While one might assume that Christmas in India will not be commonly celebrated because Christians are just around 5-7% of the Indian population, they will undoubtedly be shocked. The recognition of India’s people of various cultures and customs makes this festival one of the most awaited as it comes to an end every year. In India, Christmas is mainly celebrated in the metros, in southern and northeastern India, where resident Christians’ density is much greater. Yet non-Christians can still be seen engaging in exchanging presents, singing carols, and any bit of merriment.

Goa – The best Christmas Retreat

Goa - The best Christmas Retreat

Maybe Goa, renowned for its outstanding beaches and legendary nightlife, is the best spot in India to celebrate Christmas retreat. Christmas is celebrated here with a gripping fervor, with its Portuguese legacy and Catholic community. The churches and houses are adorned with exquisite decorations and roses of the poinsettia as children sing late into the night Christmas carol. At the temples, people of all ages queue up to take part in the midnight mass. It is prevalent for Christmas in Goa, which also draws thousands of visitors to its shore from various parts of the world and abroad who come to see this festival in all its colors.


Shillong the amazing place for christmas

This incredible northeastern city in Meghalaya has a massive population of Christians celebrating Christ’s birth anniversary with some prestige and glory, making it a picturesque spot in north-east India to celebrate Christmas retreat. The streets, churches, and homes are adorned with exquisite lights, and the joy in the air can clearly be felt.

With bands playing soulful worship songs, the midnight mass sees large crowds streaming into the city’s churches. The region’s scenery, its cuisine, and the overall Christmas enthusiasm make it a memorable experience to be here.


Pondicherry the little India

An attractive small union territory just off the coast of Tamil Nadu. As it is called in certain parts of the world, “Little France” is blessed with some marvelous architecture, gorgeous beaches, and lovely French cuisine. There are many Christians who have a French lineage here who celebrate Christmas with great enthusiasm after all the traditional ceremonies and merry-making.

The churches are beautifully decorated, particularly the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and the Holy Heart of Jesus. They are some of the most beautifully decorated churches in India during Christmas retreat and festivities, offering midnight mass that sees the entire city gather at these churches. It’s a perfect choice to spend Christmas here, as you can lounge on the sand, enjoy the incredible marine life, and witness the celebrations at their finest.


Kerala the backwaters

While getting a holiday in Kerala during Christmas, one can have a full experience. With numerous churches throughout the county, the state has a vast Christian community. As people decorate their homes, churches, and streets with lights and other materials, the iconic holiday is celebrated with great vigor throughout the province.

Whether large or small, the churches stay open during the night and thousands of people assemble to sing Midnight Mass at churches throughout the state. One can do too much from exploring Kerala’s backwaters to its fantastic beaches, from shopping for spices to discovering the Western Ghats, other than being part of the celebrations. It’s the perfect time to visit Kerala, really.


Mumbai the bollywood christmas

Mumbai is associated with a fast-paced life, but the city is renowned for its Christmas festival in India, a rich colonial history. It has been the reception point for many immigrants. A place to see in Mumbai during Christmas is the western suburb of Bandra.

It is famous for its Catholic community. During the Christmas retreat, Hill Road is stunningly adorned with flowers and lights. Decorated Christmas trees can also be seen on the Hill Road’s pavement that the local families set up in the spirit of the festival. The city’s churches are also beautifully illuminated and adorned with people seen celebrating their friends and families from all religious backgrounds.

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Kolkata the Christmas festival

A colonial fortress back in the day, Kolkata has a very unusual Christmas connection. Even though the Anglo-Indian community is not left out by many Christians in the city, Kolkata is a location in India where Christmas festivities are like its own festival. The temples are lit, the markets are illuminated, and people of all ages go shopping. For us, Christmas ensures that the tasty cakes and the city’s bakeries usually fill with customers at Christmas.


Bangalore sillicon valley

There is a vibrant cultural history in Bangalore and a seductive Christian tradition. It has numerous beautiful churches, especially in the city’s central section. Founded by Europeans, many of them have French and British roots and their own special Christmas celebration rituals in India. St Patrick’s Church on Brigade Road and The Church of All Saints on Hosur is famous. Come December, the city is covered with celebrations.

Famous for its culinary delights, the town is filled with options. For their plum cake, smileys, and ginger tea, one can go to Koshy’s, Thomsons Bakery, an old timer’s favorite, Caperberry, for a delightful four-course turkey dinner, just stroll along with the popular MG road eateries. The Bangalore Christmas party is a beautiful event and is guaranteed to leave you in the most joyous moods.


Sikkim the beautiful city

The state of Sikkim has a limited Christian minority. While Christmas is a reason to celebrate for the indigenous population, it is a mainly Hindu state. To this otherwise lively and tiny northeastern state of India, the festivities bring more color. Sikkim has always been a favorite choice for travelers and visitors. Its towering Himalayan peaks capped with snow and pure waters emerging from its rivulets.

Therefore, it is very well regarded as the perfect winter destination to visit. The state will freeze beneath the welcoming veil of snow in December and January, increasing the land’s elegance.

The stars and illuminated trees are lit up in every household in the country, and the air smells delicious with roast beef and baked cakes. Restaurants and bars will be open till late at night with festivities going around all around with great enthusiasm. With the festive spirit and romantic atmosphere, this is one of the best times for honeymooners to visit Sikkim.



The state of Manali experienced an increase in the number of visitors last year, especially during the Christmas months. A beeline of cars can slowly be seen on the highways of Manali, making its way to the ethereal beauty of Manali. With the region encompassed by layers of snow visitors from diverse locations and surrounding countries, the White Christmas festival occurs in Manali.

The celebrations begin to blanket the scenery of Manali even after the New Year with erected snowmen. At the entrances of hotels and restaurants, Santa clauses welcome festival-goers to a bite of Christmas special caused by a blend of Himachal cuisine and distribute goodies. The tourists are entertained by the Himachal Kullu folk music to bring a mixture of local flavor to the festival mood. The heavy snow in the area gives it an extra romantic grandeur that brings smiles to newly married couples’ faces.

When listening to soft carol songs, they remain entwined, sharing a drink of hot chocolate at the ease of their hotels. Bonfires are lit on the outside. People sit around singing and enjoying the cold and watching kids project snowballs on each other. The celebrations all around, amid the chilling winter, offer a certain amount of cheer and comfort.



Christmas is still a cause for celebration when it comes to the south. The town of Chennai promises a spirited celebration and holds true to its word. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu state. It has considerable significance in Christian history with the suspected assassination of one of his disciples here. The state also has several famous churches, including the Velankanni church. Each Christmas season draws more than six thousand visitors.

It compensates for what the state does not have in the snow in some respects to make your Christmas more of an awesome experience. In close quarters, the town situated on the Coromandel belt has the right combination of Christmas parties and spirituality. With bars, hotels, and pubs throwing crazy parties and tempting Christmas tastes with a tinge of Tamilian food, the celebrations reach a whole new dimension during the evenings.

Small groups of people frequent nearby houses on the streets with music heralding Christ’s advent. An individual dressed in Santa Claus’s outfit hands out treats. The beaches often host a variety of glamorous Christmas celebrations, away from the bustle of the area. In a nutshell, if you are not for Snow and White Christmas, Chennai is one of the safest places to celebrate Christmas.

Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Dadra and Nagar Haveli uncharted Christmas

Sad to say, the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli does not register as a possible place for Christmas. Still, it has vast potential to become a huge haven for the same. A visit to the place in December will show you how wonderful Christmas is embraced in this land of the Union. The exciting part of its celebrations is that it has a very intriguing blend of tribal festivals. There are also a few magnificent churches that are meticulously decorated. In the evenings, which are conducted in great festive spirit and fervour, one may attend the holy mass services.