Cricket is one of the most well-known sports that has had a global impact on the film industry. Not just that, but also other businesses profit from this common sport, such as bookmakers, where bettors place bets on Cricket Matches.

Cricket has been used in several commercial cricket movies, including Fire in Babylon, Lagaan, and Victory. It has been carefully introduced to a wide range of people worldwide.

Cricket is another sport that lends itself well to being the focus of a film, whether it’s a thriller or a documentary. Cricket and films are, therefore, close in many respects. For example, both are important for entertaining people all over the world. They both have a sizable fan base around the world.

As a result, cricket movies have grown in popularity and are now available on major film channels such as Netflix.

Let’s take a look at the top 6 cricket movies of all time.



Lagaan is the best cricket movie because of the impact it has had on the Bollywood film industry and the global acclaim it has got. It is the best cricket movie of all time in the twenty-first century, produced and directed by India’s most talented moviemakers and directors, Ashutosh Gowariker. Lagaan is a plot-driven film, which means it does not rely on emotions or histrionics to convey a message.

The film depicts the experience of peasants in India during the period of British colonization, who challenge their British rulers to play cricket to cover their lost taxes for three years.

Lagaan is without a doubt Bollywood’s magnum opus of cricket movies. When you combine cricket and patriotism, you can’t go wrong. The film depicts the experience of peasants in India during the period of British colonization, who challenge their British rulers to play cricket to cover their unpaid taxes for three years.

Lagaan also has unforgettable songs by A.R Rahman and was nominated for an Oscar.



This brilliantly crafted film emphasizes the importance of pursuing one’s dreams. Iqbal, directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and produced by Subhash Ghai, debuted Shreyas Talpade as a deaf and mute cricketer. The film’s story revolves around the hardships of this odd cricketer, who meets Naseeruddin Shah, a stern and motivating mentor.

After being refused by a cricket academy, his sister Khadija finds the assistance of a nearby drunk and ex-cricketer named Mohit. After being dismissed by the Hyderabad Ranji Trophy team, he joins the Andhra Pradesh squad, refuses a bribe, and raises his game to new heights. At the end of the film, he even meets Kapil Dev.

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Patiala House

patiala house, south hall

The plot of this film revolves around a young British Indian, played by Akshay Kumar, whose love of cricket clashes with his father’s dream. Nonetheless, Akki dazzles the crowd with his incredible bowling skills. You should watch it if you haven’t already!

This Nikhil Advani film, rumored to be loosely based on the struggles of England spinner Monty Panesar, was one of the few sports-based films to find commercial success.

Gurtej Kahlon is attacked by a gang of skinheads who manage to flee. Thus, the seeds of Gurtej’s hostility against the English are sown. On Gurtej’s insistence, his son Parghat aka Gattu, emerges as a talented cricketer. The issue arises when Gattu is chosen for England, which enrages his father. Despite Gurtej’s heart attack, Gattu plays on and finally wins the match and his father’s heart, who commented that his son bowled like Lala Amarnath.


victory movie, victory

In this 2009 cricket movie directed by Ajit Pal Mangat, a young sportsman from the nearby town of Jaisalmer pursues cricket as a professional sport to fulfill his father’s dream. He worked hard to make India’s national cricket team. Unfortunately, due to outside pressures, he was unable to compete in the Ranji Trophy.

Then, during one of his training sessions, he had the opportunity to demonstrate himself and his playing skills against famous bowlers such as Ramesh Powar, and he defeated both of them. From that point on, the player rose to become one of the greatest cricket players in the world.

Harman Baweja, the film’s protagonist, lacks faith and purpose in his life due to his inappropriate actions, which leads to his father leaving him. Fortunately, he quickly realizes his error and changes his actions. Vijay and Nandini, his best companions, have stuck by him through thick and thin.

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Wondrous Oblivion

cricket movie

Director Paul Morrison composed and directed this British cricket movie, which was released in 2003. The film tells the tale of a friendship between a young European-Jewish foreigner and his West Indian next-door neighbors.

The film, set in South London in the 1960s, highlights the issues of racial inequality and dating through the relationship of a young man (played by Sam Smith) and his neighbor Dennis (being assumed by Delroy Lindo). Their friendship stems from their shared interest in the cricket game.

Fire In Babylon

cricket movies

This film, which was released in 2010, tells the story of the West Indies cricket team. The film follows the transformation of a group of young people into a formidable cricket team. The documentary film, directed by renowned documentary filmmaker Stevan Riley, is extraordinary, especially for veterans who want to refresh their memories of the West Indies cricket gaming period.

The films tell the story of the West Indies cricket team in the 1970s and 1980s. The film presents audiences with an understanding of the period’s political anxiety and bigotry. Furthermore, the film emphasizes the importance of finding a strong captain in a cricket team.

This is the best cricket movie of all time to watch if you’re interested in the game’s heritage.