The place is a significant part of video games, some of which are set in India. We are looking at the awesome video games set in India.

Playing games is an option and perhaps the most immersive means of telling a plot.

As a consequence, for many people, they are a typical past moment.

Players have gotten more graphically complex over time, and therefore more enticing to gamers.

The position and landscape with a wide range of choices is a prominent feature that appeals to gamers.

The place could be anywhere in the world, including India.

Although particular locations for fictitious reasons are changed, the central position in the vast country is set.

For many games, both recent and old, India has been the venue.

We are looking at a sample of the best video games set in India!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted, game set in India

Amidst a civil war, the latest in the immensely successful Uncharted franchise is set in the mountains of Tamil Nadu, India.

Plays manage Chloe Frazer, a famous character and treasure hunter who, with mercenary Nadine Ross’s assistance, explores the Tusk of Ganesh.

The developers saw the natural multifariousness of the Western Ghats when choosing a location for the game. It encouraged them to explore various settings.

Jungles, valleys, temples, and large urban environments are part of them. The country’s iconography and gods were also fascinating to them.

The Lost Legacy portrays, while specific landmarks are fictional, the nature and elegance of India.

The spirit of India’s scenery catches the green countryside of open fields to the eerie and pretty ruins of ancient temples.

The nation not only functions as the location for the tale of The Lost Legacy, but it also serves as a background for Chloe’s own history.

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She reveals her Indian origins in the plot, which allows the player to see a whole new view of her, one that gamers did not know existed. The game received favorable feedback upon publication, with several individuals praising Chloe’s strong-willed character. India’s scenic depiction by The Lost Legacy and encouraging feedback makes it one of the best games set in India.

Tomb Raider III

Tomb Raider III, game set in India

During the 1990s, this was Lara Croft’s third journey in the iconic PlayStation series.

It has five places, the first being India, which must be performed to advance the player.

As being one of the five locations by chance, developers Central Architecture selected India.

According to producer Mike Schmitt, the team agreed to “just take a globe, spin it, and see where it lands.” It was selected depending on whether or not it was an exciting spot. Lara is searching for the legendary Infada stone in the level, one of the game’s crystal asteroid artefacts. It is buried deep in India’s jungles, home to numerous animals indigenous to the country.

During the first level, Baboons, Tigers, and Cobras are just a few that provide a challenge. This involves the legendary Ganges River that forms the base of the third chapter. Players will see pixelated versions of ancient temples inside the thick jungles packed with secrets, such as firearms, in the level.

India has been caught in one of the best video games of the 1990s, an excellent, nostalgic adventure, considering it is also one of the best games set in India!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

COD Modern warfare 3

While only a small aspect of the game is featured in India, it is essential.

It presents Modern Warfare 3 immediately after the previous game’s events. Nikolai leads protagonists Price and Soap to a secret location after murdering antagonist General Shepherd after Modern Warfare 2.

It is based in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, and the Extremists of Vladimir Makarov soon occupied it. The safehouse of the protagonist is located in a dense town packed with houses and stores. It is full of life and, once the invasion begins, quickly becomes abandoned.

Gunfire and fires would cause the once scenic spot to become rubble from then on.

Buildings are destroyed, and vehicles are charred. Still, even so, the detailed graphics mean that fine images are captured even in confusion. For the remainder of the first-person shooter, the atmosphere sets the stage. In Modern Warfare 3, India’s city setting and the combat, it makes it one of the best games to feature India as a venue.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India

AC Chronicles India

When it came out in 2016, it was a series of video games consisting of one.

One at a time, the three-part series has been published. In India, the second was placed.

While the Sikh Empire was in conflict with the East India Company, the chapter occurs in 1841 in Amritsar. Gamers take care of Arbaaz Mir, who must protect his friends and lover while stolen away a mysterious object owned by the Assassin Order. While much of the setting has been modified for imaginary reasons, the countryside is taken over by massive palaces. It is also a landscape filled with color, offering graphic novels a visual look.

The game is set two years later, the original of Assassin’s Creed: Brahman, a graphic novel. Typical Indian weaponry of the time frame, such as usual Mughal and Sikh swords, appear in comparison to the Indian setting. Arms imitate Bagh Naka’s conventional blades, such as an Aruval, Urumi, and a hidden Katara.

And although the game received positive overall reception, there is no doubt that in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles, the stealth gameplay makes it a perfect game set in India.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia

This 2003 action game is pursued by an unidentified Prince and his father’s army, Sharaman, who crosses India to meet the Sultan of Azad.

This is where the game is primarily set. After an agreement between Sharaman and the Maharajah’s Vizier, a nearby Maharajah’s Palace is besieged in India. In an attempt to catch The Objects of Time, he betrayed his Maharajah. The Prince grabbed the Dagger and unleashed the Sands of Time unintentionally, converting the populace into monsters. The Prince operates through the gameplay of the platform puzzle to repair his mistake.

Using the Dagger to rewind time if an error is made and using it to destroy and freeze opponents is crucial. From sophisticated palace rooms to lush, bushy gardens, the landscape varies in depth. Several critics enjoyed the plot and action gameplay. It was one of 2003’s most influential game releases. Being one of the games set in India, it makes it even more exciting for Indian Gamers.

Its critical praise makes Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time one of India’s best games.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

Perhaps one of gaming’s most successful stealth series is the Hitman series.

Silent Assassin, the second instalment, was launched in 2002.

In the Indian part of Punjab, Agent 47 is sent to kill a Sikh cult leader called Deewana Ji, a three-part mission is set up. During the 1980s, he was blamed for a Sikh rebellion where many innocent people were killed. No outsider has dared to move into the territory since then, before Agent 47. Small stores and houses occupy the vicinity. It is complete with a vast ancient gurdwara with inlays of marble, sculptures, and gold domes.

There is an unbelievable cost of details put into the setting for India’s accurate portrayal for a published game in 2002. Agent 47 with his second instalment to the game, one of the best games set in India.

As does the, with Agent 47 coming out of an auto-rickshaw, one of India’s parts opens. The game is famous for the array of recognizable disguises worn by Agent 47 to get past guards. A typical kurta complete with a turban is a mask that can be worn to really be a part of Punjab.

The validity of a real Indian location’s depiction reflects the grandeur of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

Raji, games set in india

The tale of Raji: An Ancient Epic is based on the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other Indian myths, of angels, heavenly weapons, and destined protagonists.

 This is mostly a consequence of its innovative, enticing presentation, which is actually the best aspect of the game. A rare, absorbing atmosphere is generated by the diverse, magical settings, the story voicework of Durga and Vishnu, and the authentic puppetry cinematic sequences and demon designs. The game also features Hindu mythology’s most significant myths and links them back to the main storyline.

Shakti’s primitive force, Garuda’s legend, and more are all introduced to Raji by intricate murals, culminating in the player’s entertaining crash course.

Raji: An Ancient Epic is much less fun on the technological angle – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t exciting.

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It can be considered one of the best games set in India.


games set india

What seems to be a game about the Nine Unknown Man, yet the story and plot are still a little shared information. The trailer and things reveal that the game is set in India, and its plot and backstory will be a part of India!

The inclusion of India in this video game sample varies based on the form of a story told.
For plot purposes, some have a historic-looking India with imaginary landmarks. In contrast, some have real milestones for an authentic feel.
As gaming technology evolves, video games in India can become even more colorful and enticing to watch.
Only time will say if there will be more games set in India in the future.

These are the best games set in India.