during this Time

Workout Day Four

Warm-Up: Rowing or running for 10-20 minutes

Cardio Circuit (3 Rounds total):

One round is:

100 Jump Ropes

10 Pull-Ups

100 Jump Ropes

20 Pushups

100 jump ropes

30 Squats

Abs Finisher

50 crunches

30 Sit-Ups

20 Leg Raises

20 Superman Pulses

Workout Day Five

Warm-Up: Running or Shadow Boxing for 10 minutes

5×20 Bodyweight Squats

5×10 Dips (Bodyweight)

5×10 Wide Grip Pull-Ups

5×20 Pushups

Cardio finisher: 800 m run

Workout Day Six

5km run for Time

Workout Day Seven: 

Rest day – Complete Recovery

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