Night Teeth is a vampire thriller film directed by Adam Randall and based on a script by Brent Dillon that was released in 2021. Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Ral Castillo, Megan Fox, and Alfie Allen are among the cast members. Netflix premiered it on October 20, 2021. The film garnered a mixed response from critics. While the performances and moments were lauded, the lack of action and predictability of the film were criticised.

Blaire and Zoe employ Benny, a freelance chauffeur, to drive them too many prominent Los Angeles nightclubs in place of his brother, Jay. When Benny discovers his passengers are centuries-old vampires, he becomes embroiled in a power struggle among the city’s vampires and must form an alliance with the females in order to survive.

night teeth, night teeth netflix
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He discovers that vampires have coexisted ably with humans for ages, eating only when they are given permission. Victor, a wealthy vampire lord who has grown bored and dissatisfied with his existence, is plotting to breach the ceasefire with Boyle Heights by kidnapping Jay’s fiancée; unbeknownst to Benny, Jay is a member of the human council responsible for keeping the peace between vampires and humans. As Jay and his friends begin hunting down all the vampires in LA, Victor devises a scheme to eliminate his other lords and grab power for himself, while Blaire and Zoe are tasked with causing as much mayhem as possible in the city to distract the vampire hunters and peacekeepers.

Benny understands what Blaire and Zoe are doing to when he drops the girls off at a hotel and discovers that the hotel is actually a vampire feeding place. The girls threaten his life, but he is spared in order for them to reach Jay. The girls are captured by vampire hunters while visiting one of their targets, but Benny decides to help them escape and lets them hide in his house. Victor also possesses Benny’s brother, who was killed by the vampire in hand-to-hand combat while attempting to kill him.

night teeth, night teeth netflix
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Benny drops the girls off to the last destination on their list, only to learn that it is Victor’s home. Blaire implores him to go, but Benny is adamant about not abandoning his brother. Benny discovers other human hostages being held by the lord as “blood bags” for him to feed on within the home, including Jay, but is apprehended by Victor while attempting to release him. After learning that she has emotions for Benny, Victor and Zoe threaten to kill him, prompting Blaire to turn against Victor and Zoe. Following that, there will be a fight.

In the ensuing battle, Zoe stabs Blaire, and Benny responds by remotely activating his brother’s automobile, busting a glass and exposing sunlight, killing Zoe. Victor then assaults Benny, baiting him with Jay, and bites him before Jay tackles him into the sun, killing him. After Jay chooses to begin training as a professional vampire hunter and tells Benny that he expects him to fight beside him when the city falls into turmoil, Benny changes into a vampire and the brothers separate. Benny joins Blaire for a night of blood drinking later that night.

night teeth, night teeth netflix
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Everything is well until he discovers that the women, Blaire and Zoe, are centuries-old vampires who feed on human blood. Blaire (Debby Ryan) is the gentler of the two, falling in love with the human driver. Zoe (Lucy Fry) appears to be a breath of fresh air at first, but she becomes a bit drab after a time. Also, it appears that humans and vampires have coexisted for ages without harming one other.

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Benny joins in on the chaotic vampire-human pursuit when he realises that his brother Jay is a potential target, and the narrative rapidly becomes predictable.

Despite the presence of well-known actors such as Megan Fox, Sydney Sweeny, and Alexander Ludwig in the cast, they only appear for a few minutes in the film. When the primary narrative is established, a bit more backstory into the lives of Benny, Blaire, and Zoe, rather than diving immediately into the vampire-human warfare — which allegedly everyone knows about — would have been more engaging.

night teeth, night teeth netflix
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Blaire and Zoe are a nasty couple that go around causing mayhem everywhere, but Benny is either slow to comprehend things (despite carrying an Economics book with him) or refuse to recognise that vampires exist.

The narrative, on the other hand, fails to establish who is the focus of the story: are we following Benny or the vampire girls? Or are they merely subplots in a broader narrative that Victor has woven together?

In the end, Night Teeth barely scratches the surface of the standard that numerous excellent vampire films have established. We can only hope for a greater joyride out next time, with an all-too predictable finish that foreshadows a sequel.