Remi Lucidi, a daredevil stunt photographer, passed away after jumping from Hong Kong’s Tregunter Tower’s 68th level. According to South China Morning Post, Lucidi was ascending the building when the event occurred and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Seven days before he passed away, Remi uploaded an Instagram photo of the Hong Kong skyline. In the post’s comment section, Lucidi’s fans have expressed their sorrow.

According to a source, the police department found his camera at the scene, which had several footage of the risky exploits he had been carrying out for a while.

Remi Lucidi checked into the Tregunter Tower on July 27, 2023, at 7:30 pm, according to information obtained by police officials who were looking into Remi Lucidi’s death. He informed security that he was heading to a friend’s flat on the 40th floor, but the guard subsequently learned that Lucidi didn’t have any friends residing in the building.

He used the lift to ascend to the 49th level, and the identical event was captured on camera. He then ascended the steps to the building’s peak.

Remi pried through the closed entrance to the roof to snap a photo of it although it was locked. The roof hatch was open, according to everyone chasing Lucidi, but he was not seen anywhere.

He tapped on the penthouse window of the building and was last seen alive at 7:38 p.m. the same day, according to the local police. The housekeeper was so alarmed when she heard the tap that she had to phone the police.

Over the years, Remi Lucidi gained notoriety for pulling off a variety of exploits. Over the years, Remi Lucidi gained notoriety for pulling off a variety of exploits.

He was once observed perched on the ledge of a 980-foot-high chimney in France.

Remi Lucidi has been seen doing a variety of feats, although climbing buildings without safety gear and parkour moves were the most frequently observed ones. Lucidi frequently appeared atop the spires of tall buildings in his Instagram photos. In locations like Dubai, Bulgaria, and France, Lucidi was taking photos from the top of various structures.

Remi Lucidi has more than 3,000 followers and was active on Instagram. There is presently no immediate information about his survival.