Dreams play an important role in everybody’s life, be it the ones we see in our nights of sleep or those that don’t let us sleep. But here we are particularly talking about the dreams that we see during our nights of sleep. Dreams that we have seen in our nights of sleep are sometimes pleasant and happy, sometimes frustrating and frightening, and sometimes even awkward, boring, bizarre, and calming. Some dreams remain with us for life, and some vanish the very next day, and some fade with time. The number and length of the dreams depend upon the sleep duration and how many rapid-eye movements (REM) cycles a person goes through.

All dreams are not always remembered, but the ones that make a person awake from a night of sleep are most remembered. However, it has not been exactly found and proved by the scientists what dreams actually mean. Still, the experts can guide dreams depending upon the dreamer’s conscious state and the mini-movies he makes. If you are also in trouble and eager to know what dreams mean, this blog will best help you. Keep scrolling……

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Before we get to the meaning of dreams, it is important to know what dreams exactly are. In simpler words, dreams are the thoughts, sensations, images, and even sounds that occur during sleep. However, there is not any evidence and proof of what exactly dreams are. Still, dreams represent the collection of emotions, thoughts, events, struggles, people, places, and symbols relevant to the dreamer in some way. Everybody has their own belief about dreams.


As per the different cultures and traditions throughout history have interpreted different meanings and significances of different dreams. However, there is little scientific evidence that some dreams have particular meanings stuck by them. There are basically two main traits of thought: one is that every single part of the dream has a specific meaning, and the other is that dreams are spontaneous and mean nothing. The first trait’s credit can be attributed to Sigmund Freud as he is the one who gave the definitive meaning to the dreams, such as dreaming about a king and queen means that the dreamer is dreaming about his/her mother and father.

However, the psychoanalysis of dreams has begun in the last century or two. A professional dream analyst, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, has said that “the dreams and their meanings are so very personal because they are based on a person’s real-life experiences.” However, certain dreams have meanings attached to them. Here are some common dreams and the symbols in the dreams.

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Dreams of being chased by a known r unknown attacker are very common and at the same time terrifying. But what does this dream mean? According to the dream analysts, such dreams mean that the dreamer is trying t escape from something. The author of Dream Dictionary, Tony Crisp, has also suggested that if a person dreams such a dream, this might indicate that the person is escaping from his/her own fears and desires.

If the dreamer is being chased by an animal, he tries to escape from his desires, passions, and other feelings. Suppose the one chasing the dreamer is mysterious. In that case, it might be the representation of a childhood experience or a past trauma. And when the chaser is of the opposite sex, it means the dreamer is afraid of life or haunted by a past relationship.

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Another most commonly seen dream is about death. The dreams of death leave us numb for a while. The dreams of death are sometimes of oneself or sometimes of the death of a closed one. However, this dream means the fear of the unknown or reflects the anxiety about change. Dreams of death reflect a sort of mourning for the inevitable passage of time. The studies have also found that the people approaching the end of their life, the loved ones around them, experiences meaningful dreams. These dreams are often related to comforting presence, unfinished business, loved ones waiting, and so on.

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Dreaming about cheating on a spouse or a loved one is so distressing. This dream steals all the contentment and peace of mind as the dreamer starts thinking, what if the dream gets true and all such questions start to float in the mind of a dreamer. But in some cases, such dreams might be the reflection of waking fears of such infidelity. However, these dreams don’t mean that the partner of the dreamer is actually cheating or will cheat. These dreams may be due to trust issues or a communication gap between the dreamer and its partner.


Another most common dream that is seen by many is falling from a great height. And the myth associated with it that if you hit the ground in your dreams, you will die in real life is not true. However, the dream of falling means that something in the life of a dreamer is not going well. Sometimes it is also a symbol of fears in real life.


Pregnancy dreams are quite common among females. The interpreters of the dreams have said that the dreams of pregnancy represent everything from creativity to fear. According to David C. Lohff, the dreams of pregnancy mean a woman’s fears of being an inadequate mother. Whereas according to Tony Crisp, these dreams represent that the dreamer is developing a deep relationship.

This is not so that every single dream has a particular meaning or significance. Still, some of them do have, as stated above. So, have you experienced any such dream yet?