Although India might not be big on Halloween, we do love our scary films. Amazon Prime Video has a truly fantastic selection of vintage horror movies from the past, as well as four recently released narratives made in collaboration with Blumhouse Productions. You’ll consider one of them on this list, among other spooky titles handpicked from Amazon Prime Video’s horror film offers. Ranging from the tale of a possessed doll to psychological dramas and the strange case of a serial killer posing as a young girl.

Read on 10 Best Horror Movies you can watch on Prime Video!

1. Tumbbad (Amazon Prime)


This horror film, produced by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad, is set between 1918 and 1947 in Tumbbad, a rural village in Maharashtra, and explores a family in search of unimaginable ancestral wealth. This fortune is concealed inside the walls of a crumbling castle and is guarded by a shadowy force. Although the Midwest hasn’t had much success with horror films, Tumbbad’s visually spectacular storytelling is a massive win in the genre.

2. The Conjuring 

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Although most subsequent horror films in the ‘Conjuring Universe’ following The Conjuring have failed to frighten anyone, the first installment in this horror series is a masterpiece. It is based on the Perron family’s real-life experience with the unknown and the efforts of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to rid them of this dark force. Notably, the film was shot in what is thought to be the actual Perron residence.

3. Orphan (Amazon prime video)

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Stream Orphan if you’re not in the mood to play ghosts and vampires shriek on your computer. It begins as a fairly typical tale, you know, the one where a good family adopts and cares for an orphaned child? Only in this case, the family we meet onscreen does not have a child! They’ve taken in a 33-year-old psychopath who has a rare disorder that makes her look like a child who tries to kill everybody.

4. The Ring

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Yes, The Ring is an unrivaled timepiece, but it’s The Ring Two that sent shivers down this writer’s spine. In the sequel, Samara is back for vengeance – if you’ve seen The Ring (2002), which is also available on Amazon Prime Video, you already know who she is and how she kills her victims – and Rachel (played by Naomi Watts) can’t avoid her fate any longer. The film is a cult classic, and you must see it to honor Samara’s gruesome spirit during Halloween.

5. Evil Eye 

evil eye

What triggers when somebody or something from your past returns to haunt not only you but also your relatives? It’s the ideal setting for a Blumhouse film! Based on an award-winning Audible Original production by writer Madhuri Shekar, Amazon Prime Video’s Evil Eye tells the story of how a seemingly ideal relationship turns into a blood-soaked nightmare when a mother tries to persuade her daughter that her new boyfriend is somebody she left well behind her past.

6. Lights out 

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Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) ran away from home when she was young, desperate to escape her childhood fear of the dark and a mother (Maria Bello) suffering from mental illness. When Rebecca sees her younger brother, Martin (Gabriel Bateman), going through the same ordeal, she realizes she must return home and face the darkness – and the fear that lies inside.

The Lights Out definition is undeniably powerful and delicious. Add strong performances from an impressive cast (notably Palmer and Bello), a director who understands tension and suspense, and a backstory with surprising depth, and you have a compelling and entertaining horror film.

7. The Grudge 

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The Grudge is an unapologetic haunted-house horror story from start to finish. With this tale of several tenants and two tenacious ghosts, writer/director Takashi Shimizu doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. Still, he does manage to wring some great scares from a possibly over-familiar premise. This spawned a slew of adaptations, sequels, and spinoffs, including an American remake starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (which changed almost nothing). Given that they’re both directed by Shimuzu and are both available on Prime, the pair will make a tremendous late-night double feature.

8. Rosemary Baby

rosemary baby

While we’re talking about cult classics, why why do we not remember Rosemary’s Baby? This imaginary concept focuses on Ira Levin’s novel. It follows the life of a pregnant woman who believes an evil cult is planning to take her child away from her. And boy, is she right! This 1968 film is a collection of tense frames and unexpected turns that will haunt you for the rest of the week.

9. The Gift 

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The Gift is a supernatural horror that will leave you dizzy. Bateman’s character Simon and his wife Robyn (performed by Rebecca Hall) run into the former’s old high school mate, Gordo (Edgerton), who then begins turning up at their house unannounced with expensive presents. Isn’t it completely safe? NOT TRUE. Gordo infiltrates the couple’s lives to exact vengeance on Simon for abusing him in the past. As a result, he begins destroying all Simon’s values.

10. The Lighthouse 

the light house

The Lighthouse, one of the earlier movies on this list, is shot in black and white and, unusually, in an almost squared 1.19:1 aspect ratio to establish the historical scene. A storm traps two lighthouse keepers on a remote island in the late nineteenth century. They have vivid and terrifying visions and expose supposed secrets as they strive to live without going crazy and murdering each other. According to writer Robert Eggers, his partner, who co-wrote the film with him, decided to make the movie a modern take on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Light-House. Still, it then developed into something entirely different and terrifying.