Are you looking for a boost of motivation to get you through the day? Taking the time to watch an inspiring film will help you shift your perspective and put you in a better mood. We’ve compiled a list of ten of the best motivational movies you’ll ever see; keep reading to see if your favorite cut!

What are the best motivational movies?

We’ve included examples of some of the world’s most motivational movies in this article.


Shawshank redemption

This film is based on a short story by Stephen King, a well-known horror author. It’s a story of unbreakable friendships, life lessons, and never-ending hope. After being wrongfully convicted, Andy Dufresne is sent to jail, where he encounters Red, another life-sentenced prisoner. Rather than accepting his fate and sinking into despair, Andy gives hope to himself and other inmates.

Andy refuses to give up despite the inhumane conditions, corruption, brutality, and inequality he encounters daily at Shawshank Prison. His whole focus is on one goal: to get out of prison, even though it has never been done before. This illusion of independence is his only solace.


What happens when a paralyzed aristocrat takes in a poor neighborhood boy who has just been released from prison? This is an uplifting tale about the joy of life and the unlikely and unbreakable bond between the main characters, who seem to have little in common at first glance. Rich Philippe, a wheelchair user, is having the time of his life with Driss, a brutally frank and impulsive youngster. He eventually begins to appreciate life and pushes himself to new heights. The plot of the film is based on true events.


Walt Kowalsky (Eastwood), a war veteran, has spent the last few years of his life mired in deep prejudices, full of contempt for the modern world and, in particular, all of the immigrants that surround him. The Chinese immigrant Thao, one of the neighbors, attempts to rob his beloved 1972 Gran Torino but is captured by Walt. Tha’s family requests that Walt place their son at an old veteran’s construction company to get him on the right track.

Walt eventually gives in after a long period of defiance. Walt and the teenager begin to form a fascinating friendship, and Walt begins to shed the layers of racism that had developed due to the horrors of the Korean War. The film is a heartfelt quest for an army veteran’s lost humanity, a man who discovers his true self in his later years.

Goodwill hunting

Motivational Movies

A psychological thriller about a 20-year-old man with extraordinary mathematical abilities: Will Hunting is a low-income Bostonian who works as a janitor at Boston University and spends his nights drinking with his best friend Chuckie in bars (Ben Affleck). He comes across a complicated mathematical problem on a chalkboard one day. He manages to solve the equation that has stumped all of the university’s math students.

To make the most of his extraordinary abilities, he must attend psychology sessions with the empathic Sean McGuire (Robin Williams). Will begins to enjoy his life and, most importantly, to believe in himself as time goes by.

What are the must-watch motivational movies?

Million-dollar baby

This is Frankie’s (Clint Eastwood) story, an elderly boxing mentor, and Maggie, a struggling boxer who has decided to try her hand at professional boxing. She asks the grizzled old teacher for assistance, eager for someone to believe in her abilities and help her. Frankie initially declines to train her because he disapproves of women boxing and believes she is past her prime at 31. On the other hand, Maggie will not take no for an answer, and as a result of her persistence, Frankie decides to take her on. The path they take together has a positive impact on both of their lives.


Rocky, Sylvester Stallone

What began as a low-budget indie film has evolved into a timeless classic that has influenced millions of people. Rocky Balboa, the story’s protagonist, has become a symbol of courage, resilience, and victory over adversity. Rocky is an outsider who is presented with a once-in-a-lifetime chance, which he seizes. Despite the roadblocks and troublemakers in his path, he believes in the American dream. He is allowed to compete for the world heavyweight title against the Muhammad Ali-inspired Apollo Creed. Rocky is the story of a man who overcomes all of life’s challenges to pursue his dreams.

It’s a wonderful life.

This is one of Hollywood’s all-time great films from the 1940s Golden Age. An angel appears on Earth to assist James Stewart’s desperate and depressed businessman and show him what it would be like if he had never been born. The film emphasizes that everyone in the world has a role to play and that our actions have a long-term effect on others. We all can make our lives great, even though we don’t always believe it.

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What are the best of Will Smith’s Motivational Movies?

The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith best movies

Smith portrays Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman based in San Francisco, in this strong cinema piece. Chris lands an unpaid internship with a cutthroat stockbroker-training program as he is left to raise his child alone. Despite this, Chris and his son are forced to become homeless due to a lack of money. On the other hand, Chris overcomes his challenges with grace and agility thanks to his unwavering commitment and his son’s love and support. Chris strives to embody all of the qualities that make a good person: kindness, dedication, and enthusiasm.



In the 2001 film Ali, Smith plays Muhammad Ali, an American heavyweight boxing legend. Smith beautifully recreates the trials and tribulations that this famous athlete had to face to achieve stardom in the film. As a biographical sports drama, this film is filled with enthralling shots and plot twists that capture the essence of what it means to persevere.

Seven pounds

In Seven Pounds, Smith plays Ben Thomas, a tormented man whose world has been destroyed by one soul-sucking secret. On the other hand, Ben wishes to atone for his previous wrongdoings by making a difference in the lives of seven strangers. Ben’s quest gets muddied when he falls in love with Emily, a beautiful and intelligent woman, and he is forced to overcome challenges he never expected. A film like this is a classic example of what it means to truly conquer and learn from adversity.

Best Bollywood Motivational Movies?

Purab Aur Paschim

Purab aur paschim

This is one of the most motivational movies of Bollywood I’ve ever seen. This film beautifully portrays Indian society in contrast to Western culture. With feelings, drama, and beautiful music, you will comprehend ancient Indian civilization and the simplicity of Indians.

Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee

I was so moved by this film that I watched it four times the first time I saw it. This is undoubtedly a motivational Bollywood film that depicts various facets and ambitions in life. All can see this film at least once.

3 Idiots

3 idiots

I don’t think I need to say anything about this film because everyone knows how good it is. This is one of the best motivational Bollywood films, and it perfectly depicts college life and friendship.


Border Movie

The border is one of Bollywood’s patriotic and motivational movies. This film is based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. This is a truly inspiring film that demonstrates how determination and positive thinking can transform the seemingly impossible.