We are the people who don’t watch a film like a film itself, but the cinema is more than that for cine enthusiasts and especially for a guy like me. 

I am a guy, who enjoys watching every second of a movie but not all movies. An adult cine lover may not express his feelings with much honesty, so we will ask a kid to elaborate his experience and love for a film. And maybe I can take help from my childhood days. 

Let’s talk about how I used to watch a movie

Protagonists are loved by everyone, but what about antagonists, both are actors, well, we were not that much mature to judge the character or an actor at a time when cinema was just a thing for us to get some laugh or get emotional or sometimes get angry. 

How actors mesmerized me

In my childhood days, after watching a movie, I wanted to become like that hero, because of the fascinating personality, profession played by the hero in the movie. But I would like to make it clear that only a positive profession fascinated me such as policemen, soldiers #truedeshbhakts. The word soldier itself gives us a feeling of patriotism and nationality. But it differs from the ones explained in TV debates. 

Everyone has different taste

It will not be wrong to say that choice of selection differs from person to person. As one can realize a kid may not like horror films but an adult will love it. The choice of a film also varies according to the nature of a person, as some like to watch action thrillers and some prefer comedy. Some like masala movies, some want content. 

The same scene gives a different experience

Almost all of us must have gone through this phase, watching a film with family, and some intimate scene strikes the screen making everyone awkward. At that time, mom switches to kitchens to bring some snacks and papa starts searching for a sleeper, just to wear not to hit. And teenagers smile but not laugh, ‘dar bhi toh hai bhai’. However, watching the same scene with friends will give you only joy.

Time has also influenced the choice

Earlier cine lovers were happy watching a movie which tells about how a hero struggled to achieve his love and overcame the obstacles. But now, the time has changed, the taste has changed. One may not like that old idea and everyone wants to give their time and money to see something new and unique. And that’s why web series are gaining more attention than big star-studded films.  

Films teach us a lot

Films not only entertain us but they also educate us and there are numerous examples like Padman, Parmanu, Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, etc. Films like Akshay Kumar starrer Padman helps the society in getting rid of old and useless thinking and customs. While films like Parmanu tells how India showed the world it’s power. 

Is money making affecting film making

This is a brutal but true story of the film industry. As the quality of a film is judged on the basis of the money it collects. And this practice not only hampers movie making but it also annoys viewers. As one must have witnessed that some movies get a good IMDb rating but its gross collection is not that much good. 

Difference between Heroes and Actors

Pankaj Tripathi is a very good actor but his fans can’t say that he is a very good hero. Because Salman Khan is a very good hero. Don’t take it otherwise, as I admire both of them. But like to mention that we are the people who make stars and it is our responsibility to give respect to an actor he/she deserves. As heroes get a huge amount of money after doing a film but not the actors, for how long will actors have to satisfy them with IMDb rating.

There is much more to say about films but leaving here only, as ‘picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost’