Recognize any of these names: Lagori, Kancha, Gilli-danda, or Kho Kho? If you’re in your 40s or 50s, the simple word will bring back memories of summer days spent playing outside with pals. Suppose you’re in your twenties or thirties. In that case, your parents and grandparents might be able to tell you a story or two about the wonder of these childhood Best Indian games.

Will the offspring of this generation, on the other hand, have the same memories? Most certainly not, because many of them spend their time in a virtual world playing computer games. This addiction has driven the old Best Indian games described above and many more to extinction.

What is the significance of traditional and Best Indian games?

Any sport or game should be given a prominent role in a child’s routine and curriculum. Sports aid in the development of physical and mental strength in their participants. The primary advantage of traditional Best Indian games, on the other hand, is their impromptu existence. It does not need costly infrastructure or specialized coaching. Though some of the more popular Best Indian games, like kabaddi and kho kho, have international competitions, the rest are largely regional. The genuine flavor of these Best Indian games is found in their accessibility and simplicity of play.

They may also be seen from a traditional, social, and cultural standpoint. In their spare time, children gather and create relationships that assist them in creating social and cultural relationships. These youngsters come from a variety of families, faiths, and socioeconomic origins. Nonetheless, when they come together to play these games, they discover a shared philosophy and strategy plan. These games do not force children to be anything other than themselves, whether they live in rural or urban locations or from any socioeconomic background. Not to mention, the concept of true team spirit is sometimes fostered inadvertently through simple traditional Best Indian games.

So, what are these traditional Best Indian games that we keep mentioning? What distinguishes them from today’s Candy Crushes and Counter-Strikes? Let’s look at some traditional Best Indian games that have characterized childhood for countless generations. Because this list includes both indoor and outdoor sports, it is great for both physical and mental strength.

So here is a list of such forgotten Best Indian games that you could enjoy playing with your friends or children:

Pithu or Lagori?


At one time, this was a highly popular game among children in India. It consists of a ball and a pile of flat stones (which are stacked on top of each other). To knock the stones over, one team member tosses the ball towards the stack. The team then attempts to rebuild the stone pile as the opposite team (known as the hitters) tosses the ball at them. If the ball strikes a player, he is out, and his team must continue without him.


lattoo, latoo

Before Beyblade started, India was already had its own version. Or should we say Beyblade is a version of Indian Lattoo?

Another well-known phrase, lattoo, literally means “spinning top.” Even though the word is employed in various other meanings and forms, the game itself is rather easy. It’s all about keeping the top spinning for as long as possible. Mastering the technique of pulling the moving top off with the string is also important. The tops were originally constructed of clay before being replaced with wood. However, today’s market offers a wide range of tops, some of which include lights and music effects.

Gilli Danda

gilli danda

Gilli Danda is a game that is similar to cricket and baseball, and its popularity in India previously rivaled cricket. Lagaan Maaf! Okay, we’ve probably heard this phrase a few times. But how many of us truly understand what this game entails? The Gilli is a little stick that must be hit as far as possible with the danda or the larger stick. After striking the Gilli, the player must dash to a specific spot before the opposing side can collect it. Lippa is another name for Gilli danda in several regions of India.

The goal of the game is to launch the Gilli as far as possible.

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Dog and Bone

dog and bone

The game consists of two teams, and an object is known as the “bone,” which may be anything from a bottle to a handkerchief. A member from each team steps forward and tries to return the bone (located in the center of the playing field) to his team. The player who does not take the bone is out of the game.


langdi tang, landgi game, best indian games

Langdi is a popular childhood game, particularly in the state of Maharashtra. The game is played by two teams, and the team that wins the coin toss defends first. The opposing team sends a guy to tag as many defenders as possible while hopping on one foot. The team that tags the most defenders wins.

Not for Children Only

Traditional Best Indian games are not always restricted to children. Some of the indoor activities are suitable for families and are popular among women. Hopscotch, for example, is frequently played by young females. Similarly, antakshari is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by teams of varied ages. The goal of these activities is to bring people together and help them connect constructively.

Finally, the methods and tactics used in traditional Best Indian games have a rustic and local flavor. Their names and their playing style are deeply ingrained in the local, regional, and cultural peculiarities of their surroundings. As a result, they frequently become much more than just time-passing activities. They develop teams, characters, tactics, and a greater grasp of real core values.

Don’t Feel Sad, we have Indian Video Games too

Here are the best ones 

Indian Airforce: A Cut Above

indian air force game

Indian Airforce: A Cut Above, which was released in 2019, is a game that allows the user to take on the role of an IAS official. The graphics appear to be adequate for the 349MB of storage space required. Abhinandan, the game’s protagonist, is a pilot. It honors the pilot captured by Pakistani forces after his MiG-21 was shot down in the aftermath of the Balakot attack. You begin with learning how to fly, followed by ten missions with varying objectives. The entertaining simulation game has over one million downloads and a rating of 4.7 on Google Play.

Guardians of the Skies

Guardians of the Skies is a thrilling air combat game with stunning visuals. It also has an arcade mode, which is accessible throughout the early missions.


FAU-G game, faug game

For a good reason, FAU-G is one of India’s most anticipated games. The Made-in-India game is an action title based on real-life incidents that occurred within Indian boundaries. It has an in-game store where you can buy items and donate to the Indian Army. It even has its own national anthem.