Crime-drama tv-series Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, the Professor is a mysterious man who prepares the most prominent host in history. To accomplish this scheme, he hires eight of the top criminals in the world who have nothing to lose: Tokyo, a seasoned thief, Berlin, the ring leadership, Moscow, Rio, the informatic scientist, Nairobi, the phony, Denver, the Moscow kid, the Baltic War veterans, Helsinki and Oslo. To print €2,4 billion in less than 11 days and without a single drop of blood, the target is to penetrate the Royal Mint of Spain. The party has 67 captives, including the British Ambassador’s daughter. 

When the masterworks outside, they still remain a little ahead of the officers.

The series created an uproar globally, so we went to all the streaming platforms and old series to bring you some web series like Money Heist, so you can relive the heist. 

Prison Break

Prison Break

If you haven’t seen this show yet, now is the best time to do so. The show follows an engineer who breaks into a prison he built to free his brother, who has been wrongly convicted of murder and is facing the death penalty.

Paul Scheuring produced the American television serial drama Prison Break for Fox. Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield are two brothers who have been sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit. Scofield devises a complex scheme to help his brother escape jail and clear his name. Adelstein-Parouse Productions, in collaboration with Original Film and 20th Century Fox Television, created the series. 

Peaky Blinders

Peak Blinder, thomas shelby, shelby

This show is set in 1919 in Birmingham and follows Tommy Shelby, a gangster who leads the Peaky Blinders. This crime lord drama is based on the true story of a 19th-century gang of the same name who was on the run from an inspector. It is a series like Money Heist but staged in the post-Irish War era, with some extra swag. 

The Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang that operated in Birmingham, England, from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The community was primarily made up of young men from the lower to middle classes and formed out of working-class Britain’s harsh economic deprivations. Robbery, crime, racketeering, illicit bookmaking, and gambling control provided them with social influence. Members of this gang wore tailored shirts, lapel overcoats, button waistcoats, silk scarves, bell-bottom pants, leather boots. They pointed to flat caps as part of their signature look.


Fargo, series like money heist

This crime drama/black comedy isn’t for everybody, but if you enjoyed Money Heist, you’d enjoy this. It’s the perfect binge-worthy material because it’s an anthology of the sliest’ real’ crimes committed, one every season.

The Americans


This Cold War-era spy thriller follows a family of Russian agents who pose as Americans in Washington, DC, to spy on the government.


Joe Weisberg produced The Americans, an American period spy thriller television series for the FX television network. The show also investigates the confrontation between the FBI and the KGB Rezidentura in Washington by following agents’ viewpoints on both sides, including the Jennings’ next-door neighbor Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), an FBI counterintelligence investigator.

Locked Up

Locked Up

When it premiered in 2015, this Spanish film, which looks a lot like Orange Is The New Black, caused quite a stir. It follows the story of a young, innocent woman who is blamed for her lover’s corporate fraud in a high-security women’s jail.


Elite, series like money heist

This Netflix Spanish series is set in a posh private school and follows the story of three new working-class students who get off to a bad start with the rich and famous students. A murder occurs as a result of the conflict between the two parties.

Movies Like Money Heist That You Can Also Watch

Money Heist piqued the attention of viewers with its thrills and heist suspense. It was one of Netflix’s most popular series. Money Heist’s plot revolves around a group hired by a mysterious figure known as Professor. They want to carry out two heists, one on each of Spain’s well-guarded banks. It will be interesting to see how they manage to get into the bank while being surrounded by police and other security forces and yet pull off the heist. If Money Heist was a success, here’s a list of other series like Money Heist.

Ocean’s movie series

Oceans 8, Oceans series

One of the best heist movies ever made is the Ocean’s film sequence. These films’ plots revolve around a group of people who pull off smooth heists at the MET gala, Las Vegas casinos, and various other public locations. Netflix has the films available for download.

Now You See Me movie series

Now you see me

The plot of this film series revolves around a group of expert magicians. They mislead people and execute heists using magic and illusion techniques. The film is available to watch on Netflix.

Mission Impossible movie series

Mission Impossible, MI

This Tom Cruise featured series is a must-see for fans of action, thrills, and a thrilling plot. The film is divided into six segments, each of which offers something unique. Netflix has all of the episodes available to view.