Evidence shows that dog ownership will improve heart wellbeing, alleviate stress, and even help you live longer.

Simply put, dogs are fantastic. If they’re begging for your treats, barking on their leash to persuade you to take them for a stroll, or just welcoming you as you get home, dogs are doing all the little things that make your faces grin around the world. What are some of the most endearing reasons why dogs are and will always be the best friend of man?

Dogs have long-term memory.

Although your pooch can forget that you’re pulling on their fur, they’re not going to ignore the bond they’re having with you because if you’re nice to them, you’re going to have a permanent impression on them that they’re never going to shake. My mother had given birth to him at a young age, and now, almost twelve years later, he never left her side. Unfortunately, this kind of stuff goes both directions since I used to screw with him quite a bit regularly, and now today, he barks in my general order anytime words of some kind fall out of my mouth.

Dogs will imitate your feelings.

Depending on your speech’s sound and the language of your body, your dog will do the best to mimic your present state of mind. When you’re down, they’re going to smile at you with wide eyes. When you’re frustrated, the fur is going to rise on their backs, and they’re beginning to bark and growl at inanimate objects. Whereas humans can not respond to your emotional upswings and downswings in the way you want, dogs will always be there, whether you’re thrilled, sad, or somewhere in between.

Dogs serve like mini-dishwashers.

Okay, yeah, that sounds a bit gross, but listen to me. Ever end the dinner and have too little food on your plate to save, but too much that it will be a chore to wash it in the sink? Well, this is where the dog fits in! Only bring the plate over and let them polish it up. They’re going to be pleased, and you’re going to have an easy time making dishes!

If you’re worried that using the dog as a dishwasher would make them overweight, don’t worry. Dogs tend to be busy, at least while they’re younger. Make use of their excess of energy and take them for a stroll, or, if you’re super adventurous, run! They’re going to be tuckered out and supremely entertained, and you’re going to be on track to become a better guy!

Dogs will never let you eat alone.

Who likes to eat on his own? Sure, sometimes it’s okay, but even as an introvert, I’m going to confess I like enjoying a nice dinner with other people (only if I want their company, of course). Oh, don’t worry, even if you have a dog, you’ll still have company for dinner. Of course, they’re going to be sitting by your knee, panting in your face, begging for your food, but it’s all the same business! I recently went to eat alone in my room when I heard a distinct hunching and puffing out of my house.

Dogs never leave you waiting.

Have you ever made arrangements with a human friend, only to find out that they cancelled at the last minute? Oh, you don’t need to think about that because you have a puppy. They don’t know how to use phones, as far as I know, so there’s no need to think about calling a neighbour’s canoe to see if they’re going to visit the nearby pubs, leaving you on your TV, and getting a paltry, lonely microwave meal. They’re there because of you, and you alone!

Dogs understand how to live.

Simply put, dogs behave like people who are not bothered by the more ludicrous facets of sentient life. For example, paying taxes, having an education, doing errands, coping with rude people all the time, etc. Everything they want to do is get up, say hello to you, runabout, play with their toys, snack, snack, snack again, snack, say hi also, and sleep. Is it that bad? Sure, we humans have some obligations due to our “knowledge,” but it would surely be good if we could all go about life like dogs, free and sure of ourselves.

At the very least, once you have a puppy, you will survive with them vicariously. As long as you know what you’re going to get through, it’s worth it!