The Marked Heart (Pálpito) is an unusual telenovela series. Its plot is absurd and entertaining, yet it also feels disturbingly familiar. There are overtones of melodrama in it. Yes, it’s like Romeo and Juliet, but reworked by Leonardo Padrón and incorporated into a telenovela. There are several marriages and affairs, as well as a few actual narrative twists, in this film, which is more Big Love than Desperate Housewives.

the marked heart
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The Marked Heart is a Platonic and Excessively Exaggerated Drama.

The Marked Heart is a drama about three generations of men who, despite their differences, learn to accept each other for who they are and how to be happy in their own lives, written by acclaimed Venezuelan writer Leonardo Padrón.  The Marked Heart tries to recapture the enchantment that made earlier Padrón adaptations like RBD: La Familia and Alcanzar Una Estrella so successful. While it has a terrific cast and some fantastic moments, the series suffers from intricate narratives that feel forced at times, even in the realm of telenovelas.

the marked heart
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But the show’s atmosphere may be its most appealing aspect. Padrón has used an intriguing color palette to create a show that seems immensely theatrical. The Marked Heart is set in a fictional town called Telchac, Mexico, and takes place in a world that feels like a mix of the past and current sensibilities. 

Perhaps it’s because of this aesthetic that we appreciated The Marked Heart for what it was: a soap opera with a twist.

Sure, there are times when Padrón might have used a little more restraint, but we’re happy to chalk that up to artistic license.

the market heart
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The Marked Heart features a spin-off of one of the vulnerable telenovelas. 

The Marked Heart’s worst flaw is that it feels too much like a soap opera. It’s difficult to imagine that many people will be able to sit through the entire six hours of this series, especially with so many other options on television. The Marked Heart tries to merge multiple genres into one show, which is ambitious but not always successful. It has the feel of an adult drama at moments. It alternates between being a telenovela and a thriller or even a horror film. Despite its genre-hopping, The Marked Heart is interesting enough for fans of more well-known films.

the marked heart
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The series features numerous romantic and platonic connections, and the best moments frequently include characters simply conversing with one another. Padrón does a fantastic job of incorporating humor into the somewhat grim topic, but he also allows for melodrama. It’s not for everyone, but some viewers prefer their drama to be over-the-top.

The Marked Heart Isn’t Your Typical Drama 

It’s also one of the few telenovelas on Netflix, so it’s bound to grab some attention. People who like more realism should avoid this one, but those searching for something reminiscent of old telenovelas, with plenty of drama and over-the-top settings and characters, should give it a shot. At its core, The Marked Heart is a narrative about vengeance and redemption. Many viewers will find this show’s harsh characterizations too much at times. This show has no lovable characters, at least not in the classic sense.

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The villains are antagonists with no compassion or relatable motivation. In this show, there are no heroes either. Some characters make decisions that we may disagree with, but they all have valid reasons for doing so. 

Understanding The Marked Heart’s place in the telenovela genre and its setting within Venezuelan culture is essential to appreciate it.

Telenovelas are made to be as outrageous as possible for people to tune in every weekday (and sometimes every night) to see what crazy new thing will happen next.

Sex and Skin:

 Zacarias reminisces about his early romance with Camila, including some nudity as they had sex.

Parting Shot:

 Even though Camila is presumed to be brain dead when Mariachi shoots her as she tries to flee, she opens her eyes just before her chest is cut open.

the marked heart
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Sleeper star

Dominguez’s character. Camila is quite naive about everything because she trusts Zacarias that the heart she is receiving was obtained legally. Camila’s reaction to learning the truth, on the other hand, will be fascinating to see. 

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The most pilot-like line

“In three different countries, I’ve made five idiots president.” “And I’ll do it again this time,” Zacarias tells his team about the current candidate they’re working with. That’s one of the show’s over-the-top elements that feel out of place given the somber subject matter.

the marked heart
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Should you watch it or skip it? 

The Marked Heart is a high-energy drama with the most unlikely premise. It’s a show that doesn’t hold back on the melodrama or the plot twists and turns. This telenovela contains everything a classic plot might want: vengeance, murder, love, and redemption. 

The Marked Heart is now available on Netflix.