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My Hero Academia, if it only kept to the status quo, will not have the popularity that it sees today. And these turns in the storyline were shocking.

We brought you some My Hero Academia plot twists that will make you Binge it, and crave for more…

Without his healthy guide, My Hero Academia, the new age of shonen series will just not be the same. This enjoyable story explores the journey through crime-solving and textbooks that an up-and-coming hero shares, embracing the superhero genre for anime fans. My Hero Academia, if it only kept to the status quo, will not have the popularity that it sees today.

No ride takes a straight line, but on a twisting route, it loses its explorers instead. What was always an enjoyable take on the superhero genre in the case of My Hero Academia has kept its fans either reading or watching by continually adjusting the story’s tempo and still keeping something exciting under the next mask.

Todoroki Is The Son of Endeavor

Todoroki Shoto from My Hero Academia

One of the early discoveries in the series was the finding that one of the most influential children in the whole school was really the silent, emo kid in the class. He only quietly noted when Todoroki debuted for the first time that he was a suggested student and covered over the fact that he effortlessly passed the Combat Trial examination alone.

His prominent role in the series will come when he began going all out at the Sports Festival, rushing down the fans like a landslide. From there, after a colossal realization, it was just a big revelation as Todoroki went through his vibrant family life with the #2 hero. Endeavour, and his less than desirable methods of parenting.

The Provisional License Test Toga Invaded

Toga as Camie in My hero Academia

A fast traveling, action-packed arc pulled in many new faces for the series was the Provisional License Test. Camie Utsushimi, a pupil at Shiketsu High School, who seemed to have a curious obsession with Midoriya Izuku, was one such face. She presented Class 1-A a run for their life with her shapeshifting Quirk but would vanish in the arc later on.

Unknown to the girls, this was not really Camie Utsushimi. The girl following the class had abducted and traded positions with the girl just earlier. Camie Utsushimi was none other than Himiko Toga, just trying to get nearer to the enemy.

Shigaraki Is The Grandson of Nana

Shigaraki My hero academia

A family drama twist that no fan ever saw coming included the series’ top villain’s convoluted past. When Shigaraki appeared for the first time, it seemed like he was just a mid-tier villain who would just be circling the arch, only crying for revenge once he was defeated as an anime Cobra Commander. However, his warped mentality continued to corrupt the series more and more, when only after a loss was his spoiled nature and inclination for devastation nurtured.

The series was not happy with having his black-and-white character as decent as a villain as he was. Shigaraki is really the grandson of All Might’s own mentor, Nana Shimura, the least the fans knew.

Sir Nighteye’s Death 

Sir Night eye

The notion of no one dying has become so central to comic book audiences that if they see capes plus heat vision on the television, they have virtually become immune to it. And though My Hero Academia always wants to respect this, it likes to sober up the crowd every now and then.

My Hero Academia may make its characters lose a battle, suffer a significant scar, or, on the rarest of occasions, die only to show that repercussions exist in its setting. In the wake of the Paranormal Independence Battle, fans are now reeling. Still, before that, they had to mourn the death of Sir Nighteye, Midoriya’s latest trainer and All Might’s former sidekick.

More Quirks Included in One For All

One for all midoriya

It makes sense that as the plot goes on, the lead character is bound to develop in fresh and thrilling ways. Goku learned his Saiyan origins. Naruto began learning the Nine-Tails’ powers, and Monkey D. Luffy began to expand the rubber concept. In the case of Midoriya Izuku, he made the surprising discovery that One for All can also pass down Quirks from previous users, in addition to stacking power.

This means that the once Quirkless kid is now hosting six more Quirks that he has to learn and explore now. There’s always much to look forward to on Deku’s road for more than six years.

All Might was Quirkless

All Might

Surprisingly, the series does not like seeing characters without Quirks for a series that implies that at least 20 percent of its culture is Quirkless. Although 20% is not many, it indicates that around 1 in 5 people do not hop over buildings or levitate things with their minds. It seems that Midoriya Izuku, a kid bullied from a young age for being Quirkless, was totally alone in this universe until he learned some kind words from his mentor, All May, and some shocking news.

Unbeknownst to the greater public, Quirkless was often used by All Might himself and went down to Izuku on a similar journey. Although this did not expose a smashing universe, it offered more in-depth insight into what went into molding the great Hero who was All Might.

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The Villains’ League And The Meta-Liberation Army Form An alliance

The paranormal liberation front

Although it makes sense to see the League of Villains battle the heroes endlessly, few people have ever expected that they will go to a civil war, a whole villain. As the League was at the height of its Gigantomachia preparation, the Meta-Liberation Force, a private, superpowered militia trying to usurp heroes as judicial authorities, unexpectedly found themselves in a massive pit.

When they had some impressive fights, learned new talents, and got better as a team, this was a fantastic showing for the League. The most unexpected thing to evolve out of this arc, though, was the fact that if the League finally won the war, the two parties would unite. Thus, the Front of Paranormal Liberation was born.

Kurogiri Used To Be a Buddy of Aizawa

Kurogiri, my hero academia

Fans never believed for years that Kurogiri, the most revered servant of Shigaraki, was himself a Nomu. He was unbelievably slim and well-articulated. Not only is he a Nomu, though, but Shota Aizawa and Present Mic were very similar and dear to one of its elements. The ex-U.A. was working almost like the nucleus of Kurogiri. Oboro Shirakumo, an alum and assumed dead friend of Aizawa and Mic.

Apparently, from a long time ago, the League has taken his dead body and used it to help make a misty villain familiar to fans today. While Aizawa usually does not get sentimental in this series, as he attempted to contact Oboro to awaken from Kurogiri, he managed to well up few tears in both his eyes and the fans.’

Dabi Is The Son of Endeavor

Dabi is son of endeavor

To be honest, many followers have actually been awaiting this discovery for a while. Dabi has the power of fire. There’s one family with the strength of flames. Math isn’t that complicated. Hopefully, the sight of Dabi and his blue flames is more than enough for some fans to at least keep the latest revelation unique because that disclosure was definitely profound.

Not only did Dabi delve into the Todorokis’ lurid family past, but he traveled out of his way as far as possible to ridicule Endeavor and the Pro Heroes. If anyone is supposed to have father troubles, they might as well go full arch as Dabi did when he made it as angry and surprising as it should be a good family drama.

Midoriya acquired Float

Nana Shimura, Quirk float

Amid the Paranormal Independence War, one of the most significant shocks to happen was the revelation that Deku had mastered Float all along. Fans have seen Deku trying to grab control of the Black Whip for a while. In some other period, though, he had evidently even taken the old Quirk to Nana Shimura.

What is a better way to show off the new potential than to combat Shigaraki in the middle of his long-awaited war? Deku can now jump and soar across the air, apparently no longer having to sprint to fight.